May 2009

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Umbrageous salutes!

Here we are in a time where the leafs have awakened to life and the hot weather is becoming an increasingly difficult to handle ordeal! Considering these, I will not hurry to write too much as the very present joyousness of those around me makes me want to withdraw in the most quiet of corners, away from the ‘experience of living’ the explosion of the vivid colours.

KOGAIONON #10 print issue is out as well, I managed to see live my friends from AGALLOCH (where I have personally handed over to John the outcome of his prolonged work – my magazine), I have met up with Christian from TRIARII, but also with Simone Salvatori (SPIRITUAL FRONT), even with Damiano Mercuri (ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI), plus a short chat with the talented drummer Moritz Neuner (DORNENREICH, GRAVEWORM), the Experimental Black Evening happened too, where INDIAN FALL and SHINING gave a more than alright performance, I have also announced two more events that are to take place this year, one on the 12th of September, with ARCANA, DER BLAUE REITER & NARSILION and a second one on the 12th of December, this particular one to be dedicated to old but also to… new friends, to all those willing to spend an entire night alongside a good few artists who will perform for more than 5 hours and stay to chat until the early hours of the morning, to all those curious to pick their brains!!! It’s going to be a Dark Bombastic event, one that will have a very serious reasoning… but all these in due time, do not neglect the Ethereal Ambient Evening in September, where the Swedes and Catalans will delight us with their accords, for about three hours of music!

It seems that this summer will be pretty full of events as well, both within the country and abroad, I will go to ARTMANIA again, to see OPETH but also to convince myself that MY DYING BRIDE are capable of putting forward a show that is different from what they have been doing in the past years, where on “Cry Of Mankind” Aaron kneels theatrically and collapses while torn inside, plus other sort of ‘copy-paste’ style tricks that go well with the untrained eye. They now have an extra reason to prove themselves, to present their latest album which, from a musical standpoint, starts brilliantly and ends up fading away, exception from this being an extremely brutal track that stubbornly reminds us that the band is still playing Doom Death Metal. But anyway, a large name that mustn’t be missed! As far as TRISTANIA and NIGHTWISH are concerned, it’s probably good that they are coming to Romania, but the news of this does nothing for me. There will be other events important for some, ANATHEMA being an already established brand in this country, and Tarja, who is visiting us once again, this time together with her band.

Albums... Dozens of albums, dozens of ideas, hundreds of tracks, too many releases, too many labels, too little quality ones... you can check them out in the playlist… some of them have been already reviewed by me and as soon as I’ll find a free spell… and the proper mood, I will review more and publish those too. I do have a small realisation and a big jewel: LUIGI RUBINO, with an album released at Prikosnovenie, a classical type of music that takes me from Chopin to Debussy or Rachmaninov, with a genius piano, oppressive violins, a gloomy violoncello and calm female voices: soprano, mezzo soprano, whispering ones… melancholy, sadness, romance, nostalgia… exceptional!

Other albums worth being noted: ARTESIA with an interesting Dark Orchestral, AYTHIS trying to copy parts of DARK SANCTUARY, ATARAXIA with an album dedicated to the collectors, due to the remarkable booklet it comes with, ENSLAVED with its praised new Progressive Black album, FINSTERFROST with a very thought-out Pagan Black Metal material, FOLKEARTH with two new complex releases, LONGING FOR DAWN with an exemplar Doom Death Metal, MAGENTA with a very commercial but explosive Dark Goth, MY DYING BRIDE already well received by the press and the fans, PENSEES NOCTURNE with a truly beautiful Neo-Classical Depressive Black Metal or an experimental STILLE VOLK who goes back to nature, something new from TRIST and GEIST that sounds pretty good for a German Black Metal, a fantastic new Avantgardistic Black Metal CODE, a second excellent MEDUSA’S SPELL’opus, a wonderful Shoegaze ARCTIC PLATEAU debut, a new AUTUMBLAZE in the famous phormula…

I am pleasantly anxious though about some releases that are due in the next few months, some interesting works belonging to a few talented artists like: BRENDAN PERRY, ARCANA, ORPHANED LAND, ALCEST, ROME, SPIRITUAL FRONT, ATARAXIA, CANAAN, LES DISCRETS, AGALLOCH, TENHI, DARK SANCTUARY, MONUMENTUM, ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO, BLACK TAPE FOR A BLUE GIRL, IKUINEN KAAMOS…

I have also published onto the website a new interview, one included in KOGAIONON #10, with TENHI…

Im sure that we shall cross paths until the fall arrives around these parts as well, perhaps with a new Playlist and some other news from the Underground!

A summer filled with reassurance and relaxation!

May, 2009