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Interview with Alcest - 2010

1. Hello Neige. After a long period of time, the new ALCEST album is finished and ready to be released. What can you tell me about this album?

"Ecailles De Lune" is quite different than "Souvenirs". It has a strong aquatic/deep blue and melancholic atmosphere, and it's a more complex album, which extended the emotion's spectrum of ALCEST's music. I am so proud of this album. It's like a summer night being lied on the sand just front of the sea; with the hypnotic dancing reflects of the moon on the waves, their secret whispers, and the night sky immensity just above your head.

2. You decided to play live with ALCEST. Why? You will also tour Europe in April…

I don't know, ALCEST exists since almost 10 years now, time goes fast and I thought that it was a good moment to start making concerts. I am very curious about how this will be, if we will enjoy it, if people also will, but I am pretty confident. Thought ALCEST doesn't seem to be the type of "live music", but in rehearsals it turned to be much more catchy and dynamic than I thought !

3. Please tell us more details about the live members of the band.

So, the other persons that will be with me on stage are: Winterhalter on drums, which is also in Les Discrets and Amesoeurs. We went on tour together with Peste Noire and also worked on recordings in many occasions. Fursy Teyssier, my best friend, will play bass. We know each other since 15 years, discovered metal together; it always was obvious that he would be part of the Alcest live line-up. As for his musical activities, he played in Amesoeurs and now he is the Les Discrets mastermind. He is also a talented graphic designer who worker for many bands. Finally, Zero, second guitarist/backing vocals, a great person I've met in Paris last year. He has a fantastic rock/shoegazing project called ZERO.

4. You will come and play in Romania. What do you know about my country? What would you like to visit most?

The only two things I know about Romania are Vlad Dracul and Negură Bunget ;) I never was good in History so I don't know many things about your country on this point of view eheh. Is Transylvania close to your place? I know this is very "touristy cliché" and I guess every person coming here ask you this but I personally would like to see it, as well as Dracula's castle! Otherwise I would love to visit Bucharest of course.

5. Tell me your thoughts on AGALLOCH. Do you share any musical links with them? I know you met them last year, in Paris.

I really like AGALLOCH, along with Fursy. I understand that some people see a link between ALCEST and them since both of us play metal with a lot of emotions, epic and nostalgic feelings. We've met them in Paris after their show and we really had a nice time, this will be great to meet again.

6. We have people coming from over 15 countries to see the show... Are you nervous, maybe? It will be your first official concert…

I have read that people from 15 countries are coming yes, I can't believe it! This is really amazing. I see that the combo AGALLOCH/ALCEST is very attractive; it will be an exceptional event. I can't deny that I am a bit nervous, moreover when you know this will be our first official show... Well, in a way, isn't this a dream-like first step to start making shows? :)

7. What other musical projects you have now? Describe them to me, please…

These times except for ALCEST I am just participating to Lantlôs, a German band playing urban black metal. The second album is finished, we are just waiting for it to be out. It's depressive music, extremely grey, disembodied and cold as concrete, with a touch of modernity that I really like.

8. What all time favorites do you have, in terms of albums? Any new releases catching your attention?

Oh since I listen to music there would be so many... All times favorites, not in order:

Summoning : "Stronghold"
Yann Tiersen : "Rue Des Cascades"
Joy Division : "Unknown Pleasures"
Judas Iscariot : "Heaven In Flames"
The Smashing Pumpkins : "Siamese Dream"
The Chameleons : 3 firsts albums
Slowdive : "Just For A Day" (double CD reissue including demos)
Taake : "Nattestid"
Depeche Mode : "Violator"
Burzum : firsts albums
Ride : "Nowhere"
Drudkh : "Blood In Our Wells"
Ataraxia : "Suenos"
Sopor Aeternus : "Songs From The Inverted Womb"

Great albums I discovered recently : Nadja "Touched", Pale Saints "In Ribbons", Entombed "Left Hand Path" and Piano Magic "Disaffected".

9. What are your expectations regarding the trip to Romania? Are you in contact with any Romanian fans?

I don't have special expectations, we all love to travel you know and we are really glad and honored to be invited in your country. I don't have so many contacts in Romania but from what I am seeing your underground scene seems pretty active.

10. Thank you very much. See you in a couple of weeks...

Thanks to you Doru, see you in March!