May 2008

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Stifling salutes!

The season of holidays, vacations, concerts and all sorts of relaxing times is coming again! So, I'll try to ease my writing activity...Especially as there is no mood for it when sun doesn't cease to hit your nape and the sound of cheering beers by night is much more present then minutes' passing by... I have still some throbs to continue keeping my secret life alive and all of them gravitate around the same dimension: music!

Firstly, ICE AGES concert will happen soon! We hope it will turn up beautifully, at least as our first ARCANA experiment. Even though the music, along the atmosphere, fans, message and the scene will be completely different...Electronic and Industrial ambiance contours distinct expectancies, therefore another feeling... Yet, given the fact that it will be an exclusively underground event, there's a huge curiosity both for DonisArt & Kogaionon, into seeing the fans' fidelity in what concerns an evening like this one. Especially as Richard has been hardly convinced to come to these lands... But, when I come into thinking about "Land of The Dead", I nearly would drink another beer with him, maybe finding out if the new SUMMONING tracks will sound alike ... Brasov has been the chosen place to let this happen... and we hope not to be the sole ones glad about this fact...

If I am to stay on this concert line, I notice that there will be tens of concerts and fests in Romania... starting from IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST to METALLICA... I am specially attracted by the veteran 666-Number of the beast and LACRIMOSA's concert, as I've missed their first show some years ago in Bucharest ... Sure, I might have also take a flight to Cluj for seeing VADER veterans or to Baia Mare, for MOURNING BELOVETH's show, cause they've just released an exceptional album! Time is too short for me though.

Pity that this shoal of bands doesn't come along with an adequate managerial support, as now, some of the organizers are desperate about bringing in bands loved by the public, just for getting some funds/ sponsors/ incomes out from this emergent concert market. They do not concentrate on details too, meaning respect for the band and their fans via: quality promotion, decent location, performing sound, reasonable price, personalized accessories ... to name but a few... therefore, a potential artistic event is easily transforming (in the nearby McDonald manner) into a simple concert. But I am sure things will set the right way sooner or later...Luckily, there are also serious organizers, and this makes me insert now a second criteria (beside the band) into taking the decision to which concert I shall attend. And this ends the concerts' summer...

Autumn rising will bring along another surprise from Kogaionon & DonisArt! On September 20th , you are going to be able to enjoy another Evening, one with a distinct aroma, I would even say with a specific candor... And it's possible to see in the coming season another sensational band, which definitely and irremediably raptures us, the organizers! Therefore, stay close to us if you want to know who else will land in our country this year! You have our promise that no Special Evening will be like the previous ones, and that each time you will uncover something distinct, musically and artistically! We are not heading solely for great and popular names within the scene, because this way there would be too few those supporting quality underground! If we'll find the paths to bring something different in, preferably for the first time, we shall gladly do it! But our aims are to remain: Elegance, Devotion, Respect!

In June number of Maximum Rock magazine you will find a fragment from the interview I've made with Anna Varney Cantodea, meaning SOPOR AETERNUS. I've struggled for this dialogue for over 10 years and I am joyful that I can now offer to Romanian readers and not solely to them, an exclusive interview, mine's first with this personage... He, he... a premiere for Romania have also been Kogaionon's materials with LACRIMOSA, OPETH, BURZUM, EMPEROR... already consecrated names within the scene...but I've done them more then 12 years back! Returning to SOPOR, we are talking about an over 50 answered questions interview, some of them with punctual answers, other ones acid/ ironical, while some are quite petered and bring no light around the artist's life... But, this is SOPOR AETERNUS and do not expect an exacerbated dialogue on personal details... music says it all! Especially as the new "Sanatorium Altrosa" is now released. You'll find the complete interview in Kogaionon's pages... not long from now!

I've received many materials lately and hurried into including them in a distinct Playlist, with some interesting albums, but also waving some modest ones. I'll insert the reviews for the most representative releases, when time and mood for doing so will allow me to.

The head title is ROME's rapturously beautiful new album, "Masse Mensch Material"! It is the most amazing Dark Pop Folk album I've heard lately, and Jerome Reuter's voice transits me from Nick Cave to Leonard Cohen... What to say: from LAIBACH, ORDO, SPIRITUAL FRONT, TRIARII to DEPECHE MODE, passing through Ambient, Post Industrial, New Wave, Neo-Classical, Dark-Romanticism sequences... the musical line is an extremely melodic, atmospheric one, of an incredible simplicity which radiates a fantastic energy though, and the magnet is the low and resonant masculine voice... there are ballads, rhythmic tracks, ones with an authentic Pop line, others authentically Ambient, everything is distinct, bizarre, simple but hellishly expressive! The sound is magisterial, emanating odd feelings, a new Sadness-Rebellion concept... Beauty of desperation! Spotless, this is a maximum rated release! Probably this album will compete the new ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO, named "ONANI", which will be released at the beginning of September!

IN THE WOODS... is an ended project for long years now, yet the vocalist Jan Kenneth Transit, has released at his own label the second album of guitarist from the legendary Norwegian band, under the banner STILLE OPPROR. Do you want to take a step within the atmosphere of those times? Maybe more psychedelic and more Rock scented? This album is a tiny underground jewel! Along with it TRANSIT's debut comes also, and Jan's voice is immediately spotted, even though Rock sonorities make me hesitate a drop, just as I did with SOXPAN. But I shall listen to it next days, who knows!

I cannot miss reminding you the reissuing of the genius album "The Umbersun", maybe the most complex and inspired one within the entire genre history. A true piece for collection!!!! I've talked Ato Renaud and Iskandar lately, but there's no chance to see ELEND live ... Pity, I would have loved to see them on stage! But stay close, as a new musical chapter is on the way, maybe the most violent so far!

DEMENTIA AD VITAM comes with an excellent debut from France, scenting of DARGAARD, DVKE, DARK SANCTUARY or ARCANA influences. Although they are very young (about 18 years), the band members prove that they can cause a great impression within this scene, and a new album is about to be released at the end of the year. I've already listened to a track (on which Protector participates too) and I can state it sounds even more promising then the debut.

ERDENSTERN pleasantly surprised me with a track from the Fantasy compilation, about which I've written some time ago, but now I had the opportunity to listen to the last albums of the German trio and I truly transcended towards a distinct universe.. I guess that's why it is music destined for video games ...

Otherwise, I was surprised to be asked also at the concert when will be printed a new issue of Kogaionon Magazine. I can only say that I haven't completely given up this project of mine and that there are chances (timid ones) to make some steps in this concern by the end of the year...

That would be all for the time being. Good luck with your exams, may your holiday plans happen just the way you wish them to, efficiently manage the budgets from your pockets, and let's hear again later... It seems that this musical Scene delivers quality events too! And it would be a shame not to stay close!

Endurable heats!

May, 2008