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1. Hello... How is life at the end of this autumn?
We had a very intense and challenging 2010, after the release of our album LLYR we toured a lot all over the world, Mexico, China, all over Europe and Italy and until January the tour will go on, then we will rest a bit and start working on the recording of the new album.

2. What is the latest news concerning your band? Some new tracks, some new members, maybe?
No new members but we do have new tracks ready and some of them will be performed in Bucharest.

3. We will meet in Bucharest soon, only a few days left... What did you prepare for us? What are your expectations relating to the audience?
For this event we prepared a double concert, the first part will be based on atmospheric, tribal and pagan atmospheres mainly taken from our last two albums Llyr and Kremasta Nera, so ethnic percussions, classical guitar and keyboards and vocals of course. The second part will be 35 minutes of the surreal and Dadaist "Paris Spleen" show including both songs from the same album and some new ones that will be included in the following of "Paris Spleen" CD. This second part will be more theatrical and musically very different from the first one.

4. There will be 9 bands performing on this event, including you. What do you know about the rest of them?
We played with Sol Invictus before, in some occasions (Spain and Greece) and we appreciate both the persons and the music. We also know Arcana as we saw them in Italy a couple of times, they are nice persons and good musicians. We love Irfan's music very much; the album "Seraphim" is a masterpiece.

5.What music are you listening to these days? Any new and interesting albums?
We mainly listen to In The Nursery, especially to the albums: "Deco", "Lingua", "An ambush of ghosts" and "Engel". We also listen to Spiritual Front,Valravn and many more. Valravn is a very good discovery!

6. What kind of merchandise are you bringing to Bucharest?
We will bring our last album "Llyr" together with the following releases:"Strange Lights" an acoustic live CD based on piano, classical guitar and vocals with a very beautiful and rich booklet full of live photos of the band; "Arcana Aco", a 164 full color book + CD; "La Malediction d'Ondine" CD; "Nosce te Ispum"CD; "Lost Atlantis" and "Saphir" digitally remastered and re-issued right now (we have received the CDs yesterday); "Concerto n.6"re-issue CD with bonus track;"A Calliope collection" in the rare Chinese edition; "Paris Spleen" and "Kremasta Nera" CDs and Vittorio's solo album "A day of warm rain in heaven".

7. Any important steps for you and your band in 2011? Some new releases, special gigs, maybe?
Of course, we will concentrate on two new releases and many reissues with bonus tracks of older albums. One full-length release will be the following of "Paris Spleen" called "Spasms" and it will include also some covers from Kurt Weill and other cabaret composers. The other shorter release will include more intimate and heavenly songs for classical guitars, keyboards and vocals. The album Suenos, Mon seul desir and Historiae will be reissued. In January we will have two important appointments, In Paris the third Sunday of January and in Modena, Italy, a special solo concert for piano and vocals.

8.What do you think about this financial crises? Despite of this, a lots of bands are playing live, a lot of concerts happening everywhere still...
We need music to be hopeful, creativity and an underground free and courageous spirit are necessary both for new and older generations.

9. What does UNDERGROUND mean to you? Musically speaking.
We started more than 20 years ago so underground is our way of living since all our life, we simply would answer you that underground is not main stream, something needing more effort than a superficial listen, something touching many levels of conscience and art, in short we would prefer to say"ARTistic" than underground, anyway underground is also an attitude of living and creating not only supported by artist but also by promoters, (web)fanzine writers, listeners, designers, a whole artistic concept.

10. Thank you. The final words are yours...
LOVE LIGHT AND STRENGHT, support music as music feeds souls!