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A major event is announced for the evening of February 9th, in Bucuresti. A metal festival will be taking place, having FROZEN DUSK, AMORPHIS and HAGGARD as guests. As there is no time for detailed interviews, I have held forth the same set of blitz questions for each band, in order to contour an official presentation draft.

1. What are your expectations regarding this concert? There will be more than 1000 fans present. Are you going to bring some merchandising items like CDs, T-shirts...? What do you know about Artmania Festival?

Hello. I think that the crowd will enjoy our show even if it is a 35 minute one. I am anxious to see how they will react to our new songs, because we will play just two or three of the old ones. So far, we had very good feedback from the people that heard the new stuff from our 2008 demo called "The Blindfold Cabaret". I don't know yet if we are going to have any merchandise.
Artmania is one of the most important festivals in Romania, one that gave everyone the opportunity to see many important bands. We didn't have the chance to play there but I really hope in the next future to be able to do so.

2. What do you know about the bands you're going to perform along with?

I've been listening to Amorphis for some time now... I like their Tuonela, Elegy and Tales From the Thousand Lakes albums. Back then I was imagining, while listening to their songs that I was playing on the same stage with them.... and now it seems that my fantasy will come true.
I also like Haggard. I loved their Awaking the Gods live DVD. It is very interesting to see 16 people performing live with both classical and modern instruments.

3. Please point out some aspects regarding your band, including the latest news that should be made known to the metal fans from Romania.

We have just finished recording a new demo CD. The songs from this demo will also be on our first album. I don't know when we are going to release it. At the moment we are talking about a contract with three different companies; Two from Finland and one from the USA.
The new songs can be listened on our web sites: and
We are also going to continue playing in Bucharest clubs and as well as that, in the rest of the country. Besides this particular concert, we will be concentrating on writing and arranging new songs.

4. What is going to be the line-up for the 9th of February performance? Share some words about each member of the band (hobbies, activities, normal day life, musical preferences...).

The band line up is: Adina Bajenica-vocals, Stefan Mustata-guitars, Felix Diac-bass and Marcel Moldovan-drums.

Adina works very hard for both the band and The Opera. She is always searching for new ways to improve her singing technique. Beside music she love's Disney, books and traveling. She loves Maria Callas, Enya, Secret Garden, Cecilia Bartoli, Tarja Turunen Tchaikovsky, and Bruce Dickinson ...etc.

Felix is passionate about vines and mythology, especially Romanian mythology. He is a future architect. He will do the plans for the perfect rehearsal room and for the perfect concert hall J. Musically he is into more aggressive stuff such as Slayer, Dimmu Borgir but he also likes bands like Tool. He is a big fan of Hans Zimmer.

Marcel is the most passionate drummer I have ever met. He always practices. I think practice is his hobby!!! He is into artists like Marcus Miller, Dream Theater, Audioslave, Sting and Tayfa. He is also a good song arranger. Sometimes he helps me a lot with the arranging of the songs.

Me... hmmm... usually I like to stay in doors and concentrate on the songs and lyrics. I like traveling very much... I enjoy very much Danny Elfaman, Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Muse, Evanescence, Edguy, Iron Maiden, In Flames, Linkin Park. I also like a lot movies (especially Tim Burton's) and books. I am a big fan of Hermann Hesse.

5. Are there any other musical projects in which the members of your band are involved? Please detail...

Right now Adina is preparing for her roles in two opera performances: Evgeni Onegin and La Cenerentola. Beside Frozen Dusk, Marcel is also playing with the Romanian band called Talisman.

6. Tell me about the way you perceive the current Metal scene: is it more valuable than the one back 15 years ago?

I think that the rock-metal scene is on a very good track. There are many concerts, festivals, and many foreign bands are coming to play here. I can't tell you very much about the scene 15 years ago, because back then I was a little child, but from what I heard is much better now and I think it will get better because the people from the entertainment companies finally realized that music and especially rock music can be a very good business.

7. What are your favourite albums? Name some of the new releases that have truly impressed you.

Well I was truly impressed by the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 "At the World's End" soundtrack. Hans Zimmer went crazy with the orchestration and the unconventional instruments... It really blew me away. I also liked very much the Sweeney Todd Soundtrack, Linkin Park's 2 Minutes to Midnight and Tarja Turunen's My Winter Storm.

8. A final thought, a message towards the participants...

Thank you Doru and I hope to see everyone at the concert. Take care everybody!!! And don't forget to check out

January 2008.