September 2006

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Autumnal hurrahs falling towards you... salutem!

My bliss is boundless! Instead of overclouding myself with the sullen, occult, misanthrope, nihilist and profound metalhead face, I prefer to turn unbolt to you (well, the opening act is rather relative) and tell you some of my simple, but constant, joys...

First, the joy for the falling of this wearisome and emasculating summer... Then, the fact that my friend Simone Salvatori succeeded into hastening the end of the summer with a tremendous SPIRITUAL FRONT album, one inviting me within a beautiful Suicidal Dark Pop, where the diffuse shades of Western along with mingled soundtrack echoes overwhelmed me completely... As well, the ones from CMI confirmed my last editorial's expectations and brought a huge surprise: MEDUSA'S SPELL... There's no doubt that I'm all agog for the new ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO, but I'll let you know more about Tomas's new album next time. In the same line and clique, alongside Simone and Tomas, we might include another inspired and fantastical project, TRIARII, as their last album shocked me to the bones. Yet, I'll probably try to disclose this remarkable German musical realm in my future editorial. At that time, I'll have the joy of writing more about the new release of Andrea/NEBELHEXE - Samoth's/EMPEROR ex-wife, and also about a far too long awaited album whereof you can read in the interviews folder - the dialogue I had during the first sparks of September with my old friend Richard Lederer/DIE VERBANNTEN KINDER EVAS/SUMMONING/ICE AGES. I have already listened to "Mistrust", one piece from the "Dusk and Void Came Alive" album and I can warrant you it sounds adroit!

QUADRIVIUM is the new Norwegian band that awakened a huge dilemma to me: should I give rise to my own label or not? Is it worth promoting this band that inspiringly copies ARCTURUS but also opens new interesting sound dimensions, and that will make its official debut during this autumn? Also keep the name MYRKGRAV in your mind, 'cause it is a beautiful Norse Black Metal! Even if I've been often disappointed lately by the common Black Metal, these two bands' approach hasn't been weakened by the time's trendy facets, therefore their sound is elitist. I had a great joy listening to the new HEL album, reminding me of BATHORY and not solely that. Along with HEL I should also mention some quality releases the German label DGF, such as: ANGANTYR, ORLOG or DANTALION.

I turn my thoughts back to Dark Ambient: there is a new KARJALAN SISSIT album, one that speaks for itself, and also a new NORTHAUNT, full of intricate but darkened sequences. Karsten Hamre send me from Italy (I understood that the Norwegian left the Transylvanian lands for good) a packet with his latest releases, yet rather old ones, starting with PENITENT right to ARCANE ART. ELANE is a new Dark Folk project making its debut at Omniamedia, a German label also promoting names as MATORE (there's no connection with Metal, it's just another king of Bjork mingled with Sigur Ros, yet sounding deeply obscure!!!), TRANSIT POETRY, EISENHERZ or CORNIX MALEDICTUM. My old underground friend, Krusty, returns with a fourth FORGOTTEN SILENCE studio album, moreover the ones from Prophecy reissue the superb HARMAA album (about which you could read in my 2005 review) under TENHI banner, plus a Dark Folk debut, NEUN WELTEN, not to be ignored. I mustn't forget about the latest two releases of the Dutch label Descent Productions, GORATH and IKUINEN KAAMOS, genuine Melancholic, Traditional and Progressive Black Metal underground sonorities! The legendary Lee Barrett makes his return with a new musical project, TO-MERA, bringing in the voice that made herself known via WITHOUT FACE, several years ago. Still, from Candlelight comes ANSUR, another Norwegian project entwining the aggressive Black Metal with plenty of other soft elements. Napalm Records brought out a reissue of DRACONIAN demos sounding pretty good, meanwhile AHAB is a band heading towards Funeral Doom Metal, but it didn't convince me. There would also be a new TYR album, following the same line as the previous one. Therefore, you have a rather plenteous play-list to be experienced for several next days! I remind you can read on my site, along with Richard Lederer's interview, the one I made with Kobi Farhi, just a few days after ORPHANED LAND's concert in Romania. Obviously, it's just a matter of days till I'll refresh my reviews folder with some comments over the albums from the current play-list, but I'm still working on it. As for those willing to have the printed version of my writings, until I'll bring to light a new Kogaionon issue, you can find a part of my reviews in the monthly Maximum Rock magazine (

Otherwise, every autumn outset is the bearer of my joy and, until the first omens of true winter come through, let's relish ourselves with the dance of the rusted colours that already started in our woods... And if, among other things, you'll remind yourselves to listen certain pieces of underground music, then the resonance between us will turn plenary. Until we come across again, let your solitude debauch at its most!

September 2006.