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Seeing ARCTURUS in Romania has been a dream of mine ever since I was listening, 20 years ago, on a demotrack, to one of the most beautiful Metal tracks of all times "Fall of Man". That was before the band signed with Ancient Lore Creations, an obscure label that became imprinted into my memory because of this collaboration.

I timidly tired to bring them to Romania 5 or 6 years back, when the band played in Greece, but things did not turn out the way I planned. Then the band slit up and I was very upset that I did not manage to make my dreams come true. But at that point in time, DonisArt was not launched yet, but the idea of organizing something atypical and special was already growing inside of me, after it had been harbored there for years.

Besides ARCTURUS (my favorite Metal band of all times) I planned to bring or persuade to play bands such as TEHNI, EMPYRIUM, CANAAN, OCTOBER FALLS or MONUMENTUM (I'm mentioning only the bands I did not manage to bring). I would have wanted BATHORY, SADNESS, IN THE WOODS… or DEVIL DOLL, but they were already split up for various reasons.

So, for a while I did not think about seeing ARCTURUS live anymore, not until I started hearing some rumors that the band has reformed. Then a first live appearance at a major festival in America was scheduled last year, but it eventually got canceled. I was already working on various scenarios in order to bring them to Romania for some time, while discussing unofficially with ICS VORTEX. I've tried different dates but only the 5th of May was good for their schedule this year. What's the state of things for DonisArt before this event? Well, we're dealing with a lot of stress, anxiety, complicated technical details, but I have faith that everything will turn out well.

Just a few days before KRUNA Pratar, Simen managed to answer a few questions from a longer list, made by an ARCTURUS fan, who answered my invitation on Facebook to create an interview for his favorite band. Thank you, Cosmin! Now, let's find out some brief details, before the en premier concert at the Reduta hall.

After your break of five years, we are happy to have you guys back. How does it feel to perform as Arcturus again? You had just a few shows, In Norway, Greece, Finland and again Norway, at Inferno...

"I feel we grow stronger by every show. Last show in Oslo was triumphant, yet I feel we have only started to develop our stage show. The vibe in the band is great, and I think it shines through our souls on stage."

How did the audience react to see you guys live once again? What was the feedback you got, both live and online?

"All comments  and reviews has been very favorable except a vegan chap from Brooklyn. He wasn't impressed at all:) .

To me the live feedback matters the most, and I must confess I have walked off the stage with a big smile on my face ever since we came back. Interacting with the audience and catching the sheer magic of the live moment is to blame."

How did the concert in Brasov happened? Were you ever planning to visit our country, or it's an opportunity that just appeared? 

"ARCTURUS is blessed with a die hard underground fan base, one of these stars is you. Even during the time when ARCTURUS didn't exist I got many emails from the atypical supporter of innovative bands, and because we value this. Brasov was an easy decision once we got back on our feet."

Speaking of the concert in Brasov, what are your expectations regarding the Romanian fans?You will play in a theatre, a place with comfortable seats, but the people will stay also stand-up in the front, if they will feel this. Is this fact a special opportunity for you, too? You will prepare a special tracklist, special garderobe and other artistical details, maybe?

"It will be a one of a kind show, due to special projection provided by a Romanian friend." (thank you, Lus-ed)

I'm really curious if there will be any style changes on a future album. Are there any differences between the old and the new ARCTURUS?

"ARCTURUS will remain ARCTURUS and this means constant change. We play what we feel and don't want to stick to a safe formula. Detecting the Arcturian vibe I foresee will be easy for a fan of the band tho."

I was always curious about something, where do you guys get your inspiration when composing songs? ARCTURUS has a very special and unique style, both music and lyrics. Is there a special process of creation involved?

"When I first got the preproduction of what was to become ‚Sideshow Symphonies', I could not resist getting drawn into the mood of the songs. My lyrics are personal, but you have to dig through story-layers and read between the lines to get the message. The mood sets the topic, but I set the melody line first in preproduction, this way the words won't crash with the flow."

I bet many people are still curious about what made you guys get back in the ARCTURUS?

"The void grew to big, and the force of our creative gravity pulled us back."

Do you see yourselves still as a band in a few years? What are your plans for this comeback? Do you even have any plans, or it's just something that is happening, and you just go with it?

"The plan is to make another ARCTURUS album."

Is there anything in the past 20 years of ARCTURUS that you would like to change? Is there anything that you would like to do in a different way?


Simen, you are one of the most prolific musician in the metal scene. How do you manage to be involved in all your projects?

"Barely. They are all so different so inspiring in their own way. Music is a way of life for me. Always will."

From all the bands that you currently work with, what is the one that you feel most related to?

"Home base is ICS VORTEX."

There are so many things that need to be said, but unfortunately the time does not permit us. But there will be plenty of opportunity to talk to the guys from the band, in a few days.

I dare to hope that this event will shatter the mundane routine and bring back to life the Metalheads who used to breathe 10-20 years back the glory of a musical genre that has since then transformed into a different entity… as expected. ARCTURUS is part of the Metal history and continues to live, nevertheless!

The 26th of April, 2012