Dirty Granny Tales

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1. Hello... How is life at the end of this autumn?
We are all busy preparing our new show... we have many things to do, many new tracks, new animations, lots of constructions and lots of dancing and music rehearsals. The rest of the time each of us lives his life and if there is time left, we try to have some fun.

2. What is the latest news concerning your band? Some new tracks, some new members, maybe?
As I mentioned before we are working on our new concept. It seems to be more dark than everything we've done till now. The story is inspired from the life of the twisted serial killer "ED GEIN". Also, we added a new member to our band, a second dancer that will make the performance part more interesting.

3.We will meet in Bucharest soon, only a few days left... What did you prepare for us? What are your expectations relating to the audience?
We can't wait to come to your city and present our work. We'll perform our last show named "Jealous". It describes the love between the writer and the leading lady of his tale, "Didi" and their faction with another character of the tale who is Jealous and envious of their love. Maybe the full show presentation will seem limited because the performance has been built under theatric scene conditions, but we modulated it properly for the KULTURHAUS scene. So we believe and hope for satisfying the audience.

4.There will be 9 bands performing on this event, including you. What do you know about the rest of them?
To be honest I didn't know much about most bands, except from ATARAXIA and SPIRITUAL FRONT who are quite famous in the underground. I made a little research on the rest on the internet and I have to say is that the D.B.E. made great choices.

5. What music are you listening to these days? Any new and interesting albums?
That's a hard question to answer. We have different musical taste but we do have in common all that is dark and atmospheric.

6.What kind of merchandise are you bringing to Bucharest?
We have many things to carry with as (the theatric equipment is kind of huge, that's why we'll not take all of it with us) so I'm not sure if we are able to carry our merchandise. We'll try, and I'll hope we'll manage to bring our two albums.

7. Any important steps for you and your band in 2011? Some new releases, special gigs, maybe?
We have high hopes for the new show. Its opening night is scheduled on March of 2011 in Athens. Also, all the music stuff of our new album is ready and probably will be out in 2011 too. But it's still early to be sure about that.

8. What do you think about this financial crises? Despite of this, a lots of bands are playing live, a lot of concerts happening everywhere still...
Ok, we live "rainy days" and as it's obvious they are going to get rainier. Countries go bankrupt every day. All seems to be a game where someone wins and someone else looses. Only that in this case, some pigs win against the whole planet. But there will be a time when the desperation will surpass the limits and turn into a monster that will swallow everything in front of him. About music and bands... for me music it's like a way out of this shit that surrounds us. We all have the need to express our selves through arts and an audience who wishes to identify with something real.

9. What does UNDERGROUND mean to you? Musically speaking.
When art doesn't transform itself into success formulas, narcissism idols and fake heroic charities... then, this is underground.

10. Thank you. The final words are yours...
Thank you very much for the interview, your invitation to your city it's a big honor for us. We promise a great show!