October 2006

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Shady salutes!

A true fertile autumn we have, if we are to consider solely the new releases. To put it otherwordly, in the following two or three days, I will be able to listen completely to the new DVKE and MYRKGRAV albums, at I have been waiting for with full interest and whereof I will write in November. Furthermore, some great surprises from Cold Meat Industries are announced: ROME, ATARAXIA and COPH NIA.

For now, I will focus on the sole October playlist and the website actualizations. Therefore, in the interviews section you can read a dialogue with the Poles from CEMETERY OF SCREAM, whose last album I have already reviewed in last month's edition. It was not a brilliant release, but considering the fact that the band gathers quite some years of activity and that "Melancholy" continues to be an important CD for me even though it has been released 11 years ago, I decided to give them the opportunity to show themselves up in Kogaionon.

It is for sure I will also concentrate on other interviews, in fact, right this very moment I am preparing a new sensational dialogue, but time will tell more.

As I already evinced in September's editorial, the burst of the month (and one of the first three of the year) is Tomas's/ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO last achievement. I can not remember when the last time I rated an album at the maximum was! Another surprise is awakened by Mauro Berchi, the one that created within NERONOIA what he hasn't accomplished so far with CANAAN: one album that completely gratifies me. QNTAL enters Kogaionon's realm for the first time, with an album that does not evoke Dark scents but certainly relieves a Folk beauty I didn't want to ignore, hence I recommend you this album too. BORKNAGAR presents the acoustic album they've promised, one sounding very good, but still does not comply with my exigent expectations. MY DYING BRIDE do not belie themselves and are now presenting us a fairly linear and common Gothic Doom Metal album, yet enhancing a mighty poetic aura and that's all it is regarding this month's selected releases. There are several other albums, more or less interesting, yet I choose to end my enumeration here, as you can sift the albums that appeal you the most from my October playlist.

In order to answer the eternal question: when will a new printed Kogaionon come to life, I can solely disclose that there are some ideas for a new concept, but the absence of a collaborator having the needed time and skills for doing the lay-out and the artwork, determines me to put this project on stanby. In case you can recommend me someone interested into doing that, the chances to step forward on this path grow considerably...

In the reviews section you'll find 22 new ones, both in Romanian and English, sharing the same subjectivism and orientation as always, as for the ratings, they vary between minimum 0.70 and 1 maximum.

I guess this is all for now, as next month I'll probably have more time to share you various obsessions of mine, related more or less to the stylistic sonorities that I endorse.

Plenty of hoarfrost!

October 2006.