October 2007

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Autumnal salutes!

And so, after a torrid and wearisome summer, the glimpse of the rusting leaves is starting to be seen around! Even though the falling frost hasn't come yet to set loose the white wintry hopes, it is a fine feeling to experience some cold chills! The Mountains have already been caressed by the first veil of snow... tenuous and volatile all right, yet perfect for deluding the eye into cherishing. The Autumn Equinox has elapsed too, so days start to melt drop by drop into longer nights, pale shades of loneliness are contouring hand in hand with selfish introspections, more time is dedicated for reading, visiting various sites and blogs that do enhance alluring virtual sensations and, why not, for ear-marking additional moments into listening the preferred music. I'll skip reminding you about the consumed end of holidays/vacations with the consequent school/work beginning, as they're all history by now, respectively cruel present to us all.

In this transitory state I thought it would be better to offer you some new Metal information, something more like a guide into fresh releases rather than a detailed presentation from the domain. Maybe in the time that's about to come you'll be able to enjoy also some interesting interviews, perhaps some articles/concert reviews, but as time and mood haven't allowed me do more, I've decided to choose this classic monthly (or twice a month) spin of albums within the current playlist and some reviews that I considered that have to be reminded. As for the rest, you can find enough information of the specialized sites, utterly involved and interested in all sorts of details.
So, what is there to be found in the playlist? Certain elegant albums, as the following latest releases: ULVER (a very atmospheric and melancholic sound); TENHI (a box-set consisting in three CDs perfectly fitted for being listened in this autumnal time); some reedited albums of certain celebrated bands, practically the continuance of work started by the ones from Peaceville after taking over the license from Avantgarde Music, yet the sure thing is that some of these albums are obligatory for a collector (CARPATHIAN FOREST, KEEP OF KALESSIN, DARK SANCTUARY); well, there is also a new NOVEMBRE album (more intricate and Metallic than the previous one); a SEAR BLISS that has reached the apogee; a LIMBONIC ART comeback, too furious and linear for my expectations;

FLOWING TEARS, a band celebrating ten years of activity, present one of their concerts, recorded inside a church; moreover, we have a complex and hallucinating Experimental Black Metal, promoted by the ones from LE GRAND GUIGNOL; a pretty Epic LOITS, yet as Black as the former ones; the new NARGAROTH is far simpler and deeper rooted in ancient origins comparing to what I've been expecting from them; there are some interesting Black Metal releases from the NEGURA BUNGET's new label: FARSOT, HELRUNAR and DRAUTRAN; BLUT AUS NORD are presenting a new Post Black Metal Experimental work; there's also to be reminded the reediting (or the official European release) of an album created by the Canadian band UNEXPECT, firstly released last year by The End, and now is being promoted under the Ascendance Records banner; AVA INFERI brings a new album, paler yet same Gothic/Doom as the debut; ENTHRONED presents a new ravishing aggressive but well performed work; ALASTOR has nothing new to say on the Raw Black Metal scene; the latest CARVED IN STONE album is less inspired, yet very Folk and acoustic; SVARTSOT stands as a proof that Viking Metal is still on vogue; SEROTONAL presents Darren White (ex-ANATHEMA) returning into the Metal scene; you can uncover in SYRAH's new album a true early time Doom Metal; VARDLOKKUR is the project of a former ANGANTYR member and presents a Black Metal approach, one executed in early time's manner; there is also to be spotted the quite melancholic debut of the ones from THE FORESHADOWING and a new THE OLD DEAD TREE release, more elaborated yet also seemingly more confused than the previous Doom/Death Metal album. I'll end this enumeration with an album that has been released for some time now, but given the fact that Crivat insisted into bringing it to me personally at home, entering my yard with his rocker motorcycle, well in this case I had to pay special attention, especially as BUCOVINA's debut sounds quite promising.

That would be all I had to state for this autumnal outset. Some reviews are to be found in the specific folder, and the next appointment is to be at the end of the year, someday when December starts its reign. Do not forget about the new question from the Contest, as you can easily win two CDs. Just be in the knowing of some stony information regarding the sullen Metallic Mountain, Kogaionon.
Until the snow unleashes its first true veil, I wish you to let yourselves allured by the dying and corrugated perfumes of the rustling leaves...

Octomber, 2007.