March 2006

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Blue salutes!

Why blue? 'Cause of the true belief of untrusting that winter would reach the needed patience and strenght to endure once more the new season that turns on these lands, even though its snow and blizzard entrances me still. Drop by drop the welcoming state will fade away and so will the environment I enjoyed devouring! It's time for nature to revive and for all bohemians to pursue the dreams knitted and staged during winter, while stucking their nose to the steamed glass of the window, sheltered by a lazy and melancholical fire; it's time the isolation and loneliness of nature to transpose again in a cozy space, full of fatiguing vividness, noisy picnics, busy bushes and dirty surroundings, no matter if this trash is caused by junk papers, food leftovers or mental saturation!

It's spring's time to claim its rights, to prove me once again that everything follows a cycle, impossible to control or to change, that my only choice is to accept the sole limited mioritic human condition... even though I still long within for (or naively hanging upon) the fact that one thing, one place, one time will happen and break this obsessive redundance that seems to care about, due to the ignorance and submission required for a successful life! Or is it maybe just the religion that has already transfigured some of us in more optimistic, more realistic, more alive individuals? Beats me! This beautiful night in which only the Siberian snowstorm inspires the transcendence to the new SUMMONING sequences, and brings up remembrances of long gone times full of Metal enthusiasm and unconditioned commitment. Nevermind, it happened ages ago... I am joyfull that I still can enjoy winter's remains, even if these final traces are nothing but my sparks of hope that after a prolonged hibernation, will follow the autumnal perfume of off-coloured leaves finally 'trumpetting' my return...Until than, I have to bury myself again in the daily outfit, full of contaminating positivism, fevering empathy and epicurean living! Maybe this alternation has a meaning; furthermore, one could believe that being balanced equals surviving and this last achievement is often more valued than the true beliefs you are struggling to share in the most sincere way...despite it might sound like a cheap compromise...maybe even like betrail.

I fear refusing to trust that I am stronger than the environment which usually dominates me in an incontrolable way... and I delude myself that when I am all alone, without any others to interfere with, I am independent, strong, self-controlled. No more rethorics, end of the monologue, I have already started to get bored and that's no good, especially when I have got one more hour left untill the dawn breaks and shuts me down to sleep, in order to get the rest I need, to be up for a new stage of this transitory hope...but I can't stop listening once more to the new ORPLID album, full of delightful elements! Actually there are several bands that deserve my consideration, some of which you have already spotted in my playlist, while others will be available in the next few days in reviews' folder, both in Romanian and English (it seems I have found another collaborator to help me with the translation, which goes by the name DEMEL)...

I keep thinking about doing some interviews, but I hardly can see any point in it, as long as my calling dilutes continuously... But, who knows, perhaps next time I will be better brainciped, more confident in my shadow and more generous in sharing you what I still believe to exist: pure extreme music! Along with TENHI and CANAAN, 2006 also granted me with SUMMONING! I wonder how it would be like to listen to the new DVKE album, consecutively to the next season switch, bringing up a different and more powerful feminine vocal on a background originating in the Olympian Myths! Just the other day, Richard Lederer reassured me that there is only a matter of time until we are given the chance to float in the sublime oasis and, with a little luck, we will enjoy a 2006 ICE AGES release! We will also enjoy MY DYING BRIDE, WINDS, ELEND... it all sounds so motivating when feeding your life with my obsession: WAITING! Is there any other way? Yes, it might be one, to give up ... but do you believe I can escape the morose Kogaionon mountain? My bound with Kogaionon is forever... it seems I have sold my soul and I could only regain it if I follow my mission untill the end... Still, where is the end? Is it where everything begins? And which is the mission? To satisfy my own ego? It's damned complex this simplicity! I am sending you my salutes because tomorrow, actually later on today, my mission is to give my son the most beautiful present for his birthday: a snowman! I wonder though if he will consider it the same way as ... how do you call it around there? POSTERITY as I recall, is it not?

March 2006.