November 2006

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True joys this year brings!

Deep within Autumn, with the first snow flakes already caressing the giant Mountains, I am glad to share you some thoughts about the new DVKE album. Confusing and at all elucidated, the eagerness related to this release has completely veiled the objective dimension of the album, and you can already run over the review posted on the site. If this album would have been released during Spring or Summer, I am sure that its glamour would drop and mislay considerably. Given these very terms, Richard joins all prerogatives into gaining a maximum rating, despite a less inspired and slightly vapid cover versus the musical conceptualization. That's it, yet Protector has already assured me that the next cover shall be more significant!

What there more to be found in my current play-list? Lars Jensen offered me the delight of listening to a genuine Norse Black Metal, uncovering plenty of elegant, epic and bombastic fragments, all raised on a brutal but well conceived structure. MYRKGRAV is a debutant band but the potential it unveils is fantastic, you definitely should keep your eyes and ears on it! You also have a review in this last edition.

NEGURA BUNGET makes its appearance with the long awaited album, one reaching maximum note for imagery as Dan/Encoil proves once again his talent and mastery work. From the musical point of view, the three guys from Timisoara present the most composed album so far, as the Post Ambient and Traditional Folk elements balance more within the current Black Metal approach, without influencing the brutal concept. I haven't listen to it carefully yet, but I shall do it soon, moreover you'll be able to read its review on pure paper, because starting with this very month I have started to work on a new printed Kogaionon issue, the number 10.

I can not tell you more at this time, as there are plenty ideas fighting for supremacy in my mind, yet the essential aspect is that I choose to entwine new elements with the ones from the beginning of my work, both ideas and texts, all filtered through my inner sieve, as all my truthful readers know that's my path. The imagery will be done by a talented person, and we have already agreed on what concerns the collaboration terms. I truly hope that this new Kogaionon issue will see the light of the day until the Spring starts its reign and it will be destined solely for true Metal press collectors, to whom I shall also offer several other attractive items as far as the stock allows me to. Whatever the final form will be, the availability and delivery will be done solely via special orders and the edition shall be limited. The next editorial will unveil all necessary details regarding Kogaionon no. 10.

Back to our current play-list, I would solely mention RAJNA as an interesting release, alongside the Romanian - Portuguese from GOD and DEICIDE Satanists, as the rest of the albums are at least mediocre.

The good aspect is that you can read over 30 new reviewed albums via the same sincere and uncompromised manner, untouched by the publicist trendy biases, and all of them are presented partly in the current review folder and the rest in the reviews archive.

That's all for the time being. Remember: DVKE, MYRKGRAV and KOGAIONON no.10 !

Until the first true snow, enjoy the cold weather, perfect for igniting and devouring our secret existences...

November 2006.