KOGAIONON No.9 release

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All collectors of underground Metal magazines have now the chance to purchase another printed sample... Kogaionon magazine #9 is now finished! This time as well, we can speak about a new look, both as imagery and approach.

Well, this doesn't mean it is not the magazine you used to know, with that classical note it always had! Lars Jamne/Oskorei Graphix had maximum freedom of emphasizing what a photo-support is... so that, browsing all 84 A4 pages you would discover an inedited harmony of text and image. You can read approximately 250 reviews for both albums and magazines, all detailed and realistic. Do not get panicked... the interviews are back to normal, which is long, introspective and mature! Miron/ TVANGESTE declares: "Damn! You got the first place and The Longest Interview award indeed"... and so says Kobi/ ORPHANED LAND :
"Thanks for the longest interview we ever did"... Peter/ RAISON D'ETRE : "I think this is... both in extent and in time consuming, the biggest interview I ever done"... The same goes for Philippe/ MISANTHROPE : "Thanks for this ultimate interview, there is 15 years of my life inside, it took me 3 nights to type it..." Besides all these you can find out many-many other intriguing details right from MANES , BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL , FALKENBACH , TRISTANIA , NOCTURNUS , ELEND or ULVER , all extended in interviews of more than 30 questions.

Moreover, there are some dedicated pages especially to certain remarkable individuals who belong to Metal scene making references to year 2003 and to this very year expectations. I believe it is by far the most serious and professional chapter of KOGAIONON FILM! The magazine is published in English, professionally printed on glossy paper with a colour cover. The price for a copy: EUR 5, $5, all taxes included. I must warn you, this magazine is for devoted Metal disciples and collectors only... therefore it is a limited edition! Orders are to be made starting with the 29th of March. Distributors, get in touch, excellent offer for you!

Best regards!