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I think Apocalips was THE accomplishment which established the foundation of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio today. It was released at a time when it was needed. It represented a step in our evolution that was just perfect at the time. And it was also released in the time before Cold Meat Industry started to fall and ultimately plunge into the gutter. So I think that Apocalips played a greater role than CCCP.

Tomas, it hasn't been a long time since you stepped on Romanian lands. How have you been all this time? What about your family, how are they doing? You must be a proud parent, day after day...

Hello there, I am fine, thank you for asking.

We all get what we deserve, one way or another.

I am a thirty seven year old Caucasian male Capricorn still trying to become ALL that I am.

I am a father of a six-year-old boy and the devoted partner and lover, since twelve years, of my beloved girlfriend and mother of our son, Rose-Marie Larsen. We are the promiscuous halves of a perverted whole. So I am in a good place for the time being.

What innovations and wicked practices have you discovered lately?

I bought a time machine that I am learning how to operate, and in the meantime I have tired to live life as the manual says, and that is pretty wicked.

There were always disputes between the reception of "CCCP" and "Apocalips". After so many years of sweet depravity, do you somewhat see these two releases as ORE's foundation pillars?

CCCP only received acknowledgement many years after it was released.

I think Apocalips was THE accomplishment which established the foundation of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio today. It was released at a time when it was needed. It represented a step in our evolution that was just perfect at the time. And it was also released in the time before Cold Meat Industry started to fall and ultimately plunge into the gutter. So I think that Apocalips played a greater role than CCCP.

I noticed a delicate evolution in ORE's sound, from highly instinctual releases to a exquisite, classy and erotic sound. To me, your music is a seductive decay's soundtrack. "Where is Songs 4 Hate & Devotion" leading towards? What is ORE to you, after all?

Songs 4 Hate & Devotion reeks of happiness, extroversion, positivity and excitement. They are the overwhelming emotions that embody this work. Don’t you think? It is an extrovert venture for the heart and the soul. Our most perfect accomplishment thus far. But I am already in the process of finalizing the next cd, the successor to “Songs 4 Hate & Devotion”, so even as we speak there is a continuation that will raise the bar a little higher, and possibly recapture the spirit of O N A N I once again.

But where are we going, time will tell, it always does.

"Songs 4 Hate & Devotion" is due to October 29. Tell us some words about it, what should we expect? It is also said to mingle Cold-Wave and Minimal elements.

I think my most important influence right now is the micro cosmos in relation to the macro cosmos. Our own personal heavens and hells, that we endure every day. My family and me; our loved ones, the little organism in relation to the outside world. The smaller questions and efforts of our personal existence, versus the greater questions of life, death and the struggle of human kind. How I behold the controversy between the two, along with the significance and undivided victory of the micro cosmos. And I believe that these very issues are reflected in my writings and establish the essence of “Songs 4 Hate & Devotion”.

“Songs 4 Hate & Devotion” plays with concepts, brining some together, breaking others apart, and taking Depeche Mode’s notion “Songs of Faith and Devotion” a little further, to a much more ferocious and interesting place.

What's next after your collaborations with MZ.412, Spiritual Front, Triarii? And why them?

MZ412, Spiritual Front, Triarii, In Slaughter Natives and The Protagonist.

Why not? Do you feel a certain sense of hostility towards these particular projects? Tell me Doru, what do you feel?

Yes, what’s next? Hell knows.

Or maybe I know, but I will nonetheless keep my mouth shut for now.

Since "Make Love, and War; The Wedlock of Roses (2000)" and "Make Love, and War; The Wedlock of Equilibrium (2001)", your music has been considered to have a "folk" resonance, this eventually leading to the term "neofolk". How are you getting along with this label? What do you think this scene consists of nowadays?

I am not sure if we were ever neo-folk. Do you really think so?

Neo-Folk for me is something different. It customarily relates to European traditions, the romanticism of fallen empire’s once great, the Nibelungen saga, our cultural belonging and on and on and on. I never really sung about that, unless it was in my own way.

What has the scene become? I am not sure. What did it use to be?

I suppose it still speaks of Europe, traditions and cultural belonging. But our cultural roots; what are they? Are they inherited? Are they something we decide along the way to understanding what, why and who we are? Or are they something we decide to see and acknowledge?

I accept that everyone has a different foundation from where we start.

And even I have a cultural and ethnical belonging that establishes who I am and where I come from.

And what I depict, is a consequence of me, who I am, and where I come from.

None of this would be, if I weren’t a thirty-seven year old Caucasian man, born and raised in Sweden. I am a victim of circumstance; a self-made victim of my upbringing and the perversion of the contemporary society in which I was raised.

So what stance can I make? We are all victims; it’s only a matter of what roots we decide to acknowledge. Some pay homage to the heritage of Goethe and Jünger, others that of Rocco and Jenna Jameson. Which is better? It’s all part of our history.

You've been playing for a long time. Have you encountered any problems in certain countries? Have you ever been censored?

We have been censored in Germany back in 2003.

We were supposed to have participated as part of an even called “Information wants to be free” but someone within the organization decided that I was VERY objectionable, and because of this a big conflict emerged which ultimately resulted in ORE staying at home and more willingly performing as part of the Swedish edition of the same festival.

You maintain a strong bond with your fans, they contributed with photos and videos for you materials, isn't it? Moreover, your public seem to avidly take part in ORE's musical orgy. Why do you think your music is so intensely perceived?

We are what we are solely because of our fans. They make us intensely perceived. Without them, we would be nothing. Just veiled in obscurity.

And because of this we try to interact with them, making them part of the experience.

Using them, abusing them, confusing them. It’s an act of give and take, and the pleasure I hope, is mutual.

You also said that you see humanity in ruin, but isn't decay the path to rebirth? Do you think we'll fall like the glorious Ancient Rome did?

No I don’t the world we will end in glorious firework.

I do not believe our existence will be remembered and revered like hat of ancient Rome.

We will simply drown in the cesspool of our own exploiting existence.

The Apocalypse as I see it, has already started. It won’t start with the arrival of anyone or anything in particular, the Apocalypse is manmade and it has already begun.

We have already started dying from war, pollution, world starvation, natural disasters, man made diseases, biological and chemical warfare etc., etc.

The misconception is that people expect a grand finale; they keep waiting for some sort of divine fire works, and it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

The Apocalypse for me is just a process of change. It is not a permanent state as of eternal happiness, bliss, despair or misfortune, these are just religious descriptions of what the believers want the outcome of the Apocalypse to be.

We can call the Apocalypse war, we can call it change, call it total moral depravation, call it social deconstruction, call it what you want. The end of the world has already started, it started with the genesis of man, and will sustain until the virus we call mankind is eradicated from the face of the earth.

There is nothing we can do to stop it, and the only thing we can do in the meantime is to make as much as we can of the petty time we have been granted.

As far as I have been informed, the Antichrist is already here, he is institutionalized in a psychiatric ward outside of New York and wrote me a letter about two years ago asking for my assistance.

So now you know, and now you can stop wondering about his arrival and his whereabouts. And I also believe that Jesus is next door, also eating his medication.

You stated that ORE's albums lack a certain concept or a proper mechanism. You also mentioned some of your beliefs, but I really want to know if you consider yourself a hedonist.

What does being a hedonist suggest?

The belief that pleasure is the highest form of human value.

Do I believe that? Yes.

Rose and me utilize lust and carnal ventures as the most common denominator to provoke creativity and complete the circle. Let it be with strangers or with friends, let it be at home or elsewhere. But regardless of the results, it invokes the foundation from which we commence and ultimately conclude.

I believe sexuality defines who we are; we speak of it, we look for it, we long for it, we sense it, we dream it, and so on. Sex is the answer, but what is the question? Even bad sex is still sex.

Sex causes reactions. It’s a universal denominator. Everyone has a relation to it, and everyone has an opinion about it. So what I enjoy is to have it, and sometimes even to employ sexuality in contexts where it doesn’t normally belong, and possibly make them think, and reflect.

And whether we succeed, or simply appear absurd, is for you to decide.

Maybe that is the key to ORE, not to separate; to preserve the intimacy, to embody everything, every feeling, and every perversion. ORE is me, us, we. For better and worse. Love it, or hate it. I don’t care. It’s our greatest trait and our greatest weakness.

Care to share one of your exotic experiences?

Exotic, or erotic? Rose and I sit on a chair. Rose sits in my lap. Another girl is with us. The girl lies on the bed, touching herself. We watch her from across the room. Rose kisses me. I kiss her back. The girl keeps touching herself, uncertain about our intentions.

Rose walks up to the bed, and kisses the girl. The girl moans gently. I keep watching form a distance. Rose kisses her breasts and places her hand on top of the girl’s.

And the rest is for you to imagine yourself.

If you could be someone for a day (Madonna doesn't count), who would you choose to be?

I would be Lady Gaga for a whole week.

ORE will be playing for the 3rd time in Romania on the 5th of November. How does it feel to come back here? What candies do you hold in your back pocket for us? I peeked on Zamil's site, you know...

This time we are coming as we are supposed to perform.

Tomas Pettersson (Vocals & Dictatorship)

Rose-Marie Larsen (Vocals & Debauchery)

Ronnie Bäck (Backing Vocals, Guitar & Magik)

Fredrik Leijström (Bass & Adultrey)

Fredrik Bergström (Drums & Misery)

And together with Zamil and Kinbaku , this year will be something completely different.

You will come here in a new formula. What will be new and different aspects in your show? Live guitars now, it seems...

Our live shows started to improve quite noticeably after the involvement of Ronnie and Fredrik back in October 2009, although they have always been good enough.

The only matter is that we haven’t played very much over the last year. But the recent change of label will however reveal if next year will be different, but if not, we do about ten shows per/year.

Playing live consist of a lot of passion. And sometimes even a physical catalyst, to manifest the idea we harness; like in Bucharest last year (Thank you Maria). But do not expect anything, and you won’t be disappointed.

Any closing remarks, not assuming that "Christ is the Answer"?

I enjoy sushi whenever I can.

I drink tea by the gallon.

I think Robbie Williams is brilliant.

I have a shameless fascination for women’s legs.

I think the Manson Family is the happiest family ever broadcasted on TV.

Ariel Sharon is my favorite mass murderer.

I don’t understand why people think cats are intelligent.

I think Lady Gaga is fantastic and I want her for president of the European states of Europe. Or what is it they call it? The EU?

Brown and pink are my favorite colors.

Left is the new right.

I love the grandeur of spring it is just as amazing every single year it returns.

I adore the sizzling splendor and burning sensation of the Walpurgis bonfire.

I relish the impeccable outline of two breasts underneath a bra, and the flawless contour of pair of red lips.

I venerate the sensation of the returning sun bringing back the warmth and making us sweat.

I admire the unblemished posture of two legs simply standing, or the effortless shape of an ankle in a pair of heels.

I am overcome by the exceptional beauty of standing outside while the snow falls all over you; dressing the world with little white stars. Just like the excitement when a tapestry of bombs explode and missiles are launched on TV.

That’s me; a man who will keep burning for as long as my soul is aflame.

What else is there to say?

November, 2010