Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio (Metal Maniacs Magazine 2007)

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1. Hello Tomas. How are you doing in these cold days of January?

"Today, January 17th is actually my birthday. I am turning 34 and the weather outside is quite dreadful."
That is how I started, but since I didn't pick up this interview again, until six months later, it is now June 30th, and the weather outside is quite the opposite. We are passed the summer solstice (June 21st), it is 10.30 pm and the temperature outside is about 20 and the sun has just stopped shining. I am about to go outside for a cigarette and a cup of tea, and life is actually quite fine despite too much work.

2. Speaking of seasons, I'm quite curious, which one is your favorite? I know many Scandinavians who moved to warmer places...do you ever feel tempted?

Not really. I love to have four distinct seasons; I love the advent and anticipation of spring and the wonders of summer, the rainy decent of autumn and snow and cold that refrigerating our lives for almost four months. I might move elsewhere for a short period; letting my son spend six months in Italy just for the experience itself, or moving to the US for the very same reason, but this is the way I was born, that is how I shall die.

3. "Cocktails, Carnage, Crucifixion And Pornography" was an absolute revelation to me, it is the album that finally gave me a chance to understand where you're going towards, but it also raised more question than before. Please tell me your view on this creation of yours, why the title, what you wanted to express through it, and how do you see it now three years after its release.

CCCP was my great change. I finally decided after years and years of hesitance to invest in some new equipment, and through the advantages that followed, it changed the entire process of creation. I had just quit my night job at the porn shop / strip club after some greater misunderstandings and for the first time ever, I got up every morning at 8 and started to work with ORE. Normally, my process of creation takes time; from about a year to three years depending on time, moods, ideas etc., etc., but this time I did the entire work in less than 4 months. I started in January and finished in April, so thanks to determination, structure and time, I managed to start new. What is interesting however, especially in retrospective, after the relatively recent release of "Apocalips", is that CCCP was never perceived as especially astonishing or received as any sort of masterpiece. But now, four years later, I constantly need to listen to comparisons between CCCP and "Apocalips", explaining how wonderful CCCP was. So you see, you can never win until after you are deceased.

4. CCCP was followed by a very interesting and intriguing experiment with Italy's SPIRITUAL FRONT, named "Satyriasis - Somewhere Between Equilibrium & Nihilism". "Two is Company, Three is an Orgy, Four is Forever" seems to be the main idea behind this split EP...Do you feel that it's the most sexual oriented release of yours, is this what you were trying to achieve? Could this be the most beautiful song you ever composed? How did this union take place, why SPIRITUAL FRONT?

Making the content sexual felt very natural because of the thematic itself, so it is possible that this is the consciously most sexual accomplishment I have ever achieved, and even more, that it IS the most successful song I have ever accomplished.

Simone and I met at an orgy in Berlin. We recognized each-other since we had mutual friends in Italy, and between various "censored" acts of adult character we had some drinks and started talking about life, sex, death and music, and came to a mutual conclusion that maybe we owed it to ourselves and the world in general, to make something worthwhile together. It was an interesting and very rewarding meeting. We have met several times since, but a first meeting is always the first. I wish to believe that we were brought together by fate, and bound in blood by a mutual belief in sex, depravity and demoralization as the remedy to world salvation. Simone is a fantastic person, he IS the Armageddon gigolo. Girls love him, they swarm around him like flies are attracted to shit. I believe we think alike; we share a similar vision of irony and nudity, he brings out the best in me and makes me a better person, and since he doesn't really understand what I am saying, he wouldn't be able to tell that I am actually an idiot.

5. "Apocalips" is a release that truly mesmerizes me, in every way. Yet again you come and enwrap the audience in a maze of desire, sex, depravity, destruction, the will to create and temptation to destroy. It's all in there, lying hidden in your insane poetry...Please comment on this release, the message and thoughts behind it. Would you say it's the best thing you've accomplished so far, musically?

Between the "Apocalips" is where we were created, and it is where we were born. They are the lips I kiss and the lips I savor. They are the lips of lust and creation, the lips we seek to satisfy and the lips for which we suffer in desire. They are the lips that can start wars, and the lips that are able to end them.
Who is kissing your Apocalips?

Love: the deadliest, most lethal of all contractible symptoms.
Pain & Pleasure: how delightful, how deceiving, how consuming.
Lust: how a flame of all worldly desires burns inside every man and woman.
Life: I love to watch and be watched. I dream and I lust. I love and I hate. I laugh and I cry. But where does my testosterone take me?
Enlightenment: how everything suddenly can become so clear after failure, after failure, after failure.
Lies: what is truth and lies for those who neither see nor hear?
War: how a never-ending struggle started on May 14th 1948.
Three is an Orgy: four hands please better than two. Loving as three might be the salvation we all search for. Who is kissing your Apocalips?
Ignorance: not being able to see the forest for the trees. Are we really willing to accept the consequences of our actions?
Change: How the sun always sets and every day always ends. How everything ever changes, but still remains the same.

Not saying and feeling that "Apocalips" is my BEST accomplishment ever, would be completely moronic, why else would I record something new if it was not the best material I have ever accomplished? "Satyriasis..." used to be the best, and "Apocalips" IS by all means the best accomplishment thus far.
It is superior in every way to all my previous releases. It is better orchestrated, more perfectly mixed and produced etc., etc. I am quite pleased about the outcome, but I am very very curious how the upcoming ORE work, "O.N.A.N.I - Practice makes Perfect" will be received.Time will tell.

6. "Sons & Daughters of Lilith and Cain" is such a fantastic song, next to many others on "Apocalips". I find it interesting that you'd still do the vocals on this one, although you are the voice of Lilith. Why not let your companion interpret it? It doesn't come as a shock that you'd use these characters as metaphors in your music, but I am curious to find out what you see in them. They were both denied something, and they both fought back, rebelling against the creator, against rules, seeking freedom. Lilith gave birth to demons and Cain murdered his only brother. What does Tomas Pettersson see in them?

I am an egotistical son of a bitch so I do everything myself, for better and worse.
Yes, what do I see?
Damnation. Punished by the hand of the loving god. Determination. Liberation. Being cast into the shadow. Freedom.

7. You are very passionate by the Roman Empire. Who do you admire more, Caesar for his dreams and visions of grandeur, or Caligula, for his sadistic and murderous character? Which of the two do you think lived more intensely; whom do you have closer to your heart? Why does absolute power drive men mad?

I admire Nero for having the guts to burn it all down.
The beginning is the end is the beginning.
Madness is so close at hand and in heart, every day every minute every second; just add one extra drop and the chalice stops being just full. Give a man total authority, give him the opportunity and the resources to make his every dream, every wish and every sadistic desire come true, and it WILL drive everyone mad. We are born and will never be capable to handle such omnipotence.

8. In September your son was born. Who is Tomas Pettersson today, after the birth of Julius Tomas Nathanael Larsen? How has his life changed? What happens to his dreams, his views on life and death, his passions and obsessions?

After I became a father to the most wonderful of men, I suddenly realized that all the time I once thought I had, was gone, dreams I possessed suddenly seemed harder to realize, and everything that I took for granted, was just an illusion. And this very diverse and sometimes ambiguous feeling of becoming new while still remaining the same, while becoming complete while feeling absolutely inadequate, has certainly affected my personal "apocalypse" and forced me to look inside my micro cosmos for answers.

But I am still searching. I do not know what I seek, so I will probably never know if I have found it.
I have no idea what will happen to his dreams, his passions, obsessions and his views on life.
Will I be there to guide him? Yes of course. Every day every minute I can.
Will I try to change his mind and make it my own? No I won't. Whatever he decides is good enough for me, and I expect that there will be more than a handful of stupid ideas and decisions as we proceed onward towards an unwritten future.

9. I don't want to be nosy, but are you married? I would never dare asking personal questions, but if you'd like to share some things about your life with our readers, please feel free...Please tell us a few things about Rose-Marie, or who you're working with now...How far does other's people's involvement in ORE go?

I don't work with people I don't fuck. It is quite easy. So there is Rose and I, nobody else, but no, we are not married.
But if we decide to fuck others more than occasionally, then maybe the line-up will extend....[couldn't agree more - ed]

10. O.R.E has become a Neo-Folk project in the last years; it wasn't like this when you began. I can't help but wondering how you feel about the fact that fans of CURRENT 93, DEATH IN JUNE or DER BLUTHARSCH embrace your music as well. These are right-wing entities that embrace the same historical themes you embrace (Roman Empire), although sexual approach you bring at the table makes you different. I hear people come at your shows and give you that salute...How do you feel about all this? Do you nurture any nationalist-socialist feelings? Do you know these artists; do you have any kind of relation with them? Personally I'm really into DER BLUTHARSCH, and I think this is what artistic freedom is all about.

I am not so sure that I agree with your assessment of ORE becoming a Neo-Folk act over the last few years, more willingly the opposite.
We started out as something that was instantaneously embraced by the Neo-Folk community, and have ever since worked and worked our way out. I am willing to say that we have never been further from the Neo-Folk establishment than we are today. I could be wrong and mistaken, but this is what I feel at the time being. And honestly, I don't care. Many bands dread the notion of being associated with the Gothic scene, but I am not really that concerned. Not all Gothic's are superficial and not all Industrial/Neo-Folk listeners are enlightened. The primary difference between the two as far as O.R.E is concerned, is that our average Neo-Folk/Industrial listener is male, and our average Gothic listener is female.

They all dress in black, and depending on what you call a uniform, they all wear one. Corset, mini-skirt and high heels, or black shirt, black army pants and black tie; it is all pretty damn uniform.
If you carry the ambition to remain true and exclusive to the neo-folk / industrial scene, you are definitely not in it for the fun. I personally don't aspire to remain true and exclusive to anyone, I simply do this for me.

11. I've read that you're into Johnny Cash and Brigitte Bardot. That's amazing. What other 'famous' artists do you find pleasure listening to? What about underground acts, CMI type? How do you feel about SOPOR AETERNUS, DEAD CAN DANCE or THE SISTERS OF MERCY?

I listen to all sorts of music as part of the same scene in which we coexist: IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES, SPIRITUAL FRONT, HEKATE, OF THE WAND AND THE MOON, HAUS ARAFNA and on and on and on.
I think SOPOR AETERNUS is quite okay. The music is nice but after a while you get really really tired of Ann Varney's voice.

DEAD CAN DANCE are also good, but dramatically overrated. "Within the Realms of the Dying Sun" is an unforgettable album, but aside from that there are occasional moments of genius and a whole lot of ethereal nonsense.

SISTERS OF MERCY are a landmark. What they have done is amazing. Eldritch has done so many great songs over the years, but unfortunately it all seems to be in the past; he DID.

12. I once introduced you to the greatest nihilist that ever lived, E. M. Cioran. I would be curious to find out your thoughts on suicide, because I know you play a lot with knives, it must have crossed your mind to split open your wrists...here is what he feels:

"Those who maintain that suicide is an assertion of life are cowards. They invent explanations and excuses to mask their impotence and lack of daring for in fact there can be no willed or rational decision to commit suicide, only organic, secret causes which predetermine it. Any suicide is impressive. So I wonder why people still look for reasons and justifications, why they even deprecate it. Nothing is more ridiculous than to make a hierarchy of suicides and divide them between the noble and the vulgar. Taking ones life is sufficiently impressive to forestall any petty hunt for motives".

"I despise those who scoff at suicides committed for love, because they do not understand that, to the lover, unfulfilled love is the cancellation of his being, a destructive plunge into meaninglessness. Unrealized passions lead to death faster than great failures. Great failures are slow agony, but great passions that are thwarted kill like a bolt of lightning. I admire only two types of people: the potentially mad and the potential suicide. Only they inspire me with awe, because only they are capable of great passions and great spiritual transfigurations. Those who live positively, full of self-assurance, content with their past, present, and future, have only my respect."

Your view on the subject?

Yes, what is my view?
There are so many obvious reasons to slit our wrists or put the gun in the mouth; heartache, mental illness, social misery, pollution, terrorism, and on and on and on.... more than any conceivable number to actually live and be merry, but I still don't pay homage to anyone's decision to end their useless and unproductive lives. Killing yourself for being happy and fulfilled is one thing. Killing yourself for feeling that there is nothing left to do. No more children to be conceived, no more bridges to burn, no more churches to arson, no more ass to investigate, no more cock to blow, then sure, I salute you: put the gun in your mouth, pull the trigger; slit your wrists and watch the blood pumping. But doing it for the sake of feeling miserable, not having any friends, not having anyone that listens, being unemployed and on the brink of personal decline, don't come knocking on my door for sympathy and understanding.

13. Will ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO keep exploring sin, murder and sexual freedom in the future as well? Would you be honored if you're your music would be played at a fetish / S&M gathering let's say in...New York City?

What is honor? How is it defined? I think it fun and gratifying anytime our music is being played for any given reason, at home, in clubs, on the radio; but going as far as to say that I am honored when it is, is probably one step too far.

I am surprised anytime an S&M club plays any good music, so just imagine my surprise if would be ORE.
As I have said before, I live O.R.E. and I constantly carry it with me. Everything I do can be embodied, and all I dream I wish to include. I don't seek to go one way rather than another, it just happens. When I became a father in September 2004, I suddenly realized that all the time I once thought I had, was gone, dreams I possessed suddenly seemed harder to realize, and everything that I took for granted, was just an illusion. And this very diverse and sometimes ambiguous feeling of becoming new while still remaining the same, while becoming complete while feeling absolutely inadequate, has certainly affected my personal "apocalypse" and forced me to look inside my micro cosmos for answers. But I am still searching. I do not know what I seek, so I will probably never know if I have found it.
So maybe I will keep exploring sin, murder and sexual freedom for all eternity, maybe not. Time will tell.

14. You seem to be in a never-ending marriage with Cold Meat Industries, the no. 1 label in dark ambient/industrial music. Do you feel Roger Karmanik fulfills your needs as an artist? Does he support you with tours and performances?

I am quite content with being part of CMI. I can do what ever I want. Roger doesn't act as either judge jury or executioner, and that is all I ask for. He let's ORE be ORE, without compromise.
Does he support me with tours and performances? Not on a regular basis. I mainly handle those matters myself, but once in a while we are asked to participate as part of a larger CMI event somewhere, and consequently, he does assist from time to time.

15. What happens during an ORE live performance? I've seen some photos that got me intrigued, but I'll let you describe...how is the audience responding to the S&M scenes?

It was a long time ago since I did any S&M acts on stage. It was back in the early days. It served a purpose back them, as a phase of exploring the possibilities of performing live, but I quickly realized that you wander along a very thin line of what is tasteful and intriguing, or just tacky and plain stupid. What we did back then was befitting. Very simple and to the point, but it wouldn't have been possible to keep it going for any greater extent of time.

I try to make tour concerts as special as possible with the use of video-projections, live fire and additional participants serving a purpose as part of the performance, and sometimes all pieces fall into place and we have a great turn-out, visually, audibly and technically, but do not expect anything and you won't be disappointed.

16. Rumors say you're a vegetarian. That's a little strange for an admirer of Rome, but nevertheless, what's your favorite foods and drinks? Would you indulge in robust, dark as coal Cabernet or let yourself carried away by a delicate, crimson Pinot Noir?

Don't listen to rumors. I am not vegetarian. I eat pussy anytime.
I don't murder animals by eating their food. I just murder animals to eat them. I would gladly indulge in a big rare sirloin steak; just bring it on and I will prove how much this seemingly small body can devour.

My favourite:
Food - is Sushi
Drink - is Tea
Sexual Position - is the 69
Invention - is the Hold-up Stockings
Color- is Brown
Serial Killer - is Ariel Sharon
City- is Jonestown
Family - is the Manson family

I like to go for long walks in the forest, and I enjoy romantic candle lit dinners for two. I love all living creatures big and small, and my favorite colors are pink and brown. Baywatch is my favorite TV show and David Hasselhof is by far my all time favorite actor. I think Madonna is super, and when no one is around, I like to sing and dance to Like a Virgin and pretend that I am she. How great wouldn't that be?
I think that all politicians do a great job; it can't be easy making all those decisions every day and always knowing what's best for people.

I think George Bush is a swell president and that America is the greatest country in the world. If only all countries could be more like America, everything would be so much better; people would be so happy having all those TV-channels to watch and all those hamburgers to eat....
And I think that if we all just tried a little bit harder, to understand each other better, and accept each other's differences, then the world would be such a cool place.

If anybody feels that they share my interests and my point of views, then please contact me on the following address tomas@ordo-rosarius-equilibrio.net. Maybe you and I can make the world a better place.

17. We're coming to an end...please tell our readers why prefer being lion for a day, than sheep for a lifetime. And one more curiosity...who is the girl that lives in your dreams?

I rather rule in Hell than serve in Heaven.
Yes who is the girl who lives in my dreams? Have you seen her lately?

18. An honor and a pleasure speaking to you, my friend. I've waited for years to make this interview, and hopefully it's gonna help spread the fantastic universe that ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO is. I hope one day you will come visit me either in New York City or let me show you the Transylvanian mountains and fortresses. Any final words, regrets or hopes?

Two is Company, Three is an Orgy.
Four hands does please better than Two.