October 2008

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Here I am, right after the mysterious dream called ATARAXIA, visualised in Brasov on the 20th of September, getting ready for the next event, one that will be a great challenge, as the 15th of November Special Evening will be the longest of the year long “A Story… A Real Story” concept. And so… three bands will try throughout approximately four hours to capture the interest of the audience, not the easiest of tasks for the performers. There will be short breaks in between the acts, but overall, it will be something quite different, a sort of a mini fest, where the audience will not fall into noisy debauchery but will sink into the comfortable chairs of Reduta.
None of the bands performing on the apocalyptic decadent evening have experienced a concert like this one to be, and so… we will see what will come out of it.

Considering all this, being pretty tied up with the organizational details of this event but also with the pressure of the next to follow on the 13th of December (an event that has a special and unique inner meaning for me), I have slowly stopped the engines that have been moving towards issue 10 of Kogaionon (print version). Having said this, a little more time will need to pass in order to finalise it. I will come back with details in the weeks to come.

During the last month I have listened to a good few new albums, some remarkable, other negligible. You will find in the present play-list a list of important releases, put together for all sorts of tastes, from extreme Death Metal (BLOODBATH) or pure Nordic Black Metal (KAMPFAR) to symphonic Medieval Folk (CORVUS CORAX), or from a beautiful Goth Orchestral Atmospheric Pop (STOA) to the noisiest Noise Industrial experiences (SUTCLIFFE JUGEND).

Other fascinating releases are on the horizon; amongst these are the new albums of ORE, SPIRITUAL FRONT, ORPHANED LAND, TENHI, ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI, THEODOR BASTARD, SHINING, SKITLIV, together with other bands that are going into the studio this winter.
But until another set of news and details, I wish you a rusty autumn, full of the rustling of the dry leafs.

October 2008