October 2002

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Dear friends,

I would like to inform you the hot news about my paper-work, about the 8th issue of "Kogaionon" magazine. It will be out between (10-25) December and the technic details are in the following:

-more then 250 subjective and detaliate reviews

-mature and captivating interviews with: MONUMENTUM (Dark Pop), DIVERCIA (Gothic Black), NEGURA BUNGET (Black), WINDS (Progressive), AGALLOCH (Dark Folk Metal), THE END RECORDS, CODE666, KARMAKOSMETIX, GOD (Doom/Death), VOKODLOK (Raw Black)... and the list is still open for other 2-3 bands

-live reports

-introspective articles/retorics

-the graphic-design and the lay-out will be handled by a professional firm, ENCOIL MARK (THY VEILS, NEGURA BUNGET...), talented work!!!, visit www.encoil.ro

-1000 pro-printed copies, almost 60 A4 B/W pages, English language

-it will be distributed in whole world (distributors, get in touch)

About advertising rates, just ask!

If you liked my previous issue, I could recommend you now the up-coming work, cause it will be the best from the Kogaionon history! It will be a true challenge for the whole Metal scene! Time will tell!

The English up-date on this site will be make after I will finished the magazine! Till then, you can visit my Romanian version for interviews, reviews, contest...