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It is said spring is here… actually, the snow melted… although, in my backyard, despite the last week's intense rain, something keeps showing me I should never forget about the love of my life, winter…

The weather is rainy, apparently repulsive, and just perfect for starting to stay with myself… in peace. I had killer months in the last half of year, from every point of view. I don't dare to look at them with other eyes than the others who looked, breathed and lived what happened. Puzzling or less, filled with inertia or rebellion, with yearning or half-hearted, with passion or total go-by, they passed and I got now at the beginning of April, in front of this eternal laptop, probably the only modern tool I permanently fancy next to me, competing with the mobile phone. These gadgets created an incredible addiction, a virtual way of living that keeps overshadowing reality, normal life. To make sure that my way is the 'healthy' way for these times, I assured myself (more like induced myself than conducted) that my family resonates as well with such behaviors, so that a while ago, leaving for holidays, all 3 of us realized that we stayed in the airport, in the waiting room, each of us with his own story, looking at our phones at all kind of info on the internet. That's what I call happy family! Traditional Star Trek from Bucovina, heh!

I went easy on writing, watching day by day, night by night, the Facebook timelines of profiles, but also of the so-called friends. And I counted at a certain point, I had around 5 profiles, each with its own purpose: DBE, Kogaionon, DonisArt, Kruna and the personal one, that had various names, from the one with Arabic touch (Kadeb,  I have no idea how I got to this pseudonym), to the easy one, the one I have now.

It crossed my mind to cancel all of them, or to leave them as they are, without visiting them, like I do with, hi5 myspace or twitter. I know it's not their 'fault', that everything starts with me and ends there… but I like seeing things differently, depending on the mood I'm in.


This virtual addiction has lots of victims, both direct and collateral ones. I don't criticize those who breathe every moment the virtual, as I don't hurry up to praise those who completely ignore the online means of communication, this quick, easy interactivity… but still virtual one.

The idea is that I get some information this way and I can't avoid appreciating that it's way more comfortable to find out what I want to know, than the anachronistic letters or faxes, transformed now in emails or SMSs… plus the fact that, once you entered this game, you self-incite yourself (if it gets you) to become more and more generous with all kind of details, to the most personal ones. And this way, you can know someone very well, or some of his fads, without even knowing him personally. And it wouldn't be something new for me, especially when that person looked interesting, I was browsing him, reading or learning from the pages written by him. I remember that, even though I've never met Octavian Paler, I read again and again all his books in my student years and afterwards (cca 20 years ago) I could say many times that (somehow deluding myself) I already knew his thoughts, I could become easily anticipatory seeing him at TV shows, especially when those rhetoricals written by the Master were of a unique relish. And when something interests you, you start sniffing, breathing, even living without borders everything that manages to arouse, incite or satisfy you. 

Anyway, I started off from the first person singular and I realized I got to the second person singular, probably (falsely) shirking myself from the possible debates that might easily build up on this matter, heh.

Clearly the online environment has nothing to directly do with the essence of info disengaged from reading once, as reading an online book today doesn't have the flavor of those browsed pages in peace, sprawling on a couch, in a hammock or with your head on a comfortable pillow. It doesn't have anything to do with me and probably for many from my generation or older ones… But, even so, a written text gets easily detached from an alive veteran, published online, by the amalgam and multitude of ideas and millions of written words in a hurry, in a pragmatic, straight to the point way, of others….

But these are the times, they move, as I said, damn fast and in chaotic way, like I decided to take a break somehow to calm myself. Maybe the sinusoid of life makes us jump over many obstacles, we 'pass' others neatly and with inspiration, others we just dodge if we realize it's nothing but a boring, pleasant copy-paste, but nothing more. Or maybe yes, it depends on the mood and availability.

I haven't written and Editorial for a while now because I was focused on the DBE 5 line-up. Plus the fact that other personal issues took over my thoughts.

As it is said that everything has a beginning and an ending, I like to think that only the beginning keeps being captivating. And the ending has its own purpose, but it sounds too dreary for my way of spoiling my present, so I assimilate the end with the past… and this is how I avoid being depressed or anchored in the past… I have no idea of I live an illusory or virtual present. If it's running from responsibilities or something else, it doesn't affect me and it doesn't even matter to me. The story is beautiful when you discover it and it's even more beautiful when you live it. It can stay a beautiful story but, already passed on to the memory box, it quickly becomes a flavored nostalgia and that's it. It is good to be put on a wound, at a certain point, but insufficient for a continuous, flowing, captivating, daring feeling.

Clearly similarities can be made in every direction, but I wrote these lines thinking of the DBE story. I live with this story in a personal way, I argue with it daily, I make up with it the next day, I take it from the start, I have days when I don't see its meaning or others when I don't see the meaning of life without it…  I wanted to park it and leave it where it ended last year, because it ended in a beautiful way. At least for me. A right terminus point…  meaning smiles, people reconciled with a beautiful feeling in a late summer weekend, the pleasure of attending, as attendee, at something with a flavor that keeps persisting.

The emotions took over reason and the beautiful words I got after DBE4 invariably threw me in the illusion of a new ritual, illusion that, in the end, I will try to transform in reality, in cca 4 months.

It was damn hard to decide upon the line-up, because problems keep changing. I would have loved to see by night Oranssi Pazuzu, but the album they just recorded is not sure to be ready until August. Darkspace confirmed their presence only a couple of weeks ago, and I was already worried that I won't know where to put them, because 9 bands per night is already too much and too exhausting. In the end it wasn't meant to be. I left off with the intention of having evenings with distinct approach, but logistic and time details made me change what I initially thought of, therefore in the Instrumental evening I will have at least one band witch vocals (ZERO). Although I announced that ELECTRIC ORANGE will play on the 15th of August, they will perform on the 16th, in the Experimental evening. I wanted 7 bands at most in the Metal evening, but I found the new ALTAR OF PLAGUES as atypical as odd, so I couldn't turn down the Irish. We almost saw on the DBE stage IN GOWAN RING, but I decided that everything was too short, although there were all the premises for things to happen now. WOVENHAND were an almost sure option, until I found out (a couple of weeks ago) that they will be in another part of Europe in that time (Norway), so a band dear to me was out of the equation. EMPYRIUM was an idea that got a clear outline at DBE4, but it was given up as well, for Markus will play with TVB at a big festival in Germany. TENHI keeps staying in their own shell and avoid going out in public, SATURNUS were about to land up here, especially when they released a new album and now there are 6 on stage (keyboards included), but I considered there were already too many Doom bands. DRACONIAN will be once again present at DBE, for the third time in a row, but only as free people, to support the 'cause'. They didn't achieve anything yet with the new voice, so it wouldn't make sense. Neige is another professed DBE supporter and he would have come as spectator anyway, if I wouldn't invite him with ALCEST. But I had no reasons for inviting ALCEST, especially when they were here at the last two editions and the new album is just being recorded. But he will step on stage as drum player of ZERO. I took into account the band HEIRS, especially when I talked to Damian over 2 years ago, but, in the last moment, they had to choose between giving up on 2 concerts in Romania they will perform these days in the European tour and one only at DBE, so the Australians decided what was best for them. Instead of them, I chose ANA NEVER, a band with a spectacular sound. I almost brought those from FAUNA, especially when I tried the same thing one year ago, but the plane tickets meant a great cost, way too much… and we got to an understanding with those from HADES ALMIGHTY last year, but it wasn't meant to be.

So I've chosen 20 bands for DBE 5, the next step is to outline other connected activities besides the so-called concerts. I want to listen to new opinions, because interactivity is essential. This is why I created DBE Agora a couple of days ago, on the 18th of April, I will find out if there is interest for dialogue or if it is only one of my chimeras. We're about to chose the location, but it surely is somewhere in Bucharest.

And what will happen at DBE, we will all find out later.

I'm in a hurry to finish this Editorial emphasizing on a couple of bands that accomplished somewhat interesting albums. There are too many apparitions and as I've given up on writing periodically, I clearly won't mention all of them. But I will mention some that come up my mind: PARZIVAL released a very bombastic album, with a mind-blowing epic flavor, but rather simple as structure of songs… MOURNING BELOVETH released an extremely interesting album, with a very dreary introverted message… LOVE IS CLODER THAN DEATH leaned on rather darker songs than last year, I am very curious to see what I will feel when I will see them live… ALTAR OF PLAGUES, as I already said, might shock some, even disappoint others, but after "Mammal", it was hard to release something better in that direction, so they insisted on other elements… IN VAIN released a Progressive Extreme Metal-jewel like album, very well received in all media… and these would be the bands with something new in these last months which we'll see in a couple of month in Alba Iulia.

From the Underground scene it also caught my attention:

WARDRUNA with an interesting album both as presentation and intensity of the message but, after listening to it a couple of times, I find it far from being a masterpiece (although the whole press labels it like that)… CULT OF LUNA released a much elaborated and well structured album, but with a Hardcore/Punk voice that's too much for my tastes (probably ISIS fans are already crazy for it)…CALADAN BLOOD are a perfect replica of SUMMONING, to avoid saying a successful copy, but somehow with too much Pagan… OCTOBER TIDE returned with a long awaited album that sounds good, with modern insertions, but a linear Death Metal voice (I prefer AORIA, the band's other project… OCTOBER FALLS will break the hearts of AGALLOCH or Epic Dark Metal fans, with an album that sounds good  even if it has nothing to do with the previous one… STILLA and GIFT are 2 Nordic bands that approach oldschool Black Metal, with emphasis on STILLA, which I liked a lot… SMOHALLA is a French project that rises up through the expressed avant-gardism at the ARCTURUS level, only it's less Epic and brutal… they just released a split with OMEGA CENTAURI, another interesting band in the same vein with SMOHALLA, but somehow emphasizing more on Death Metal than Black… DE ARMA is a project about much will be said, as the FEN and LONNDOM mixture sound delicious… ENSHINE continues exactly what SLUMBER insisted upon, meaning a very atmospheric Doom Death metal that sounds good, but is slightly linear… TERRA TENEBROSA released a peculiar album for modern Black Metal fans, with clear addressability towards ORANSSI PAZUZU… ARSAIDH pleasantly surprised me with the Celtic Black Metal debut that doesn't seem to have anything to do with the ex collaboration from FALLOCH… CNOC AN TURSA is not far from ARSAIDH, but only with a greater accent on the traditional and rhythm filled dimension… THAW and NAHAR are 2 bands that present us a somewhat similar Black Metal, but very well executed (you can see that Avant-garde Music is promoting them)… ATTRITION veterans come up with a new album in the well know Dark Industrial Electronic manner, quite nice at the first audition… WAVES is a German Post-Rock project that sounds very fresh (although they have nothing original in the songs' structure)… some Post Black Metal mixed up with Industrial and Ambient seems to be interesting in the new album of CONTROL HUMAN DELETE… ROTTING CHRIST returned with a new album filled with atmosphere, but damn linear and simple, even repetitive, but inspired as marketing with that Romanian reproduction "Cine iubeste si lasa…" RAJNA released a new album for LISA GERRARD, DEAD CAN DANCE or IRFAN fans… OPHIS come with a conservatory Doom Death Metal that might be liked only by the passionate…TOTAL NEGATION surprised me with the usage of vibraphone and a sound that reminds me of SILENCER… ECHTRA actually released an interesting album, a mixture of ambient with Black and Doom in an esoteric variant (it is known it's one of the FAUNA members)… SUBTERRANEN MASQUERADE come back with 2 songs that rose to the level the band got us used to, but is seems too light and progressive for my tastes… ANDY WINTER released a new album worth collecting, having a lot of guest artists, each with their own song… the last band I mention is one that caught my whole attention in the aggressive Metal area, remember this name: ENCIRCLING SEA… and that's all for now.

Have a pleasant audition and see you soon, how and when we can, sooner or later.

All the best to you! It's good when you have direction and you know clearly where you're heading at: