Septembrie/September 2011

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Autumnal greetings! 

September is a perfect month for nostalgias, for the summer that just ended, where the holidays, vacations and follies mattered most! 

To me, August was a perfect sinusoid, from the feeling’s point of view... On hand, there was the DBE experience with all its story and beautiful aura surrounding it, of which I’m very glad and dare to believe it came true! On the other hand, two unwanted, but occurred situations that strongly undermined the daily landmarks: the passing away of a person I’ve met only a short while ago, but who amazed me with his simplicity and correctitude... and the second one, my Shepherd Dog, Ulsa, who suddenly passed away one night, without a signal of having something, at the age of only 4... Yeah, this life, with ups and downs... 

Regarding DBE, it’s obvious it turned out so beautiful that most of the attendees wished it to be this way and this thing visibly counted: good weather, successful concerts, adequate location, polite and civilized audience, peaceful, friendly and relaxed environment... what more, a good karma for beautiful souls... a sort of Woodstock of the 3rd millennia, in the minimalistic form, where peace, respect and quality of details made out of that weekend a real enclave separated of the everyday, which we’ll pleasantly remember every time we’ll watch on YouTube the entire concerts... or at the chronicles written by the ones attending, together with the multitude of photos already found on the internet. And those who haven’t attended I hope will enjoy these recordings they see for the first time... there were some problems with their integral posting, so there were a couple of gaps between image and sound... but Lus works hard at their remedial, so in a couple of days you will be informed of the 12 correct links. 

Behind the DBE  concept, that I dared to see as a platform and not a festival, there was an immense amount of work, stress, but also dissipated energies, of which I wanted to remind you, but I realize that what’s done is done, so what was there, was unloaded, unchained... it evaporated! Full stop! The fatigue from the end of DBE physically finished me off, and even now, after two weeks, I didn’t recover! What’s important is that I committed myself for a new edition, in the third weekend of August, still at Alba Iulia... so, let us be in good health and believe in those dear to us and we’ll see each other next year! I received diverse suggestions and assurances that at the next edition, a double number of people will attend, so DBE would become something great, visible! And also that’s the solution to competing with other fests from Romania and not only. Well, I feel the need to repeat: DBE is not a festival where we come to see bands that play and rockers meet at a beer... it’s a platform under which souls who want to spend a more or less artistic weekend meet, more or less conventional/atypical, together with old and new friends, that come unconditionally and unconstrained by mercantile artifices, ready to support a sincere and honest cause. The Underground Spirit isn’t quantifiable by economical, financial or numerological trademarks, even though I appreciate the openness of the ones who gave me these indications and to who I thank, I will keep following that belief in freedom, in non-trade and non-business when it comes to quality artistic expression! 

Where great sponsors are, there’s much public coming, the bands can financially get what they want and that’s the way it should be. I’m glad for the existence of these festivals and they should exist under as many forms as possible! A week before there’s Artmania, a week after there’s Peninsula... so any comparison with these big and autochthonous traditional festivals makes no sense... 

DBE wilfully keeps remaining anchored in other unconditional or smothered landmarks... We’ll see what and how, the intentions are sincere, the results so far showed us that you can also “breath” after not necessarily quantitative foundations... more discreetly, more applied, more adequate... 

You can view a reminder of what was at Alba Iulia here, in case you haven’t done it yet: 

One more aspect I forgot to mention: a few days before DBE, I saw posted on Facebook ads from people who offered, for free, to take in their cars other souls prepared for DBE, if they had spare places. I don’t know how you found it, but for me it was and still is something emotional. It would be beautiful next year to find people in Alba Iulia who’d offer to receive in their homes, in the 2 nights, fans from all over the world, who’d come from DBE 4. Plus that RYMA works in order to double the camping space. 

3 events follow until the end of this year, that gravitate around the KRUNA concept, with bands and different musical styles, for the public in niche and/or the people open to novelty, but still in the Underground variant... 

We begin on October 1 with 2 hours of innovative Irish Black Metal, ALTAR OF PLAGUES, a band I wished to bring to Romania for a long time. I’m glad that the event from Kulturhaus is their first concert after a one year or so long pause, so we can say we’ll enjoy the official release of the superb “Mammal” album: 

Only 3 weeks after, on October 22, the Frenchmen from KWOON come to present us their new EP released these days, a very beautiful Romantic Post-Rock every soul can listen to and let himself handled by dreamy musical riffs: 

I’ll talk later about KRUNA 3, for there’s still time until December 3... Worth remembering is that the ones from ROME will come to Bucharest to present their new CDs, 3 in number, that are officially released on 11.11.2011. There’s ca 150 minutes of unmatchable music, Jerome Reuter brand.  

Otherwise, autumn has come, the tons of concerts begin, of all kinds, for all tastes... We’ll have SAMAEL, MELECHESH and KEEP OF KALESSIN at Cluj Napoca, on September 9, HATEWEWORK brand event, definitely a must for different gangs of fans... 

After a couple of days, NAPALM DEATH will be brought in some locations from Romania by HEFE and DECAPITATED by Buvnitz, in two cities, in consecutive days. So the fans of brutalities will have what to feed upon! There would be MEDIOCRACY with the release of their new album but also BRYAN FERRY or KHUDA. 

October brings IN FLAMES in the same time with ALTAR OF PLAGUES and PAIN OF SALVATION will break hearts in Bucharest. There would be the Days Of No Light festival in Cluj Napoca but also THE ASCENT IN EVEREST, the next day, after KWOON, in Club Control. And I recommend you in October 3 THE SHAKING SENSATIONS, in Underworld, a rather interesting Post-Rock... I really want to get there! 

November seems to be Nelu Brandusan’s month, with 3 events compacted in only few days, AMON AMARTH+SEPTIC FLESH, ICED EARTH and U.D.O.... I hope it will turn out well, especially because the public is not too varied! And when I think about that I should have brought in the same time WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM... but it wasn’t meant to be... I forgot to mention DEMONICAL and AMORPHIS... And there would be TIDES FROM NEBULA again, at Cluj Napoca and Bucharest, who sing along again, for I don’t see them as having something specific to present, after the album released in Bucharest ca 6 months ago. There’s only them now, and I hope the crowd from RIVERSIDE won’t repeat itself, for it’s really bad going to a concert and not being able to breathe. This time the organizer assured me it’ll be looser, I hope I’ll get to at least one concert of these talented Poles.  

In December we’ll have ORPHANED LAND and I’m sure many people will come to see them. Same, in Cluj Napoca, GORGOROTH and VADER.

Right on my birthday there will be another concert I fought for a couple of months but I gave up when I saw the landmarks of the team surrounding the band are different than the ones I favoured until then. But I’m glad to see there is someone else who’d bring this band to Bucharest and I wholeheartedly hope the location will be filled with fans! I don’t even know if I’ll make it, for it’s on Sunday... but, who knows... details will follow soon! 

I should start telling you about the new WOLVE SIN THE THRONE ROOM album, the new INSOMNIUM, the KWOON EP, the interesting UNEXPECT or the much titrated GHOST BRIGADE album... But I’m not in the mood, so maybe next time. 

All the best... 

September 1, 2011