Noiembrie (November) 2011

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It looks like the frost covered our lands as well… a while ago it was very hot, 30 degrees, now it’s cold, under 0 degrees in the night… It’s natural, we enter November, but even so, the heat over the day is assimilated harder in the night… or vice versa…

October was an interesting month… we launched the first two KRUNA editions… but, how someone told me, some were still questioning themselves how KRUNA sounded, for they haven’t seen them on stage yet…heh, no worries, they still have a chance in December and then it’s done, we put everything in the drawer with naphthalene… I attended some events, interesting albums were released… it was ok from a musical point of view, I’ll come back with details later.

On the other hand, the Greeks showed that they don’t care about EU and they avoided trouble, getting grant loans… how the hell could that happen otherwise? There was no way… the ones who created the European Union knew there was no way out if the Greeks gave up… and good for them, even if, after some rumors, the other countries will have to work harder for them… or whatever, cheap conspiracies rumored next to a drink, how some would say…

Even more, the meetings that debate that 1% amplified in the whole world and a worldwide solidarity spirit is felt… I told you the flower-power spirit is already reincarnated into another form in the new millennia…
A man died and I was asphyxiated by everyone with replies, statements and appreciations about what a great Got father Apple was … he was, it’s his problem… or the problem of those surrounding him, even though some heeded to tell me what enlighten business replicas this guy had, who followed without any compunctions his aim and in an uncomfortable relationship with his employees, reading from lesser published articles…
Then, the boys from the “worldwide peace” control panel unequivocally removed the Libyan dictator (so we wouldn’t forget about that democracy is freedom’s guarantee)… Oil, damn it! The Americans kept a low profile here, letting some Europeans think they are Napoleon!

Liviu Ciulei, a great artist, lefts us at the age of 88… at least he got to live his life…

Maybe in my incomprehensible pathos I remained shocked by the sadness of a reality about we don’t want to hear anymore (read “to refuse”), or, even if it reached our ears, ignorance keeps deciding instead our consciousness… in the material Buvnitz recorded two years ago I found everything what this capitalist transition “killed” in us… the destiny of that woman greatly excited me who, through her simplicity, enjoys when someone has the patience to speak a couple of seconds with her… how sad, how real but also how ugly we’ve become… and this woman has often clear glimpses of intelligence, besides a general knowledge that proves the poor soul was someone in her life… in other times, under other auspices… very exciting, even ravishing for the ones who’ll have the patience to watch the 33 minutes… actually, if you will be shocked by what you see in the first minutes, you will watch it to the end breathlessly… if you think you don’t have the time to follow this, that it’s too long, that maybe someone should make a summary, a synthesis, then press “skip” at the link below:
And looks like the gurus of Football Federation and League started being questioned in our beloved Romania … that’s the way it has to be, for these dictator dinosaurs believed they are the most handsome, sexiest, smartest and untouchable… I didn’t have an actual problem with them, but when the results of what they shepherded (directly or indirectly) are pathetic for over a decade, they should leave us alone and disappear… we got to pronounce 5teaua… and leave the holy land with humiliations we’ve never seen before…

Let me speak a little about Serban Huidu’s accident, for it truly was an unhappy and tragic thing… many considered it was their time to be heard developing the matter in many ways, without showing a glimpse of decency… this man, Serban (even though now everyone talks about “Huidu”) killed 3 persons (unwillingly, but that doesn’t matter) and he will be judged… and he will get his punishment like everyone else in this unwanted situation… that’s obvious… and too bad for the victims, they had no fault… but things are done and there is no solution than bearing the consequences… but I have never seen such scenarios and cheap simulations made by the so called first class journalists… except reluctance, disgust and total abomination, I have nothing else to say here… and I say this because I also went through an experience, not identically, but similarly painful, when my father was killed by a car on the pedestrian crossing, also in October, 14 years ago… and I filed no plea, I left justice to speak out and let that sinner carry his cross (even if he was a sectarian, how most of us say)… for it’s obvious that poor man had no peaceful nights, an accidental criminal… and I didn’t want to hear of him again, even if my family’s impulse on the spot was totally different… not to say how my neighbors and relatives put straw on fire with wicked and unjustified statements… just like that, between 2 rumors and 3 medicines… such a misfortune could happen to each of us, in a moment of carelessness, on a side or another of the situation: guilty or victim… And they say in hard times a man’s character is seen… I saw that… even after a storm, when that dirty foam floats on the less whirling waves…

Well, my mood’s been cut from expanding other daily topics, I will dedicate myself now to the underground music and some detriments that might derive from here…

October offered me the opportunity to listen some spectacular albums, like LANTLOS:
Listen to the whole album here:

And I also wrote about the material of a respectable band in the Romanian underground Metal, which I really like:
And an article that aroused, a couple of weeks ago, commentaries, each and each less constructive… that mioritical hintin’:
And now let me get to albums I have in my November Playlist, maybe I’ll write more about some, maybe not… Anyway, at the average 2 albums received per day, it’s hard to keep up with them, especially when the majority don’t come up with anything new… at least 2 years ago, their music was clean, recorded and mixed in decent conditions… this is also an advantage of technology’s evolution… it’s worse with the inspiration… but what can you do, when the Easy Food generation lies to themselves telling they’re not mixing up with the “lower” fast Food, I really can’t find right comparison, evaluation, thinking criterions… everything is a continuous movement, in an infinite agitation, in a run without followers….

DALE COOPER QUARTET & THE DICTAPHONES is a truly interesting project, the new album being a real Darkjazz sample for BOHREN & DEL CLUB OF GORE or THE KILIMANJARO DARKJAZZ ENSEMBLE… an intellectual music, if you want, an unoriginal, but captivating expression, with a kind of interesting Pop voice (with roots in Tiersen), but that sounds peculiar. Lend an ear to this French project, it’s really worth it!
In the avantgardist Metal category, I have two bands that really impressed me! From Finland, ORANSSI PAZUZU reaches the maximum with the new album, a combination of Occult with Psychedelic, Progressive and Heavy Black Metal of a ravishing beauty, the five musicians swinging me between the aggressive Nordic Black Metal with which I’ve been used to in the last 15 years and the 70s Rock touch, the so called hallucinating and dreamy Space Rock… and the voice, ahhhh… very angry, very Dark and Evil! This new release is a jewel and, even if I didn’t write a separate review, can still be considered of the highest grade!

The other band comes from France and is called SMOHALLA. It is addressed to everyone who listens to more “progressive” riffs belonging to extreme Metal… And when I state this, I am thinking of the jumpy rhythm from ARCTURUS meets SOLEFALD, guitar riffs a la EMPEROR meets BLUT AUS NORD, with voices reminding me of ULVER meets DEATHSPELL OMEGA… or rediscovering the old ABORYM’s fury with Dark touches from GOLDEN DAWN… there is no exaggeration in choosing these musical landmarks and I wholeheartedly recommend SMOHALLA who, if they would come from Norway, would easily dethrone VIRUS… for yes, I find multiple passages from old VED BUENS ENDE, that sounds more entangled yet Metal, meaning extreme. The Post Metal combination with avant-garde and Experimental make out of SMOHALLA a name that should be followed and supported… the 45 minutes structured in 8 tracks offered now are truly splendid!

Also somewhere in the avantgardist sphere there’s INQUISITOR, a Black Metal group that might appeal to VULTURE INDUSTRIES fans. These Lithuanians are a pleasant surprise who, insisting on the melodic side, wish to impose on a lesser explored musical realm, maybe the way the once very famous THE KOVENANT had.

And let me remember recommending you the second part of BLUT AUS NORD’s trilogy that unlike the first one, is incredible! More elaborated, polished, darker and heavier tracks… a remarkable album, filled with everything, for minds available to memorize something like that… but truly heavy Black Metal!

Something more Atmospheric Doom Black Metal, but still with a clear avant-garde expression form is the DYSTOPIA NA debut, a Norwegian band that remind me of SHINING (Niklas) and KATATONIA, both as vocals and guitar riffs. But too many ideas assemble during the whole album!

The other band named SHINING, but a Norwegian one, releases now an interesting DVD where the Blackjazz dimension is unmistakable and might become a collection piece for every fan of unconventional music.

The Swiss NUCLEUS TORN surprised me confusingly pleasantly … I wasn’t the follower of the previous albums, for they tried much and nothing seemed to work out. With the new material everything seems completely different, it’s more changed, very quiet, atmospheric, with an aura reminding me of ANATHEMA, with a hall music flavor that relaxes and offers a total peace feeling… beautiful experiment!

And in order to end this chapter, meaning Avantgarde Black Metal, let me mention the return of a musician who 15-20 years ago made history with KOROVA/KOROVAKILL. In new clothes, Chris’s new concept called CHRYST is an unmistakable complex Metal sample, well done and filled with consistency! I have nothing to reproach to this album even if, from another point of view, has no success with strangers!

At the border with Post Rock and Post Metal the Americans RUSSIAN CIRCLES come with a new instrumental long awaited album, that seems to be the most inspired from their whole career… even though it has nothing new, the stylistic blend is neatly constructed, the variety of chords congealing a track assemble I really wish to see live!

Also from overseas, from Australia, the SLEEPMAKESWAVES quartet present us a new smartly composed album, from tracks that reach an attractive Epic dimension, taking me to THIS WILL DESTROY YOU or EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY. Yes, we speak once again about classic Instrumental Post-Rock, not different from the previous albums of the Australians but that sounds pleasant and relaxing!

OMEGA MASSIF seems to break all borders with the new album, bombastically combining Post-Rock with Doom Metal but also with beautiful Sludge elements. Filled with dynamite, I expect “Karpatia” to be liked by many fans and to be considered a reference album both for the band and German fans.
OCOAI is an American band that presents an uplifting Post-Rock, with obvious PINK FLOYD insertions, something that gives it a remarkable spaciousness and originality, the album being a real collector’s piece.
I didn’t get anything from the new DARK SUNS, the approached Progressive has no links with the once elaborated Metal, so I’d rather recommend you to listen another similar band, lighter and quieter, but that’s going to be liked by super melodic supporters… so remember the name of these Brits: WARMRAIN.

From Norway I kept in mind 2 Black Metal bands I think will stir up many waves in the following period. GROMTH consists of DIMMU BORGIR, OLD MAN’S CHILD, KHOLD or SUSPERIA members, a real bomb for symphonic BM fans! SVIKT is an unknown name who released an excellently grim Black Metal album, extremely sophisticated and dynamic… exactly like in good old times of bands like TAAKE, KAMPFAR or STRID!

Also an excellent Black Metal album is the new FARSOT, that reminds me of NEGURA BUNGET in their times of glory, when Folk/Pagan phases weren’t so present.
I expected much more from the new BLACK SUN AEON… the new compositions don’t sound bad but nothing new comes out of Tuomas’s music, especially because this Melodic Doom Death Metal side has been explored by thousands of bands in the last decade. I feel the same about the legendary South American MYTHOLOGICAL COLD TOWERS who, after a colossal break, returned with new SATURNUS-like Doom Death Metal sounds, but without any power or forms of innovation. RAVENTALE come with the 5th successful album, addressed to SHINING (and not only) fans, the Depressive Black Metal approach being the type of those keen on Funeral Doom.
GROWN BELOW present us an unoriginal but successfully expressed Sludge Doom Post Metal, with visible TOOL, ISIS or CULT OF LUNA influences. Good for them, the Belgians managed to make me listen this album from head to toes, especially when the violent vocals (hardcore) don’t usually enchant me. BENEATH OBLIVION is another interesting band that isn’t far from the GROWN BELOW expression, but emphasizes more the Heavy and Doom dimension, being closer to the tastes of metal fans!
ENID is a band I liked from the beginning, many, many years ago! Even though I thought they disbanded, the Germans announced last year that they were working at a new album, so now I could listen to the new Symphonic Pagan Metal sample! I really don’t know what to say… at a first listening I liked the album, but that’s it… even though it sounds good, the music seems anachronistic, less in line with everything that’s listened nowadays. I mean, a feeling of “outdated” expression.
ISOLE present us a clean Doom Metal, of great quality that has nothing more interesting than the previous one but sounds damn good! The audition is a real pleasure!
I wanted to speak about the new PETRYCHOR material but I’ve gone off the rails and forgot. Well, Tad Piecka is a little musical genius. Putting aside his taking part in the Sludge band BEWARE TO SOCIETY, Tad releases this summer an impressive debut! After the last year’s EP promised very much, PETRYCHOR offers now WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM or FAUNA 6 fans extraordinary compositions that neatly combine Fast Black Metal with Ambient, Folk/Psych but also Post-Rock. The ca 55 minutes walk you through different worlds, through various chords and states, but developing at the base a well congealed musical structure. It’s incredible how good this solo project can sound!

From France a new album of DAWN & DUSK ENTWINED project comes. David’s music is always a delight for me, the fresh compositions focusing again on this bombastic Neoclassical line, on which the Neofolk dimension finds its comfortable place, but also the Ambient or Dark Wave one… Even more, the Martial touches give a specific dynamism to the sound, stopping it somewhere at the border with Industrial. David’s voice is calm but expressive, like an original outline perfectly adapted to the new sequences’ structure. Military as expression, just as candid as atmosphere! A superb release!

A project that sounds interesting as style combination might be THE NOCTURNES, a unique combination between different musicians, among them even a RED SPAROWES guitarist. THE NOCTURNES follow a simple Stoner Rock that comes assembled on a very quiet and common Folk/NeoFolk structure.
MY DYING BRIDE will rock the fans with their new EP, a 24 minutes long track where you can find everything: Bleak Dark Doom Death Metal, clear passages of Funeral, Aaron’s poetic expression, multiple voice inflexions and much, much darkness… a real return to origins of the legendary British band… Marvelous!

CYNIC will shock the fans with the new EP, especially if those keen on Technical Death Metal waited for a new “Focus” sample. Well, in no way, the Americans pushing more and more the 70s progressive pedal plus other Jazz and Shoegaze phases.

ESOTERIC come with a damn dark album, frightening as sound, over 100 minutes of depressive Psychedelic Drone Doom Death Metal… a full, weary sound that grinds your neurons from the first riffs!

Relapse Records reedits the “Individual Thought Patterns” jewel of the great band DEATH and CHRIS CONNELY presents us a new non-MINISTRY sample, this time with a guitarist from WOLVES IN THE TRONE ROOM… but this type of music is different than my tastes.
JACULA is one of the most interesting all time Progressive Rock bands. The esoteric expression is unique and the Dark compound makes out of the new material the proof that music has no age and these Italians can be considered real legends, together with PINK FLOYD or GENESIS (keeping the proportions). Also from the Italian label Black Widow I discovered another band that successfully represents the Dark Progressive Rock dimension that comes from Finland and it’s called ORNE. I liked a lot the hypnotic aura, in the style of older music, but that doesn’t completely resonate with my feelings.

NECRO DEATHMORT sounds very interesting and it’s filled with experimental phases, very dark ones just here and there insists too much on Electro parts… I would have liked them more to remain on the Dub Doom side that sounds damn mysterious…

I got from Denmark a CD of a band I have never heard of so far, THE SILENT SELECTION, a Rock with Math and Post-Rock references, but that emphasizes on the Pop and Dark Wave side, making the result look mainstream and lacking Dark prints… Therefore, a melodic and rhythmic Pop Rock, just good as opening act for U2!

A last band I mention is SEALIGHT. It’s very hard for me to describe these sounds, for the Dream Pop flavor seem to mysteriously wrap a female voice that reminds me of LOVE SPIRALS DOWNWARDS or even LORENNA McKENNIT, everything dominated by a melodic and candid Folk dimension. The trumpet that occasionally intertwines is also very beautiful , especially on the passages dominated by keys and acoustic guitars!

Regarding concerts, there comes the November madness… madness for Metal fans, those who run after big names… it’s obvious that DEMONICAL from November the 3rd won’t have many chances of success in Bucharest, maybe the one from the 2nd from Cluj Napoca might gather true Death Metal fans, for Hatework has an eye for this! I haven’t heard anything about AMORPHIS and LEPROUS lately but probably on 8 and 9, at Sibiu and Bucharest, Artmania fans will enjoy their concerts…
Axa Valaha releases together with other partners a new concept, Rock Legends, that comes to fill a hole in our concert market, bringing during the weekends, at Bucharest, big bands that haven’t come here so far: on November 5 SODOM and on November 12, VENOM, that’s what I call news… plus the opportunity for some Romanians bands like SINCARNATE, MEDIOCRACY or KISTVAEN to play in opening… sounds good, the ticket prices are not a joke (120 for both), it’s a perfect facility for the one interested. This type of event is not my aim, but I’m glad that event concepts are outlining, not only simple shows or tour concerts. Now in the official press release I’ve read:”Rock legends is a Big Name Entertainment and Axa Valaha Productions production, in partnership with the promoter and manager Niki Constantinescu”… hmm, sounds like the weddings of “manelisti”, the manager and promoter… I’ve read such things at Nelu Brandusan or Marcel Avram as well… maybe this is the calling around here… I’m amused by this manner of making yourself visibility… it’s bad when there are no mirrors around… or are the same kind of mirrors needed to attract sponsors? Maybe yes, who the hell knows… those in the industry, only not me… let it work out, so we can have more events!

Now that I mentioned Nelu, it’s clear the metalhead will have to chose between his events, announced long time ago and those of Coro... fighting over the same pocket, ending up with disappointments at ticket sales... it might be... but this is competition... and the free market... and the Romanian knows better than others how to be an antrepeneur... if things go well for one, everyone around him meddle and to do the same thing, for it’s future business... and this way, more and more money are invested in a market of events that’s still roars, in comparison with the other ones existing and badly failing not only here:constructions, real estate, cars, fmcg, turism... but what, only pension owners should watch through the window if a tourist is coming? No matter what, the most serious ones will stand, the ones who have long and medium term strategies and that will prove they know how to profesionally and wholeheartedly make business... this show is quite pleasant!

You’ll see what’s going to be in the summer, when dozens of festivals will appear, all fighting over the few weekends still unannounced to be occupied… but it’s good anyway that things happen, that this scene is not dead…
Nelu also has 3 quite big events as visibility in November, if I’m to refer to AMON AMARTH with SEPTIC FLESH and AS I LAY SYING, ICED EARTH or UDO… You need serious money to be able to check as more as possible…

On November 30, HAMMERFALL return to Romania with VICIOUS RUMOURS and AMARANTHE… Killer month…
It seems like in the Post-Rock area the ones from Twin Arts get the green light, for besides TIDES FROM NEBULA nothing interesting comes to my mind in November… meaning events. Maybe I’ll get to be on the 17th in Cluj Napoca to see again the Poles, for I can’t make it in Kulturhaus on the 18th. I find the price quite expensive (35 presale and 40 at the entrance), especially that the band doesn’t come especially for these concerts in Romania… but it’s the organizers’ right too experiment and offer the band whatever they want… I hope it will turn out right, for the Poles are on the top and play great!

And that’s all about the November madness. December comes with other things: GORGOROTH, ROME, ULVER, ORPHANED LAND, LEAFBLADE, ALTERNATIVE 4… madness again… it’s good anyway… adrenaline doesn’t hurt… but it’s still time until then!

It’s time for me to stop, unless I’ll start rambling again… I’ve read that we already reached the number of 7 billion souls and the number of masculine sex keeps increasing, so, in a couple of years, this male majority (years ago it was the vice versa) will fight for the little number of females remaining… so, no more harems, no more cohabitating… we have to return to matriarchy, unless men will go on a killing spree… history proves that’s what they do best: wars! Or we’ll have more priests and monks? Let us not forget how peaceful women are too, especially when you attack their propriety, no matter what that is… hmmm, so there’s no escape, so: cheers, for life is short!
And we’ll see how 11.11.2011 will be… next year we’ll see if we breathe on 12.12.2012!
We’ll hear and see each other on the day of Great Union…


PS. The article below might be welcome by all believers who are preparing to enter soon the Advent:
October 29 2011