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One of the most remarkable bands on the American Metal scene came to an unexpected and sudden end, although the start was a very promising one. Many things happened during those almost 20 years and here it came the time for us to find out about a new version of what once were NOCTURNUS name. The interviewee is no other but Mike Browning, a gifted drummer, who, even if he had the luck of playing in many famous bands, is actually a man of some kind of misfortune. At least this is my interpretation! Before we start the discussion, I actually would like for you to read the introductory word Mike published on the CD he recently released at Karmageddon, The NOCTURNUS Demos, which is a collection of tracks already featured on the legendary demos released 15 years ago.

The story of NOCTURNUS by Mike Browning.

   "This is the story of NOCTURNUS and of how I created and formed the band. I was first in MORBID ANGEL from 1982 - 1986. After recording the first Morbid Angel LP "Abominations of Desolation" in early 1986, the band split in half. I being the Drummer/Vocalist, and Sterling Von Scarborough / Bass, left and found guitarist Gino Marino and in three short months the INCUBUS "God Died on His Knees" demo was recorded in early 1987. Shortly after the recording, INCUBUS broke up lasting less than eight months.

   I then decided it was time to come up with my own idea for a band. One of my favorite bands at the time was SLAYER and their legendary "HELL AWAITS" LP was out at that time. I really liked the line "Nocturnal Spectre hiding from the light" from the song "At Dawn They Sleep" on this album, but I didn't want to use that name exactly. I got out a dictionary and saw that the Latin form of the word nocturnal was NOCTURNUS which has occult significance so I decided to call my new band NOCTURNUS.

I got in touch with Bassist Richard Bateman (who had just quit AGENT STEEL) and two songs were written: NOCTURNUS and B.C./A.D. After writing these two songs with only bass, drums and vocals, Gino Marino rejoined with me again and more songs were written.
Another friend of mine Vincent Crowley had just broke up with his band ENTITY and was asked to join NOCTURNUS also on guitar. Once Vince joined all his old songs were re-written and also put on the NOCTURNUS song list!
I had a friend that had an 8-track reel to reel studio in his house, so NOCTURNUS took four songs and entered the studio and recorded the first NOCTURNUS Demo, which was self titled. A couple of months went by and Vince quit NOCTURNUS to again start his own band which became ACHERON.
Right after that Richard Bateman left NOCTURNUS to join NASTY SAVAGE.
Gino and I then recruited Mike Davis (Gino's cousin) on guitar and Davis ' friend Jeff Estes also joined replacing Bateman on Bass.

   In June of 1988 NOCTURNUS was reborn with a new logo and outlook. A couple of months went by and some new songs were written and the band was planning on entering a studio by Halloween of 1988. While preparing the songs for recording Davis and Estes mentioned they had a friend that played keyboards and that we should get him to write some intros for this upcoming demo. In September Louis Panzer brought his keyboard to our warehouse and played an intro and we went right in to B.C. /A.D. While we were jamming Lou started to play along with us and we all thought that this sounded like nothing else out there, so we decided to make Lou a permanent member literally weeks before the demo was recorded.

   A long time friend of mine Jon Oliva who then was the singer for SAVATAGE was in a studio doing some pre-production demos for the next Savatage LP and asked me if the band would be interested in coming in the studio and recording a demo with Mr. Oliva at the helm. The timing of the universe was perfect and NOCTURNUS entered the studio in October to record the legendary "THE SCIENCE OF HORROR" demo, Jon even ended up singing back-ups on the demo as well as producing it. I came up with the title "The Science of Horror" and put the whole package together and began selling this demo and t-shirts which eventually led to the band signing a record deal with EARACHE RECORDS and releasing our debut CD "THE KEY".

   After the release of two demos and two full length CD's, three of the band members, Panzer, Mc Nenney, and Davis trademarked the name behind my back in 1992 and then fired me from my own band that I started. NOCTURNUS only lasted a few months before breaking up completely after that."

   Hi, Kormos and welcome my magazine realm! There are very few to know you do have Romanian blood in your veins and that this is the name of your origin. How come that you have never visited my country? Could it be outlined or assumed any connection between all the occult elements that preoccupy your mind and your mother?

   "Yes, my mom is into Witchcraft and because of that type of upbringing I was interested in the occult from a very early age! Both of my great grandparents on my mothers side were from Romania somewhere around Budapest (upssss-this is Hungary , my friend!-ED) I believe. I really wanted to play in Romania when we were touring with NOCTURNUS, but we never got the chance! My great grandmother's last name was Kormos and we always called our families affairs the Kormos Curse!!!"

   As you could read my personal regards towards your luck, you'd noticed I considered you not that lucky since you actually played in two remarkable bands (MORBID ANGEL and NOCTURNUS) but enjoyed such for less than five years in each. Moreover, in the past 10 years, you actually entered a darkened corner and there were few to know of your existence and activity. Do you think I am wrong in what I said so far? I simply don't think the lady of fortune smiled towards you too often...

   "Well, it depends on what you consider luck!!! I could still be playing in these bands with people I hate that stabbed me in the back or I could be where I am now owning my own house and 3 cars and a fantastic girlfriend that we both play Music together with and having sex with every night, so none of that would have happened if things didn't turn out the way they did. Actually, I have a nicer house and make lots of money, probably more than any of these other people do in those bands! I know I have a better house than the guys in Morbid Angel do!"

   How do you feel knowing that something of your creation doesn't belong to you anymore and moreover doesn't exist any more!? Is it hatred, sadness, disappointment or indifference? The birth of NOCTURNUS is completely your merit and now you don't even have the right of using this name...

   "Yes, the way it happened was terrible and I feel all of those things but like I said, now I don't have to associate with people like that that are greedy backstabbers! I think they really ruined the name and by attaching themselves to the name NOCTURNUS they were forever going to have to come up with a better album than The Key, which of course they never will!"

   Although you were a fundamental member of MORBID ANGEL, today you don't have too many contacts with the rest of the members not to say they actually keep the distance. Is it a rock-star problem/issue or the world is simply under a perpetual change to which you refuse to get involved in?

   "I would say more the rock star attitude that Trey and David Vincent have, I am sure most people know about David Vincent now going by Evil D, the bisexual bass player in the Genitorturers and all you have to do is read any interview by Trey to see how stuck on himself he is, maybe that's why he writes all the songs and doesn't let the other members in his band write stuff! And hasn't Trey gone through quite a few members too!"

   What pleasant memories do you think might connect you to this band and tell me, are there any funny moments (in studio or live) that you remember now? What was the real reason you left the band?

   "The best thing was the fact that back then we were a real Occult band and did real rituals as a band, now Morbid Angel is like a business corporation, they are a fantastic band no doubt, but if I had stayed in Morbid the band would be more like a Slayer style than fast death metal. The real reason of my leaving Morbid was because I caught Trey with my girlfriend and beat his ass and that was the end of me being in Morbid Angel! That's why it doesn't bother me not having to associate with people that have done bad things to me!"

   Do you like what they perform now? Don't you think that Necronomicon, once worshipped has now nothing to do with their actual musical concept?

   "I think they are getting back to that style, but I know that David was never really into anything but being a showman, he was never really serious about the Occult and I can't even tell you where Trey's head is at now, but have you ever talked to Pete about the Occult, he doesn't know a thing either about what his band is about, although he is a great drummer."

   INCUBUS was an experience that never had the chance to last. Tell me what do you think it went that wrong? At least... as far as you are concerned...

   "Actually, that time it was Sterling and Gino that had got into a fight when they were drunk and Gino quit the band and so I quit too and decided it was time to form my own band which was NOCTURNUS."

   I understood Sterling actually tried to reinforce INCUBUS under a different title, USURPER... but I know nothing about it now... Tell me, do you know more?

   "I only heard a tape that was supposed to be the Usurper demo, but the sound quality was so bad I really couldn't tell what was going on, but it sounded like the same songs rewritten."

   NOCTURNUS has started the road in a promising formula but, right after the first demo, there were left only two (you and Gino Marino). Vince didn't get along with Gino and thus has decided to follow his impulses with ACHERON, Richard left for NASTY SAVAGE, while Gino's cousin was called to join you. After that, the story is that Jeff was Mike's friend while Lou was invited as friend of both to perform the keyboard for some intros and thus is ready the second demo. What was bad in the previous formula?

   "You got the story right, but as far as the first line up Richard quit to join Nasty Savage who was huge at that time and we were a new band, so Richard thought he was going to be rich and laughed at us and said he was going to join a real band, well you know that wasn't how it ended up, because NOCTURNUS became bigger than Nasty Savage and then Richard got mad and said we used his songs, but in reality when he quit he said we could keep all the parts he wrote because he figured he wouldn't need them being in Nasty Savage and Vince just didn't get along with Gino ever, so he wanted to form his own band which I can't blame him for wanting that!"

   Your friendship with Jon Oliva (SAVATAGE) has lead to such professional outcome for this very demo and also got finally concrete throughout a contract with Earache. Do you keep in touch with Jon? What is he doing nowadays?

   "Jon is still a good friend of mine, every time I see him out we talk about the old days and the recording of that demo! Jon is a great person and a maniac! He still has Savatage and another side band called DR. Butcher which is really good metal in the vein of old Savatage and of course he does the Trans Siberean Orchestra which has sold millions of copies, so he is doing really well!"

   I understood Gino had some problems with the law and thus... you are the only one left in the initial structure of the band. I think the real origin of the band started to fail... first you, Vince and then Richard and now Gino followed... Am I wrong?

   "I think once I was gone NOCTURNUS wasn't the same, if that's what you mean, but NOCTURNUS only stayed together about 6 months after they fired me. I have never been in jail and I don't drink and make an asshole out of myself and I don't try to start fights with everybody, which was the case with most of the other members, except Vince who just got tired of Gino, he was a very hard person to get along with and still is that way, that's why he has never made it on a real record and only on played on demos."

   Was the contract with Earache a good one? I understood that the debut, The Key, was sold in more than 70,000 samples. Have you gained some good money for such?

   "The contract was not that good because we didn't really have a lawyer look at it and we signed away the rights to the songs, so because of that and the fact that we also got a lot of money for tour support on The Key, we never actually made any money off of the record sales because it all went back to the label to pay for our tour expenses."

   It happened that it was the last material in which you could punctually express your viewpoint both as music and lyrics. As far as Thresholds was concerned, you were nothing but just a pawn, right?

   "By that time everything we did was voted on, so they wanted a singer and I was outvoted, they wanted to change the lyrics from the occult to sci-fi and I was outvoted, basically all they cared about was trying to make money off the name, so by the time I was fired from the band I was actually happy to not have to play with those people anymore and I was glad to join Acheron which was a true Occult band. My interests are the Occult and I wasn't into singing about army men jumping out of airplanes like what the lyrics were about on Thresholds."

   The tricky issue was that you actually were both the drummer and the vocal. Have you experienced many pressure-situations when one or another asked you to give up the vocals in his favor? It would probably have been for the best both as a scenic effect and for showbiz. Isn't it a similar scenario as in MORBID ANGEL case? Haven't you ever been reproached not to have performed vocals in an appropriate manner because of the drums?

   "Of course, although I never had a problem singing and playing drums, we did a European and an American tour for The Key and thousands of people saw me sing and play with no problem whatsoever and actually in Morbid Angel it was never an issue at all, only in NOCTURNUS was it an issue because the other band members were jealous of me getting all the attention and writing all the lyrics, but as you can see Thresholds was not a success, it sold about 25,000, whereas The Key sold over 70,000 and people actually were always asking me why I quit singing because they really liked my vocals and lyrics, so getting a singer and changing the lyrics was what actually ruined NOCTURNUS."

   I remember Chris/AUTOPSY used to do both in such great manner! Did you take any other examples?

   "I never knew about Autopsy until after I recorded The Key, I was singing and playing drums since the early eighties, which was before Autopsy was ever even a band. But I think Exciter had a singing drummer too if I am not mistaken."

   You had some serious gigs, including Europe. How were they? What can you tell me about them? Tell me, how different was the European public from the American one?

   "Yes, we did a great tour with Bolthrower and played a lot of pretty big shows and an American tour with Napalm Death and Godflesh. All The Key tours we did were really crowded shows with lots of people that really liked the band and when we did the Thresholds tour there were a lot of really small shows and not very good turnouts. I think definitely that the European crowds were a lot more into the music and the bands themselves."

   The second album was sold at half of the samples of the first. Do you think a fundamental reason and explanation would be the fact you were not "the creator"? Or could it be the fact that those who bought the first were disappointed and didn't risk with the second...?!

   "People really liked The Key, so I know that wasn't the problem and on the Thresholds tour, every single night lots of people would come up to me and ask why wasn't I singing and they would all comment that it would have been better with me still on vocals. But Thresholds only sold about 1/3 of what The Key did so you do the math!"

   I find absolutely mean and despicable the way your colleagues worked you at your back. You said that Lou's envy might have been a good reason. They claimed you were not up to their actual standards. In fact what happened? Can you make light inside of such topic?

   "Well, Lou wanted control over the band and did whatever he could to try to get it! And like I said by the time they fired me I actually hated everybody in that band and was very uninterested in even playing with them anyway, so at the time I was glad to be away from them. But lots of people have seen me play on tour and I have lots of bootleg tapes and videos and they all look and sound fine to me, in fact most of the stuff I even played faster live and sang and pulled it off live in front of lots of people many times! So you can make your own conclusions on that one!"

   Are you aware of the fact that NOCTURNUS was labeled as the first Metal band that enriched the sound by introducing keyboard? This is not the truth but the fans still think so. What do you think about that? Well, otherwise, your style was defined as Technical Death Metal.

   "I have been listening to bands with keyboards since way before I ever even started NOCTURNUS, I guess we were just one of the first Death Metal type bands, but I think we had basically become a Technical Death Metal band and that's not really the direction I wanted to take NOCTURNUS, I wanted to stay a bit slower and more atmospheric and Evil! But when you have new members they bring in their ideas and then the band starts to change".

   ATHEIST and CYNIC were bands much closer, as far as musical direction was concerned, to what you did than DEATH or CANNIBAL CORPSE. Tell me, how do you see now the music they played years ago?

   "Atheist and Cynic were fantastic bands! We used to play a lot of shows with Atheist and there may be a new Atheist out one day I know Kelly has talked about the possibility. But I think our style was more similar to those types of bands for sure."

   Have you been present at Chuck's funeral? What importance do you think he had for the American Death Metal scene?

   "I didn't go to his funeral, but I think Chuck was a very talented musician and he was always very nice to me and it really was a shame that he died, but at least he left some fantastic music behind, he was no doubt one of the best songwriters in Metal! And Death never used a blast beat or played super fast, but they got the respect of all Metal crowds!"

   You participated beside Vince in ACHERON for a good time...just that at a certain moment you decided your job was more important than else. Right? Or was it because you experienced some conflicts?

   "No conflicts, it was my job. I had quit my job for NOCTURNUS after over 7 years of working there and after the band broke up I got my job back and still have it now! But Vince wanted to tour Europe for only about a month with no money guarantee and I wasn't about to give up my life and job here for nothing, so I told Vince he needed to find someone for touring and if he wanted I would still record for him, but the tour fell through anyway after I had left. I like to play Music but I am not worried about making money from it, that's why I work and then I can play Music still whenever I want and with who I want!"

   I understood you joined modern trends and that you listen to DIMMU or CRADLE. Have you really given up MERCYFUL FATE or ANGELWITCH? To be frank, I find hard to believe you don't listen to Melissa or Don't Break The Oath... anymore. Tell me, what have you been listening to lately?

   "I actually just bought an Angelwitch video off EBay a couple of days ago, so believe me my favorite stuff is still the old style, but that doesn't mean I can't like new bands either, I like Dimmu a lot and Cradle is OK and I just bought the new King Diamond and saw him play about 2 weeks ago! I listen to all kinds of Music but mainly anything Evil!"

   In 1999, you have decided to bring back NOCTURNUS under a different name, NOCTURNUS A.D., but you've been warned by Lou as huge inconveniences would arise for you if using the same name or a similar one. Where from such hate? Tell me what happened?

   "When I reformed NOCTURNUS in 1999 it was the 3 original members, me and Richard and Gino, so of course we wanted to call it NOCTURNUS which it really was the first real line up and then I got a letter from Lou and his lawyer stating that he now owned the name and that I would be sued if I didn't stop using his name, so in spite I was going to call the band NOCTURNUS A.D., but when Gino and Richard got into a fight at my house where we practice and Gino quit then I decided to drop the whole NOCTURNUS thing and just use the A.D. or After Death."

   Little by little, we reached the present days and AFTER DEATH, your musical project, which actually might be a NOCTURNUS follow up. How would it be like if we talked..., after some years, that you had been kicked out from this band as well? What would you say about such?

   "Well that won't happen because I have already trademarked the name right away, I will not make that mistake again!"

   Well, you, Richard and Gino started all over again in 1999 and the only one missing from the initial formula, Vince, was replaced by Mike Walkowski. What was the feeling to get and see you all together again?

   "It was pretty cool at first but then the same problems from years ago popped up again immediately, so you can say that for some people things will never change! I wanted to find a keyboard player too and actually started working in the Theremin into some songs and intros, so I was definitely thinking it to be a continuation of what I had wanted to do with NOCTURNUS back then and never got the chance to."

   Gino's problems determined you to replace him with Scott Wallin and thus you recorded a 4EP song, which was never released. I've heard rumors that you didn't get along with Guido/Karmageddon over the price for the studio...and then...when the man behind the studio heard your lyrics he refused collaboration because of Satanist music... And so on... What is the truth? What happened?

   "All that is true, we had a 1500 dollar budget for the EP and we spent 1000 on recording and when I was doing my vocals the guy that owned the studio and his wife totally freaked out on my lyrics, especially the line in Jesus Will Weep Again that says 'I am the maggot that infests the brain of Christ'!!! That was the one that did it that freaked them out and so they kicked us out of the studio. So we had 10 CD's of recorded tracks and had to go into a new studio and put it all back together and then finish recording and mixing and so that cost another 2000 dollars and by the time we were done we had a 3000 dollar bill and only 1000 was paid, so Hammerheart didn't want to pay for the rest so we made an agreement with Hammerheart to just drop the whole thing and we paid the rest of the studio bill and kept the EP, but never released it."

   During the years, there were some other members as well, such as: Chris Farmer, Todd Williams or Bryan Hipp. Are you that difficult in personality so that people cannot bear your presence? Where from such fluctuation?

   "No, I just don't put up with peoples shit, to be truthful Scott Wallin was a drunk, Chris Farmer and Lisa didn't get along, Todd Williams didn't like keyboards and Bryan Hipp was a pill addict. If I find good musicians without any major problems in their life then I don't have a problem with them, usually I am too nice and I get fucked over! Like I keep saying I only play Music because I enjoy to and if it becomes a problem than I have no problem cutting somebody loose right away. Lisa and myself and our bass player Tom have been playing together for 3 years without any fights or problems, so all we really need is a great lead guitarist with no problems in their life and that seems to be the hardest thing to find."

   It seems like the actual formula is pretty stable if not the most stable, namely: you, Lisa Lombardo (k) and Tom Swain (Bass, v). You have already recorded two tracks in Erik Rutan's studio. What can you tell me about them?

   "I found them OK... it is just that I think it is hard to drop conclusions so soon solely over two sequences... We had actually went in to Erik's studio to mix this 8 song 35 minute piece we recorded at our house and Erik made it sound really good, but he liked our stuff a lot and wanted us to record 2 songs from the start in his studio, so we did, so we have actually the 8 songs and the extra 2 new ones and also the Devine Essence demo CD that we all 3 played on as well that was recorded by Lee of Monstrosity. And Tom is also the bass player in both bands. Erik also wants to produce our album as well. We get along and work great with him in the studio!"

   Lisa is your friend and it seems like in the last couple of years you've managed to produce many other tracks. DEVINE ESSENCE has transformed in LISA THE WOLF and those two tracks available on the web page simply sound rather too sinister, a strange kind of grave and profound Gloom Doom Metal. What can you tell me about this project? Curiously or not... it follows the same formula of trio...

   "It's the same band really, when I joined Lisa's band she called it Lisa The Wolf, but we decided to give it a new name with a new band, so we called it Devine Essence, but everyone was always confusing the name and spelling it Divine instead of Devine, so we decided that Lisa The Wolf was much easier to remember, is very easy to remember!"

   WOLF AND HAWK is Lisa's project and it is meant to be kind of JEFFERSON AIRPLANE mixed with TYPE O NEGATIVE with a traditional ethno percussion, a strange acoustics, with a mystical magical occult background. Could it be Lisa's expression/reaction towards what she studied so far? (I refer to music, of course). I observe even a discreet make up on your faces...

   "Yes, you hit it right on target, most of the songs she actually wrote years ago and when I heard her play a couple on her acoustic and sing I said let's do something with that stuff, so we did. She probably has about 20 songs like that and we even do acoustic versions of some of the Lisa The Wolf and Devine Essence songs too. And yes we each wear Egyptian Evil Eye face paint usually when we play live. It's very primal earth music."

   What do you want/expect from all three musical projects?

   "To satisfy my soul!"

   In the past you have experienced as well the Industrial realm with DEACON SCREECH. What happened in fact? What about ASH?

   "Deacon Screech gave me the ability to expand into electronic sounds on the drums, sometimes I only used an electronic kit when we played and sometimes I would use both, but I got to experiment with lots of weird sounds and keyboards and the shows were really weird since Deacon was more of an industrial thing more than anything, but it was really dark and evil and the lyrics were very anti religious themes and dark subjects, it was just a really weird and strange band overall. And Ash was just a little project where I did the vocals and some weird electronic percussion and Bob White from Paineater did the keyboards and samples and his girlfriend at the time did these really high opera vocals in the background. It was like horror movie soundtrack music with spoken word type vocals over it. The project was for us to do a musical version of Dante's Inferno, although we only completed 2 songs which was about 1/3 of the books story. It probably would have ended up being about 6 or 7 songs if we had ever finished it and it would have been really cool. Actually one of the two songs ended up on the Full Moon Records compilation CD."

   Well, I cannot avoid returning to NOCTURNUS... and to be precise to this very CD released at Karmageddon. I understand you received money solely for your work at the booklet (which, by the way, it is an amazing one, having the gift of taking you back in again emotions of 20 years ago...Congratulations!) Tell me, do the NOCTURNUS' members have the right to ask for money from Karmageddon for this material?

   "You definitely have no right... I actually do as a matter of fact, although I don't own the name I do own the copyrights to the Science of Horror demo and I did copyright the demo back in 1988 under the name NOCTURNUS, so there is record of me using the name before Lou and the others trademarked it in 1992. But I don't want to get mixed up in that mess, so I just told Hammerheart just pay me for the pictures and the story that I write and Lisa and I took a lot of time finding and compiling all this stuff and scanning and sending it over to Hammerheart, it took weeks literally and together with their designer we put the booklet together, but that was my only involvement in the whole thing. But I will tell you a little secret, a US Trademark is only good in the US and for each country you have to purchase a separate trademark, so in Europe even NOCTURNUS (Lou, Sean and Davis) don't own the name! And royalties are usually paid 50% to the lyricist and 50% to the musicians, so regardless of who owns the name I would receive over 60% of any royalties due anyway. But there was no contract signed and I don't really care myself that Karmageddon has released it, to me just getting the real story of NOCTURNUS out to the people from the mouth of it's Creator was enough payment for me!"

   NOCTURNUS has returned (without you) in 2000 with Ethereal Tomb, album released at Season Of Mist. Did you like/enjoy this material?

   "I don't consider it a NOCTURNUS album when there is not even one original member on it!"

   You live with the aim of composing music, not making music for a living. It is easy to say, but in reality, once you are in the middle of a contractual relationship, you start to make compromises as the business requires or not. Do you agree with me? Where do you think NOCTURNUS was wrong or made a mistake? What about you?

   "I will agree with you on that, but it really helps if the whole band is on the same page and wants the same thing out of music and playing. I am not saying I will never sign a contract again, who knows what will happen in the future I certainly don't and neither do you, but I know that I simply won't deal with people that I am not happy to be playing with, anything more than that will be considered a plus. I just like to play and whether it's at my house or in front of a thousand people makes no difference if I am not happy about it and the people involved, I will tell you that I won't ever play with people like Lou again because it gets easier and easier to spot these types of people the older I get. I will only give my time to people who I think deserve it. Money is not a factor. Me being happy and satisfied is! And with NOCTURNUS the only thing those guys ever cared about is what they could make off of this or how changing and doing what the record company said we should do to make more money was always what they were after and I think it is very clear for anyone to see, it's as plain as day!"

   Mike, thanks for granting me with such travel back in time, even if it might have been a painful one. I wish you for a life full of music, as many children as possible to visit the birth-places of their grandfathers (a subconscious source of inspiration for NOCTURNUS' lyrics and music, he, he... once again, Romania!) and please let me know... if and when you decide to cut your hair! Perhaps from that point you would start to perform something in STING style as Lou Panzer did before he became a NOCTURNUS member..., right?

   "Actually that was after he was in NOCTURNUS, when NOCTURNUS split up in 1993 Lou joined a band called Cry Blue and it's the worst shit you ever heard and at one point he even became a born again Christian and burned all his NOCTURNUS stuff! He even burned the killer banner that we used on the Thresholds tour, but as soon as money started talking they reformed NOCTURNUS in 1999 and ended up ripping off Seasons of Mist on the second album advance money they never recorded. Nice guys aren't they! And about my hair, I am 39 years old and still have all my hair, why should I get rid of it! Most people have begun to loose theirs by my age!!!"

December 2003.