Dirty Granny Tales

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DIRTY GRANNY TALES don't even need a presentation. They will be playing for the third time in Romania, at KRUNA Marta, on the 31st of March in Brasov. The Greeks will be joining us in an altered and extended line-up and they will be presenting their new show "Rejection". Their performance is recommended to all art lovers, regardless of the kind.

Hello again, guys. We haven't seen each other since Dark Bombastic Evening in 2011. What has been up in your life with all the economical turmoil going on in Greece?

"First, we would like to thank you for inviting us to DBE 3. It was a great experience, a very powerful fest and we feel honored to have been there for the second time... we really enjoyed it!

Greece, as it's already known, passes through a very difficult time in its history and also that makes a negative climate here.

"It's sad that there is an impression that all responsibility belongs to the people here but governments are those who choose our fates and until now we are under the manage of useless self seekers.

The idea of hanging them up to the central square in Athens is pretty appealing and I think would be their only interesting performance.

About us, we don't get disappointed; I could say that we probably covered our most creative period."

Your shows are among the most unique I have ever seen. I am curious how does the creative process develop for Dirty Granny Tales. What is written first? The story? The music? Does the inspiration strike when you witness a dance?

"Until now we've been writing the music first, so, under the sense of this music we could imagine the scenario that suits the atmosphere. After that, we design the characters, make the puppets plus their costumes and of course the choreography."

The show you performed at DBE 3 could have been compared with a play on musical notes. Since theatre is such a strong influence of your artistic expression, what play writers left a mark upon your egos?

"Maybe it will sound strange, but we are not inspired from theatric plays so much. We are mostly inspired from cinema. Film directors like Guillermo Del Toro, Tim Burton, Clive Barker, Svankmajer, we've been helped subconsciously from their movies."

You have a new show entitled "Rejection" which you have been performing throughout Greece. What is it about? Will you be performing it at Kruna this time?

"Yes, this is our new show, and this is the one we'll perform on March at Kruna. It's a show based to the biography of the famous serial killer Ed Gein."

Will we see a line-up change with this new show?

"You've seen us on stage with 4 musicians, one puppet player (Dimitris Stamou) and a dancer (Erifyli Dafermou). The same 4 musicians will be on stage at Kruna, the other 2 will be replaced by 3 dancers, who dance and use the puppets too. But still, the choreography and the puppet are made by Eryfili and Dimitris."

Considering the fact that KRUNA Marta will be hosted in a theatre-like venue, do you consider that your show will be better integrated and will enjoy a better flowing?

"A theater absolutely suits better our needs. A flexible theater including the time for the proportional preparation (rehearsals on the venue, stage lighting design etc) makes the best result. But we saw in times, that even with less time and smaller venues we can fit the show there finding creative solutions without debasing  the show."

What would your ideal stage look like?

"Our first performance was on 2006 in a small theater that looked like a cave. The venue had the atmosphere we needed just by itself. I mean that the ideal for us would be a real cave, an old castle or an abandoned building. But it sounds utopist. We would need lots of equipment that wouldn't probably have a place like this especially out of our country. So, to be realistic, we are mostly made for theaters.

For me actually, music live stages, same like those on DBE, supports the show very well. Maybe the visual part is not the same like a theater, but the energy that shared with the audience is incomparable."

Do you improvise on stage, or do you follow a strict line when considering expression live?

"Choreography is standard. Musicians' moves are more spontaneous but based to the role each one have. That's why the time we have before the show, we try to get concentrated and feel the role we have to play."

Are you in the process of developing something new?

"Actually, we are always in this process, we never rest. It takes a lot of time to prepare a new show, so we always must build up to what comes next."

I always like to ask artists, if they had to choose a label for their music, what would that be?

"I think I would also like to be able and give a label to our music too, it would help to the description for sure but unfortunately it can't be described with one word. So, in my point of view, the less words I could use for that is: Dark Ironic Tales with acoustic instruments."

What have you come across recently music-wise that you have particularly enjoyed?

"I use to find on YouTube interesting bands but my memory doesn't keep easy names of them. I recently listen to the music from some Cirque Du Soleil shows like Varekai, Corteo, Ka Kai and others. I can't say for the other members, but any dark atmospheric melodies are common taste for all of us."

You have visited Romania before and made an impression of it so far. What did you like the best and what would you like to re-experience?

"First thing I must say about Romania is the audience. Very warm people, it make us feel very familiar with you.

This time we want to share again those strong moments of the show with  you, to see  the  friends we have there that we missed, you are one of them, Doru, and to spend  a couple of days to the beautiful Brasov."

Thank you for answering and see you soon.

"Thank you also for the interview, see you there."

March, 2012