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A new band, a new name on the Gothic Metal Scene... We will see if the future of this band will bring the success!

   Hi there and may I found you in a proper state of mind for communication. How do you manage to get along these days?

    "Just great. After all our debut album has got lot of attention and we've had few great promo gigs."

Your "Modus Operandi" album was a big surprise for my tastes. I don't know if you recall but you sent me "Forever Autumn" demo MCD three years ago. Honestly, I have no see more changes in the sound... Just the normal voice is more mature and lower... What do you think about evolution of your music in the last three years?

    "We've gone trough an evolution that has merely changed us as persons and it might not be heard directly from our music. Like you already said the music we produce hasn't changed lot since the early years when our first EP's was recorded and we decided to include some of those songs also to Modus Operandi-album, like As Mist Descends and To Forgive. If you listen to M.O. it is quite hard to hear which one of those songs are the older ones and which ones are the newest ones."

You started as an instrumental team (1994) and you released the first demo, "Descending Mist" (1998). After Jyri was contacted, you released MCD up-mentioned (1999), and the first release on a label, "Planeteer"EP on SOUND RIOT, in 2000. A very short discography for a band with such great sound, don't you think? Other bands have already two or three full-albums in the same period of time...

    "Like others, we have lots of songs already composed but only few of those have been recorded yet and so that might the explanation to such a short discography. MCD's and EP's are recorded only because we had to have those songs on tape to continue making more songs. Few songs that describes our band and music the most were chosen to be recorded and then we tried to haunt a recording deal and start to gather a full-length album with a financial help of the label. It goes like this in Divercia and I think we've haven't lost anything by having so few records."

HIM, SENTENCED, SONATA ARCTICA, NIGHTWISH are just a few Finnish bands with the same sound as yours. It's a matter of trend, maybe? Have you inspired by them? How would you define your music? Dark Gothic Progressive Melodic Heavy Metal are just a few connections, am I right?

    "Yes, the words you already mentioned are much the same as I would have said but the terms to describe our band and music would be something like; fast, melodic dark metal with a bit of progressive touch. But this is only my opinion of it and of course every listener has their own. We've been inspired by lots of different things including those band you mentioned. The list of all bands that have affected to our doings would be easily ten times longer than this but when speaking about the bands that have influenced us the most the list would be as follows Danzig, Dimmu Borgir, Judas Priest, Katatonia, Dream Theater and Stratovarius."

LOST IN TWILGHT was the first name for the band. DIVERCIA is a word with more resonance and with impact for the listener. But what means it? Diverse and Diversity in a "divercian" language maybe (he, he)? Why did you change the name?

    "The name change was considered over a year and just before signing a new deal we decided that now would be the correct time to do that. There was nothing special deal in name change like pressure from label or any other things related to Hammerheart Records. It was purely a product of our weird mind flow. Divercia is modified from the English words diverse and diversity but we wanted to have a name that doesn't directly mean anything. The main reason why we ended up to choose the name Divercia was to have a name that describes our music and members better than the former one and I think this is the name for us cause we are quite different between each other and our music is a combination of many different styles and types of music."

I found out rumours that you have received first other offer, before Hammerheart, but they not keep the word and you also lost some money. It's true? Please, give me a correct explanation...

    "We had a deal with a Portuguese label and from the first day we were on a different level with those guys and the last drop was by the time we were recording M.O. and they announced that they were having financial difficulties. We decided to buy the master tape and pay the whole bill and hoped that someone would buy it afterwards. We're glad that all happened like it was planned, cause Hammerheart records was one of the few labels that offered to pay the price of the master and release it under a short period of time without any harm to us. One thing that have to be corrected is that we didn't lose any money after all it was a situation that just can't be recommended to anyone cause selling all your personal property and invest it to a DAT doesn't sound very reasonable..."

"Modus Operandi" is a very strange name and I understood you choose it because you read "Obsession" book... Do you feel fascinated by profilers, by psyches of killers, horror movies/books?

    "We sure are interested in everything that swerves from the path of virtue and the book 'Obsession' truly was a piece of work that contained a lot of highly condemnable and distressing things. These were apparently the reasons why we wrote a song and name the whole album by that."

Please try to describe me the lyrics of the tracks... "Transylvanian", hmmm, are you studying the vampires' themes? Transylvania is a region from Romania, not from Finland... So, I don't see the connection... Or is DIVERCIA's concept a European one?

    "Actually we don't consider our songs connected that much to a certain region. Jyri would be the correct guy to explain the idea of the lyrics to Transylvanian [love]. I guess it was all about a man who couldn't find a peace of mind until he was dead. After passing away he was woken up by some voodoo spirit and he became a henchman, dressed as a clown (the cover of the album is inspired by this song). That's all I can tell."

  Your clean vocals were added with a few growls parts, in the last two tracks. Why? It seems to be a cliché for the most Metal bands today... When will you add female ones?

    "Like many other bands, we also wanted to add some growls to our songs. It might be a cliché nowadays but we consider it to be as a contrast to those clean vocals we're normally having and it is J's way to strength the parts that need to be brought up. In the early years when we were still an instrumental band, we considered to add female vocals to the line up. But since J joined the band, there hasn't been any discussion about that matter. But never say never!"

In my review regarding your album I wrote that DIVERCIA is the reaction to NIGHTWISH but in a male version, what do you think? How would it look like in studio/live Jyri besides Tarja, with the DIVERCIA members? What about NIGHTWISH formula?

    "We don't compare us to Nightwish 'cause we are after all quite different between each other. But I must admit that that band like many other great artists has influenced us and we've always wanted to add those similar kinds of feelings to our own songs. Not as a rip off but it is our way to respect those bands."

Please offer me a few details about your members: hobbies, musical preferences...

    "We all watch lot of movies and read books. Some of us are studying music in an institution and we try to handle the transportation to gigs by using motorcycles. Like I already mentioned, we are quite different between each other and that stands also when speaking about our music taste. It varies all from Dimmu to RHCP and Katatonia to Helloween, so the rage is quite wide."

The age of all members is around 25 old years. How does the future looks like at this age? Your goals? Dreams? Musical and not only...

    "Yes, I'm the youngest one and it ain't the age that bring us down some day 'cause we still 13 years when talking of our minds. Anyway it's hard to estimate the future, but now we are living times when our debut album has been released and we are excited about it. Few brand new song are composed and we're having a great time promoting the M.O., so I think we keep on doing this as long as it feels good..."

DENIGRATE is a Finnish band with perspective, I guess. What can you tell me about the Metal scene? It's an evolution of sort? More and more atmospheric bands... no brutality, only keyboards and rhythms...

    "The scene in Finland is quite small but known pretty well abroad I guess. I've faced to many questions why Finnish heavy has such a unique sound and songs have same kind of structures and similarities. This is a question that I just don't have any good or much less a correct answer. One thing that might be a reason to this is our geological position here in far north. Well now you think that I went nuts and started to share bullshit but I still think that living in a country like Finland that is quite isolated from other European countries, the Finnish bands might not have been that influenced by other bands or music than for example bands from Germany or US. So we've been forced... kind of forced to construct our own sound and style that reflects our country and people and so on. The truth is that I hell don't know... Denigrate, fuck yeah! We've had a chance to play with those guys few times and we've had so great time that you just can't describe by using words, U just have to experience it."

Is it a difference of any kind in the sound and the image between DIVERCIA in studio and on the stage?

    "Well we've composed our songs so that the sound would be very close as on a record, but there's always some parts that has to be left away. The feeling is the most important thing when performing live and there's always some leads, solos, etc. that rich up and colorize our gigs."

 I like the site and the artwork of www.divercia.com . Is it helpful for DIVERCIA to have a site; in which way?

    "The site is great and we are really grateful for that to our designer Kristian who've done excellent job taking care of all the artwork we're presenting on our album-cover, shirts, posters and so on. We have had lot of contacts and comments via net and that is the most important thing. Secondarily it is quite cheap way to advertise and promote your doings. So the answer is absolutely YES, it really is important to us."

OK. Thanks for the interview and good luck on gigs! Vaya con Diablos, my friend...

    "Thanks a lot for this and try to keep the lights on, so it won't get too dark..."

September, 2002.