Desiderii Marginis

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1. Hello... How is life at the end of this autumn?

Winter, as it is up here, is indeed a highly busy period for me, both personally and professionally. A lot of projects need to be closed before the New Year, several musical projects to work with and I’m also moving to a house in the countryside.

2. What is the latest news concerning your band? Some new tracks, some new members, maybe?

Well, I recently finished the recordings of a new album. During my Christmas holidays I’ll hopefully find the time to master it, and also start working on a suitable artwork for it. I have not decided on a title yet, but I have some ideas. If all goes well, it should be out later this spring.

3. We will meet in Bucharest soon, only a few days left... What did you prepare for us? What are your expectations relating to the audience?

I try not to have expectations on the audience, it’s they who should have expectations on me. Apart from that, it’s my first time in Romania, so hopefully people who have been listening to my music for a while will show up to enjoy the show.

4. There will be 9 bands performing on this event, including you. What do you know about the rest of them?

Some I know very well, some I know, some I’ve heard of and some I’ve never heard of… I’m sure it’ll prove to be a very interesting mixture.

5.What music are you listening to these days? Any new and interesting albums?

Oh, too many to mention really!

6. What kind of merchandise are you bringing to Bucharest?

Just CD’s and Vinyl’s… and of course I’m selling my soul – total clearance sale!

7. Any important steps for you and your band in 2011? Some new releases, special gigs, maybe?

Yes, a new album will probably be out this spring. Apart from that, I’m involved in a couple of brand new exiting projects that will hopefully release music during 2011. I’ll also be setting up a proper recording studio in my new house, something I’ve been missing for the last couple of years.

8. What do you think about this financial crises? Despite of this, a lots of bands are playing live, a lot of concerts happening everywhere still...

I guess bands are playing live because they need the money, more than ever before.

9. What does UNDERGROUND mean to you? Musically speaking.

Underground is such a diluted word nowadays... perhaps it’s more relevant to refer to different creative networks. Underground artists used to have a lot of credibility, but since the main music industry started tapping into that credibility to launch ’underground boybands’. I find the term quite pointless.

10. Thank you. The final words are yours...

I’m really looking forward to the performances in Bucharest. It should be a very pleasant way to welcome new and old friends and say goodbye to 2010.