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Hello again, guys! We haven't seen you since 2011, when you first performed in Romania, in Cluj Napoca. What are your impressions about your last performance, more than a year ago? 

Hello! I remember that night. The people that helped us arrange the show and everyone who came out to support us were all so wonderful. We had a great time. I just wish we had some more time off to explore Romania.  

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You've been touring first in US, now in Europe, since your last album was released. How is it for you, as a Japanese band, to come and play on diferent continents, with different cultures?

It's a beautiful experience to play music on different continents and feel no disconnect between us and the audience. This is the universal language of music. I think music (and many other art forms) is a bridge that allows this connection. We're all in a room sharing the energy of a song, and in that space we remember that all humans derive from the same source.  

Was it tiresome to be on the roads for that long, or are you in for traveling and exploring new places?

We do love exploring new places and meeting people. But this past tour was especially long so we were all pretty tired by the time we returned to Japan for our break. We're very thankful to all the people who came out to the shows and it was worth every minute. 

Do you have any favorite place you've been this tour, or any special moment you would like to share with us, maybe?

Well, as usual we didn't have very many days off during the tour, so we basically are on the road everyday. We're just happy to see our friends before and after the show. These are probably the best moments - even if it's short, it still makes our day to reconnect with them. We live so far away so we really cherish the little time we have together.  

Tell us more about your latest album, "For My Parents". What was the general feedback you have about it?

I knew that the reception would be mixed, but I wanted to create something freely and somewhat impulsively for this album without worrying about the outcome. 

We hope to leave enough space for our listeners to interpret the music however they choose. But the story behind "For My Parents" came from the understanding that we all eventually lose the ones that made us.  It's the way of nature. How do you stand by the one that created you? How do you stand next to your home, the place that created you? For this album, we went back to our roots. It's something that we wanted to do while we still had the chance. 

Nostalgia or melancholia are two of the most used adjective when it comes to describe this new album. When you look back to your childhood, do you feel nostalgic or are there any other emotions you recollect?

I think the earthquake and tsunami in Japan unexpectedly stirred up emotions about our homeland and families. It made us think about how fleeting, and sometimes fragile, moments can be.  So in some ways, our new album, "For My Parents" was inspired by all the energy circulating around at that time

You have released a video for one of the new songs, "Legend", with beautiful sceneries from Iceland. Are you pleased with how it looks like? Do you think your music can be better perceived if it's listened in solitude and in a natural environment? 

Yes, Henry Jun Wah Lee / Evosia, the filmmaker, approached us with the idea of Iceland.  We were excited to collaborate because he is very talented and Iceland is one of the most mythical places on earth.  The footage that he captured reminds me that beautiful places still exist, untouched by man or time.  The land, clouds, and formations overflow with an otherworldly spirit.

Let's talk a bit about the concert to come in February, in Timisoara. What should the audience expect?

We're looking forward to playing our new songs and hopefully putting on a good show for everyone. It may trigger a dream you had, something you regret, reaching for joy through a moment of sadness, or something spiritual that cannot be explained. For me, instrumental music creates the energy that helps me confront these emotions. 



Dirk is a kind of legend in underground, he released more than 100 albums. How you decided to have this guy in your previous tour and also in an upcoming one? Do you consider his music cand ba complementary with yours for the audience?

Yes, I do think his music creates a nice balance with ours. I can feel a similar lightness and darkness in his songs. We met each other through friends and we toured together. He is one of my favorite artists and now good friend. 

Will you bring some merch with you in Romania? 

Yes, lots of new merch! 

A month after your concert in Timisoara, you will return for a second concert to Bucharest. Are you pleased for having the chance to see more than one place in Romania, this time, and also for giving the public the opportunity to see you on stage two times? 

Yes, we are absolutely excited. We already feel so lucky and thankful to share our music with far away places, but always wish we had the chance to explore more. To be able to see more of Romania this time is going to be a real treat.

What new bands and albums are you listening now? 

Unfortunately, we haven't had much of a chance to explore new music. We listen to the same artists…Beethoven, Led Zeppelin, and 70s rock.

Thank you for the interview, see you in February.

Thank you !