October 2009

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Autumn greetings to all those captivated by the rusty Kogaionon realm…

Summer has passed, and so has the multicolored given by a season that gives a feeling of thirst rather than one of self-retreat… Fall, as it should already be known, is the foreplay of my favorite season of all, so I feel like I should write 2 or 3 more lines. But not too much as for my priorities have shifted, in the sense that in the last year I’ve paid more attention to the Special Evenings set up under the DonisArt banner. On the other hand, from the multitude of albums that I’ve been receiving, I can hardly make up a handful of remarkable outcomes. Everything seems to be a continuous copy-paste, originality being a taboo subject for most of the new bands, the old ones getting lost in commercial compromises or continuing without inspiration on the line of “true/tv” that we’ve gotten used to.

I’m going to make some other references a little later to the albums from the current play list, for now is wish to tell you a little something from what has been going on since we’ve stopped crossing paths. I’ve been at the Artmania in Sibiu, you were able to read the editorial columns… I was at the Qvo Vadis in Bucharest, as well, creating a review… I was at the Arenele Romane to see the legendary Sinead, and I don’t regret it, though the sound seemed to be missing something…

Around June I went on holiday with my family somewhere in Greece, in a little former fisherman’s village, very quiet and clean, with an incredible sight: abundant vegetation, room with a seaside view and in the distance there lay Mount Olympus, with its peak full with snow… we’ve had the luck of not so hot weather, which made the 10 days we’ve spent there to be an oasis of full relaxation, one which I don’t believe I’ve had in the past years. I wish I could’ve gotten at the SIGUR ROS concert in Iceland at the beginning of July but I moved too slow and lost it, unfortunately! The same happened with the ULVER one, but it looks as if there will be some others coming soon. I am also sorry that I didn’t get to make it at the very last concert in the history of DARK SANCTUARY, in London. And when I think that it might have happened that this last concert would’ve taken place at Brasov…

Then there was the concert in Sweden, where I spent another few dreamlike days on the island of Gotland, in the Visby citadel, alongside Peter’s (ARCANA) family. I saw what a medieval festival really means, I had the opportunity to spend a few hours in a medieval barn, where the electric light did not exist and the atmosphere would take you back in time… flames, candles, food served on wooden plates, without any forks or other aristocratic ingredients… just the music was not live… one of the waiters who served our table (dressed in medieval clothing) knew Peter and several minutes before starting his shift, he was wearing a Mayhem t-shirt, heh. The important thing to note was that on that night the location was going to close its doors for good, as for a particular investor has bought it and wishes to change its destination, into something more modern and mercantile… probably a KFC?

I’ve seen both wonderful sunrises and sunsets… it was like a complete refreshment for my inner self, for thought as well as life philosophy… it may sound cheesy, but if you think I’m exaggerating, you should try to get on that island in the month of August!

How could I go to Stockholm and not think about Tomas and Rose Marie (ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO/TRIORE)? We’ve spent a wonderful evening in a traditional Swedish place with a menu specially picked out by Tomas, being also a renowned chef!

I obviously visited the beautiful town of Eskilstuna, where I met with Peter and Ia again and also with the other ARCANA members. I’ve actually been to Peter’s recording studio, where the future member of Kogaionon did his warm up for barely a minute (see here), destroying almost everything that he found in his way, this probably to impress Niklas (SHINING), who just came buy to say hello and for all of us to play (including friends in Brasov) I don’t know what Swedish society game, I think Kub was its name, interesting as an idea…. But all in all, completely “out of key”!

The remarkable Swedish experience…

I got back to Suceava, here I saw another kind of a medieval festival, miniature sized compared to what I saw just a few days before, though pretty interesting and provocative in its ideas for the coming years… at least for me. Autumn has brought the members of ARCANA and NARSILION/DER BLAUE REITER to Brasov, at Ethereal Ambient Evening, where yet again we have spent some great times. The review and videos from this event will be posted soon. In a few days I will be leaving for Prague to see the last ARCANA concert of this year, but also to meet up with Christian (TRIARII), who will also be performing alongside DESIDERII MARGINIS, at the same event with the other Swedish. And on the next weekend I will be leaving again for ROME, to see the ROSE ROVINE E AMANTI and VON THRONSTAHL concerts together with Simone (SPIRITUAL FRONT). I wish I could see the weird ones from SUN O))) who are coming to Budapest in a few weeks but I will have to see what time I have got… Because I don’t see who could bring them to Romania and I don’t think that there is any eligible place that can rise up to the occasion. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSoal5Zegpo&feature=related

I will be coming home to take care of some personal and daily problems, after which I will get ready for the most provocative event in the history of DonisArt, Dark Bombastic Evening probably being the most complex and unusual event that I have organized so far. There are already available reservations in a lot of the European countries, but also in the USA, you will be able to find out more in the press releases that will follow.

The year 2010 also appears to be an interesting one regarding the Special Evenings, the first 3 events hopefully will gather more friends than before, to be able to look optimistically towards the second half of next year… I also have to mention that I had a wonderful surprise the last few days as I had the opportunity to listen to a few parts of an incredible native musical project! When the time comes for me to give more details, you will be convinced that I was not joking! I have never listened to such a stylistic approach with any other Romanian bands, and the musical references are extremely varied, from the theatrical show and the dramatic tone of Devil Doll to the depressive state found in the chords of Neronoia or Stille Oppror… obviously, maintaining proportions and looking at it with indulgence, as this is just about a newly established project! More exactly, Gothic male voices, coral but also evil, female voice in the “Mandylion” style, the guitar which touches every bearing, from Metal and Rock to Blues, a keyboard that reminds me of Arcturus and drums with a hell of rhythm breaks! It is a sound as twisted as it is ponderous, with both rhythm and mood, from Metal, Gothic and Post Rock to Cold and Dark Wave. Something truly special!

But lets get back to the albums, because we are dominated by pragmatics, and everybody wishes to find out if from there is anything to be remembered from the ones that came out in the last period… George came back with a new AD OMBRA album, very twisted and full of inaccessible phases, but which sounds slightly better than the previous one, PIATRA came out with a demo in a professional presentation, with a sound that somewhat resembles BUCOVINA but with less aggressive parts and abundant Folk insertions, INDIAN FALL come back with a beautiful conceptual material, dynamics and force taking center-stage to the Atmospheric found in “Pathfinder”, DRUDKH confirmed a new Black Metal jewel, FEN has a wonderful debut, with a faultless Black/Progressive album, H.E.E.R. shows us that the neoclassic music has another dimension that we knew nothing about, because everything sounds great now, ISIS presents a new sample of elegant Post Metal and Post Rock, KARJALAN SISSIT reveals, with complete disgust, again, only louder, its nihilistic and misanthropic ideas about the world that we live in, OFFICIUM TRISTE resets older tracks, the result being a CD of reference for the whole Doom Death Metal stage, PETTER CARLSEN destroyed me with 2 tracks from a debut album of which I never would’ve found out if it wasn’t for the guitar player STILLE OPPROR, SOLANCEAE a majestic new vision created by Kim Larsen, SHINING also comes out with the 6th material, less conceptual and seemingly made on the run, Maniac finally finished its debut SKITLIV which sounds boulder than anyone can ever imagine, SUBAUDITION comes back with new sequences as moody and meditative as 3 years ago… then we’ve got some albums re-edited which should not be absent from any fans’ collection; therefore Peaceville comes with OPHTHALAMIA and TAAKE, Metal Mind with an re-editing of the last 3 albums THE KOVENANT, Osmose re-edits 2 albums LIFELOVER and 2 SLAGMAUR… so there is material that needs to be purchased… unfortunately, most living is done in the past.

As you can see in the Play list, there is a multitude of up-comings, most of which I got without being asked if I am interested or not. This is why I suggest that every band or label asks if I am interested in writing about them before sending the promoting materials… otherwise, there is the risk of sending them for nothing. I will publish a set of reviews in the following weeks, so keep close! Until then, read the ones that are already embedded… I’ve also posted a very interesting interview taken by a friend of mine who has been living in the USA for a long time but came home for a few weeks and we’ve had the pleasure of drinking a few wine bottles together.

So Stefan prepared a more than intelligent dialogue with one of the most serious and skillful American Black Metal bands, which I would really wish to see in Romania, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM. It is an incredible band, which emits a fantastic energy and its musicians are true professionals! In the interview you will find a lot of provocative questions with answers to match… I really liked one sentence which should also be taken into account by our native public: “At our shows there is no moshing, or jumping around… people stay with their eyes closed and meditate.” Hard to believe, right?

Until winter…
October, 2009