May 2006

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Closing vernal salutes!

Waiting for the popular season to start its ashing, the one season that seems vital for everyone, I have decided to share you once more the state I experience while listening to new albums! The ultra surprise was aroused by the new album of a favourite band of mine, one that I grew up listening to: CELTIC FROST (ex - HELLHAMMER). The Swiss Tom G. Fischer makes his official return (under a new label) after almost 14 years, with a new material, excellently conceptualized and conceived, totally different from the current Metal approach, so that CULT might be the best description for "Monotheist". SUBAUDITION is an interesting Finnish debut, one that I have been waiting for over an year, all due to the fact that their demo CD truly fascinated me. Actually, this is a re-recording of the demo. In other words, TENHI meets SIGUR ROS & PINK FLOYD! VINTERSORG and BORKNAGAR brought out their forces all together once again, under the new CRONIAN banner and show up a quite interesting Century Media debut, releasing an album that preserves the two bands' best features. RAISON D'ETRE opens a new chapter I've been looking forward to listen to, a well conceived and excellently approached one, so that we are dealing with the Swiss's high quality Dark Ambient. We can also experience a new enigmatic DRUDKH Black Metal album, one that mysteriously veils an uncompromised sound. We can breathe other Black Metal new releases in May's playlist, but just several covered with inspiration... we can find SILENTIUM's new Gothic material, a band we'll be able to see live at Sibiu this summer, alongside HIM and AMORPHIS... a new release from Sam's/Project label, the experimental ANDROID LUST; moreover, we have a complex, rather intricate new album from GAE BOLG and, for a final horror atmosphere, the ones from Peaceville have sent me - so that I can rot in my own juice - an AUTOPSY double DVD, bringing out some concerts from the other millenium!

Uhhhhhhh... Obviously, don't forget to enter the reviews folder, because you will find some fresh ones, sealed with my subjectivity as always. Thanks to my partener Lus and his enthusiasm and seriousness, we can enjoy a new vision over the site, one that thrones in an inspirational and resonant way over my current mood. Perhaps I should change a drop of my conservatory mind lens, but as long as all I do is dued to my deep belief and not for wide interest, I am leaving the door open for others to "evolve" through the trendy stairs. One of the past days, I have received an e -mail from a reader suggesting that Kogaionon should gain more dynamism, and eventually involve contributors to give me a hand, so that the site transit could increase. I appreciate those thoughts, but not the idea of turning Kogaionon into a scene for constant hybrid appraisals towards music to take their march. Cheap egoism and haughtiness have nothing to do with this choise of mine, but I really do believe it is all about respect towards those valuing Kogaionon for what it is since the beginning (over 10 long years now), a sincere and honest way of reviewing this Underground scene that dares to survive throughout the amalgam of fade musical businesses (bands, magazines, websites, labels, clubs). Mamaaa, is that a long sentence or what...

Otherwise, I am glad there are many informational channels, that is quite a benefit for those Metalheads craving to get as much data and music as possible. Still, as I have always said, Kogaionon is just my own way of viewing the musical realm, and I invest the resources I have to sustain the music that is close to my heart. That's all it is! No more mea culpa, I'm getting wearisome and pathetic, morover the barbecue is turning into ashes, the wine is warming up, while the burning sand is opening an invitation to breaking the waves for all those prefering to get sun - grilled during next months. We'll see what summer brings up and, depending on the new releases, I'll butt in. Though, it's for sure the long expected ELEND won't come up untill the end of the year (Iskandar saddly confirmed it) and I am still waiting for a new DVKE.

Light bitting dog - days I wish to you... and myself too!

May, 2006.

P.S. Andrei, one of Kogaionon's all time readers, living in Norway for quite some years now, sent me an English translation for several lyrics used by ARCTURUS on their last album's superb "Hufsa" track... Maybe some of you will find it interesting too:

(Hufsa is a character from the "Mummitrollen" fairytale book written by the Finnish/Swedish author Tove Jansson. She spreads fear and cold around her and freezes everything she touches.)

"With ghusts and howlings I wither the land

A shudder cracking wood and stone

Looking back on frost and mist

Day and night, always awake,

As barren cold tears through I walk towards the light.

But all sparks die

Wherever I rest my brow

Always alone, No one can wander with me

Ever-winter is what I am

You are scared when I am near

The soul seeks eternal warmth

All it gets is lonely wrath

Wilderness- deserted for all time

Wherever my trail sets Sorrow is deeper than words".