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Lively greetings!

So it should be now, on the brink of spring... In fact, winter decided to stay a while longer, with the snow and the frost... I don't dislike this weather, even though we already are in the month of March. I'm going soon to see Mortiis and Combichrist for the event is organized by the friends from Viva Music and I want to support their folly, not very different from mine, but just on electro rhythms (entirely disliked by me), which should gather some people in Silver Church. I would have liked to see Mortiis in the old formula, Vond or Fata Morgana, the other projects of the Norwegian who also played in EMPEROR, but unfortunately, they all belong to the past, now he is approaching a music I can't understand... or I'm not ready yet, heh. But I remember how 14-15 years ago, I did an interview about his Dark Dungeon Music universe... he was a friend with a Romanian and it was shocking, for the ones not knowing, to see in the CDs booklets' words in Romanian. Times of glory, when communication was done only through letters. You can read this interview here, pages 11-14:

Around 2 weeks ago I went to the Fabrica Club to see that NIN tribute, where people felt good, danced, sang, shook themselves... and there were about 200 souls, I think! Perhaps it was ok for Viva Music but also for the musicians. As opening act, 2 guys played some experimental music, less enjoyable live but I believe it has an entirely different impact when listening to them using earphones. Therefore, remember the name SEMIOSIS. Concerning the tribute, Fane showed us that he can also sing clean... and he does it pretty well... I already said that and I'm saying it again, this kid promises a lot as a vocalist, he truly has a great voice!

I got my tickets for Explosions in the Sky in May in Dublin. If the guys from Primordial will play on the 14th of May in Bucharest, then I will fly together with them on their return. There are so many interests, lack of professionalism and games in this scene of Metal events organizing, that I'd rather stop here, for I'm sick of so much rivalry, envy and childish gossip.

But, on the other hand, let's not forget about ROTTING CHRIST, who will have 3 concerts in Romania, worth watching, especially because the organizer is HATEWROK, another reliable and serious friend! The idea of seeing Sakis and Alan together was great, 2 famous veterans of the true Metal scene... I thought about something in this direction last year (immediately after I listened to the new album of the Greeks), but, like every Romanian, we have beautiful ideas but others have to come and put them into practice... or, whatever, one of them, the most proximate!

Rob from Avantgarde Music announces the signing of an interesting contract with the ex member of ANATHEMA, Duncan. He will release under the Italian label a new album under the ALTERNATIVE 4 banner. In the same place, other new first hand materials are about to be released: KAUAN, MONUMENTUM and DARKSPACE. It would have been nice to have all these bands on the DBE3 stage, but, despite all the simulations and crafted scenarios, it wasn't meant to be. I don't know how many people would have enjoyed seeing them in Alba Iulia, but I would have ticked another dream come true. It was the same with ULVER, another beloved band that will soon release a new album, but not even here things settled properly. That's it, I'm not the promoter of crowded events anyway, with dozens of bands and adjacent stages... it doesn't fit the underground concept I believe in... and I would have had to give up other bands I already invited, something that wouldn’t have happened. I'm sure there are others that will do it and I will be more than glad to attend as a simple ticket payer... like in the case of PRIMORDIAL, a band I respect very much, thanks to the verticality of the veteran Alan, an excellent vocalist and a great guy... but it seems like I returned to something I wish not to really dissect. I mention only this: if the guys from PRIMORDIAL will return to Romania, we must make the effort of seeing them live, especially because these Irish guys will release a new and long awaited album in April. Another band that should have appeared at DBE3 is TENHI, but the new album seems to take longer even than the last pessimist would have thought...

And if we spoke about DBE3... we set a ticket price according to those who voted and now we finished a new poll, about the theoretical possibility of integrating Romanian bands in the festival in question, but not necessarily starting with the Alba Iulia edition in August. Many (wrongly) interpreted that bands who get more votes will participate at DBE, so they started voting in a row, every 10-20 seconds, their favorite band's name. Besides the obvious lack of fair play, I discovered that most of the ones who voted support only certain musical genres, therefore only certain Romanian bands, some that throw on a gig as often as they can and I don't even believe that these musicians need Donis Art's promotion (permanent or not). Is there or isn’t there going to be any Romanian bands at DBE? There isn’t a decision made yet, but, by then end of April it's going to be announced... same goes for the idea of a Warm-up at DBE, sometime in May, in Bucharest...

On the other hand, OST MOUNTAIN Festival has already been officially announced in July, in a superb location (where DonisArt should have held the first ARCANA concert, heh)... I hope things will turn out better this time, as last year the expectations were huge and the result was catastrophic, except the great spirit and atmosphere. It should be a success this time, as they have some interesting headliners (it's a shame that the one I wrote about in the last editorial is no longer current ... or will it return?)... moreover, I understood that there are more people in the organizational core, each coming up with their own added value! Mihnea already has some experience after last year's edition, so I expect that in the Rasnov Citadel, from July 22nd and til the 24th, good things will happen with maximum resonance! I will certainly be there, even if few bands are my type... but the support of local Metal movement mustn't exist only in a declarative way!

ARTMANIA insists on not announcing other names, I'm inclined to believe that negotiations are in full swing. I would not be surprised to see Fields Of the Nephilim, Apocalyptica, The 69 Eyes or even a Wilson project ... maybe an Orphaned Land... or AMORPHIS again? Better a SIGUR ROS, heh. We'll find out soon! Until now nothing that has been announced attracts me, although it would be more convenient for me to get to Sibiu in that weekend, because the next is assigned for DBE 3, just 80 km distance away. It's really bad that exactly in the Artmania period, 12-13 August, in Czech Republic, the annual edition of the famous Brutal Assault festival is running... and, as a curiosity, among the "brutal" bands there's ANATHEMA and CATHEDRAL, heh.

Concerts with legendary bands have been announced, like Bon Jovi or Judas Priest, perhaps some Sonisphere will be materialized...

Otherwise, in my beloved Romania, in terms of music/organizing, indulging in the easiest of matters seems to dominate activities of all kinds, except for some interesting underground initiatives of some supporters / connoisseurs of experimental things, like Nadja, Arms And Sleepers, Our Ceasing Voice, Sun Of Nothing or Kokomo... I felt like saying God is an Astronaut, but considering how popular and mainstream segments have reached due to their jumpy and commercial rhythm, I'd rather keep silent and be glad for Romanians fully taste Post-Rock sonorities, even though, in the case of the Irishmen, the Dark aura is entirely missing...

I can't avoid mentioning the artist and our friend Costin Chioreanu (Twilight13Media), who won a few days ago a graphic art contest organized by the British label Peaceville, for the republishing of a DARKTHRONE album cover. It's a great achievement and I can only congratulate him for this! But just wait and see what exhibit he will present at Alba Iulia, at DBE3!

Something about albums...

VALI is going to finalize this year a new material, as well as LANTLOS, ALCEST, DRACONIAN, ROME, LOELL DUINN and LES DISCRETS. ARCANA had the misfortune to lose about 20 new songs, good thing that they managed to recover more than half of the lost material. THEODOR BASTARD also promises a new album by the end of the year, I am very curious to see what these brilliant Russian artists are capable of. I'm also curious to listen to the new GOTHMININSTER, who are said to sound less Electro and more Industrial, but also with a stronger Metal-Symphonic print, at least this is how the band's singer described me. SYVEN is a very interesting project created by Aslak of NEST, this time the vocals being taken up by an incredible male voice (Garm could be envious)! The debut takes place in April, I think. DORDEDUH will soon finish recording the long awaited debut, I'm convinced they have an abundance of material, they only have to decide what to include on the album and what not. Also from Timisoara, Daniel Dorobantu releases soon a new THY VEILS album, but it's also good to take into consideration the other project, MOEBIUS, that recently released a very attractive track. I would probably still talk about what  underground materials are about to be released, but it's now time  to refer to the last Playlist, more airy than the previous ones, but this time, also with interesting albums.

From the get-go, we have three bands with fantastic albums: THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE, ALTAR OF PLAGUES and GRAILS. Completely different styles, elaborated tracks, complex, avantgardist! Other quality materials follow, known as COLOSSEUM, IROHA, MARTOLEA, EARTH, A DREAM OF POE or MOONSORROW. We also have to mention AVA INFERI, BURZUM and THE ASCENT OF EVEREST! For GOTHMINISTER fans and Industrial Metal sounds, the debutants from DIEHARD sound somewhat interesting. I don’t want to describe each band, I will leave you to discover them, in case you haven't done it already... I’ve also started writing some reviews and I will probably do 1-2 more, but, as you know, only about the albums I consider having something to say or might be of interest. And I forgot to recommend to you from the previous Playlist a Portuguese experimental project with Post-Rock influences, Ambient and Electronical called AURA, released at a Romanian label, Valse Sinistre.

That's it for now. I've talked about this and that, it's time to make place for a referential band that convinced me in the last 20 years that music is my religion... or, perhaps it sounds more neutral... my religion is music: 

Does that mean that I am for or against, with or against you, egocentric/narcissistic or too naive/unconscious? I have no idea; I know just that in front of quality music I am always humbled and respectful. It is, perhaps, the only "book" we can open and freely "lecture" it together, without limits of age or knowledge, everyday items or ethical/moral dogmas...

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