Arcana (2009)

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What is your latest news about the band, the members, the other musical projects some of the ARCANA members are involved in? Have you started work on new ARCANA tracks?

The summer has passed and we are now starting to get back into normal life. Peter has not been working much with his own music in the studio this summer, but has recorded others instead. Ia and Peter celebrated summer at Gotland in Sweden with Doru and his family and friends and that was great. Ia turned 40 just two days ago and today (the 23:rd of August) Peter and Ia celebrates their 6th wedding anniversary!

Ann-Mari has worked hard all summer to finish her own studio that she has together with Mikael Lindblom from Sub Luna. Now they are eager to start working hard there. Mattias has been playing a lot of gigs with his other bands, several others. Stefan has been occupied with Bortherhood, another side project, but mainly been spending time with his family!

On the 12th of September, Brasov will be once again, the centre of the Universe for Arcana fans. How will the show be? Will it be different than last year? What tracks will you play?

We are so happy to be back. We hope to give a better performance this time and we are getting the set list together this week, so at this time we cannot tell you much. We will however play a few new tracks from Peter's solo album that is released on the 28th of August.

Have you received any messages from Romanian fans? Have you any idea if fans will come from other countries as well?

We have heard only positive thoughts about us coming back. We've had a few emails from people who are happy to have us back and we do know that some people are coming from Hungary and Bulgaria. It is always nice to see people travel for our shows. We are truly honoured!

Any reactions about the solo project album yet?

Not much yet, since it is not released. Peter has made some interviews, among them for D-side (FR) and Sonic Seducer (DE). We truly hope people will like it. :)

What did you like most about Romania last year? Was there anything weird for you to see?

We LOVED Romania, and we loved the people there. Everyone was so friendly and kind, well apart from the obnoxious waiters at the restaurant up in the mountains (hehe, you know what I mean). Romania was a fantastic and wonderful experience and we are so happy to be back. Nothing was weird to see, hehe… we loved everything. :)

What do you think about the music played by NARSILION? What about DER BLAUE REITER?

Nuria and Sergio from the bands are lovely people and we really enjoy their music. They are very talented and it will be great to finally see them live. We are honoured to be on the same stage as them. DER BLAUE REITER was a new experience for us, but a nice one. NARSILION was known since earlier and we have always appreciated their work. :)

Thank you! See you at Reduta!
Thank YOU!!! Can't wait to be there! :)