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An important event is announced for the evening of November 24th in Iasi. A Metal concert will take place, having MOONSORROW, ARKONA, BUCOVINA, STACCATO, ABNORMYNDEFFECT and AVATAR as guests. As there is no time for detailed interviews, I have held forth the same set of blitz questions for each band (except ARKONA and AVATAR), in order to contour an official presentation draft.

1. Which are your expectations regarding this concert? There won't be more than 500 fans present. Are you going to bring some merchandising stuff like CDs, T-shirts...?
MOONSORROW: I don't know what to expect, since we've never been to Romania before and I don't know what's the crowd like. However, I'm very excited! It's an honour to play there for the first time, and I believe we will bring the people a good show. Unfortunately merchandise depends on if we can bring anything on the plane (because of the weight limits), other than our instruments... but if we don't have anything with us, people can always buy the stuff directly from our webstore with reasonable prices.
BUCOVINA: Hello Doru, Hello Kogaionon! My expectations? They certainly are sky-high if I can say so. Being also involved in the organizing process, I am somehow nervous about it: it's the first event in Iasi having as guest such a great band, plus the fact that this is the first band "on the wave" coming to our country, not to mention that the public is by nature an unpredictable corpus...there are many factors in the expectancy equation. Anyway, if I am to consider the announced headliners I do yearn for a tremendous show; in what concerns particularly BUCOVINA, we'll make sure that Iasi will be proud to have us as an inland band. We haven't decided yet what are we going to bring along as our CD supply went short, but I hope we'll be able to offer some stuff to the interested ones. Still, an outstanding show is our top priority.
ABNORMYNDEFFECT: Salutes. First of all, we hope to make a good impression over the audience and to turn this experience into a great remembrance. We'll bring along our recently released split with VX, presenting the tracks recorded in 2005 and remastered during 2007.
STACCATO: We are in the waiting for plenty of quality music and a professional organizing. There will be just 500 fans, but, that's enough if they're in the mood for Metal J. We'll bring some T-shirts along with a few long-sleeves imprinted with our last album "The Man Who Dared".
DAKON: Considering the past experience on this festival in Iasi, a pleasant one indeed, we can only expect the best coming out from this year's edition. The organizers are serious, the audience is quite receptive and dedicated to Metal, they've all supported us in the past and we hope they'll continue on doing it, so all these turn into positive premises for a successful live performance. As for the merchandising... there will be promo CDs with our "Tetraquetum" album, and we'll see if we can also bring T-shirts.

2. What do you know about the bands you're going to perform along?
MOONSORROW: We have played with ARKONA once in Moscow, but I'm not really familiar with the other bands yet. Have to check them out!
BUCOVINA: Hehe, I know MOONSORROW for long years and I cannot believe that we're going to do this show together. I love them a lot, and that's the exact reason for which they've been the top priority choice, immediately after VINTERSORG have announced me that they aren't accepting any other concerts for this autumn beside the ones already arranged :) As for ARKONA, I have discovered them quite recently and they've truly impressed me; it seems that the Russians' musical approach is getting more and more serious... well I'm not a fan of Russian lyrics, but I think there's a particular charm in their music. The rest of the bands are gangs that we've already performed with in various locations along the past years...the public must express in this matter, not me :)
ABNORMYNDEFFECT: There's not much knowing about the rest of the participating bands (except for DAKON, which are quite close friends of ours). We've already performed along BUCOVINA on the first edition of this very festival and I can say that they've done a great job back then. In what concerns the Finnish band I am only familiar with the name, while the Russian one is completely unknown to me and the same goes for STACCATO. AVATAR rings a bell to me as being an important name on the Romanian scene.
STACCATO: We've already played along with BUCOVINA and ABNORMYNDEFFECT last summer at "Rock'n Iasi Open Air" and they perform quality music. As for the others, we're eager to meet them all, especially MOONSORROW \m/.
DAKON: We haven's seen any of them live, except for ABNORMYNDEFFECT which are from Moldova and with whom we have already done some live performances. I am familiar with MOONSORROW, BUCOVINA and AVATAR's work, yet I've never heard of ARKONA, probably due to the fact that I'm into another Metal style.

3. Point out some aspects regarding your band, including the ultimate news, that should be known by the rockers from Iasi and not solely.
MOONSORROW: We are THE Epic Heathen Metal band and you should not miss our show, haha! There will be news about a new recording, but we will announce the details later. I can assure that it will be a very interesting release!
BUCOVINA: Well, the latest news is that we'll perform alongside MOONSORROW at RNI Indoor, hahahah! Otherwise, as a report from Bucovinean lands... everything gathers and consumes itself within working on our next album. I fully invest myself intellectually in the creation of the new BUCOVINA chapter, which I hope will be completely conceived until spring so that we will be able to enter the studio; moreover, at RNI Indoor we are going to play some tracks from the coming album, ones that haven't been heard in Iasi before. What's sure for the time being is that the new album will present a solid concept, with a quite fine story and I guess it will break the audience into a spicy of the tracks from the coming album already enjoys a hit position; I am referring to the "Straja" title, a piece rooted in Bucovina's folklore.
ABNORMYNDEFFECT: I would just say that soon the album that we've been working on for almost a year will come to light.
STACCATO: We've released an album "The Man Who Dared" (self released) and a demo "Killing Machine". Since July 2006 we have this very line-up, while the band originates in Petrosani and has a long history that you'll be able to find out on the official site .
DAKON: News...there are barely any. The rockers from Iasi already know that perfecting the visas in order to get to this concert is a quite difficult process. Still, succeeding into doing it stands as a proof for DAKON's seriousness and strong desire to surpass all obstacles and to advance, even though it is ten times harder for us comparing to other bands.

4. Which is going to be the line-up for the 24th of November performance? Share some words about each member of the band.
Ville Sorvali (me) - vocals, bass. The "so called frontman". Spends lots of time in the shower.
Marko Tarvonen - drums. He recently shaved his head and looks weird. Spends lots of time with his mobile phone.
Mitja Harvilahti - guitar. Visits museums often. Spend lots of time climbing mountains.
Markus Eurén - keyboards. The typical silent Finn. Drinks everyone under the table, including you. ;) And especially himself! Spends lots of time with road construction.
Janne Perttilä - guitars (replacing Henri Sorvali). Our trusted live guitar player, who also shaved his head recently. Spends lots of time eating cheese and playing with his dog.
BUCOVINA: We'll be present in the same formula as we've played for more than an year: Mishu - drums, Becks - our extremely young and talented bassist, Luparul - guitar and leading voice, and me (Crivat) - guitar and second voice.
ABNORMYNDEFFECT: The line-up is: Radu - guitar (future pharmacist J), Oleg - bass (future director - operator), Mircea - vocals (next party president J), Stefan - drums (future director - operator)
STACCATO: Alex - vocals and guitar, Paul - drums, Andrei - bass and vocals and Vlad - keyboard. Even if STACCATO is known as a band from Timisoara, solely Paul originates from there, while the rest of the members come from different other country places (Vulcan, Drobeta Turnu Severin, Aiud).
DAKON: The line-up consists in the same trio that represents DAKON for a long time now: me - Radu - guitar/vocals, Sergiu - drums, Oleg - guitar. Sergiu - is a demented drummer, as he plays whatever musical style he desires to, and once he's performance starts you get the feeling there's an earthquake coming; he is with DAKON since the beginning. Oleg - is our guitarist, and I am quite honored to have him in the band; when his solos start the time seems impossible to be counted, it just runs through: he is an excellent guitarist. As for me - I am the founder of the band, I play guitar and I do the vocals since the very beginning, and I am a pure monster on the scene.

5. Are there other musical projects in which the members of your band are involved? Details please...
MOONSORROW: We have been very busy with MOONSORROW lately, so we don't have so many active projects right now. I have a Doom band called WOODS OF BELIAL, with which we are planning to record a new album sometime soon, and Henri is still a member or FINNTROLL of course.
BUCOVINA: Mishu has just debuted with a Thrash Death band, ROTTEN REMAINS, which I've recently seen live and also supported them via sound assistance; their music sounds fine, with both old-school elements and modern ones... it worth being listened to! On the other hand, I and Mishu have promised ourselves that after finishing the work for the new BUCOVINA chapter, will also record some demented tracks throughout which to enliven our old project VENA CAVA and to earthquake the Romanian Death scene. I also have an Ambient/ soundtrack project, PIETRELE DOAMNEI, but there's almost no time for me to keep on working on it...I'll see what is there to come in this particular direction! Luparul is truly involved into singing for PIATRA band from Suceava, a Doom/Folk project entwining lots of elements and influences that sounds more and more attractive...we'll bring them again to Iasi soon. Becks has some collaborations in the jazz/funk scene, he's a huge admirer of this sort of music.
STACCATO: As a side project we also perform in SYN ZE SASE TRI Andrei plays with IN DEFIANCE (, a project founded along with GRIMEGOD's ex-guitarist, Hoit.
DAKON: Sergiu is currently performing in JAZZ QUARTET, yet he took part in many other projects alike OFFERTORIUM and CHORDEVA. Oleg plays guitar in SEPSYS band, which will perform in Iasi at the end of the month - October. I've also been involved in other projects, alike UTOPIA, SEAS ON THE MOON and ALTER EGO.

6. Tell me about the way you perceive the current Metal scene: is it more precious than the one back 15 years ago?
MOONSORROW: I think the internet has changed a lot of things, it's easier to get to know new bands these days. There are also more bands than ever. There were good bands 15 years ago and there were bad bands, and there are good and bad bands now. You just have to find the right ones.
BUCOVINA: Undoubtedly more valuable! Just when thinking on what instruments we used to play 15 years ago I get a terrible headache, haha! No matter who says what, quality instruments make a huge difference...not always all right, but they are certainly very important. On the other hand, 15 years ago musical knowledge in Romania was somehow alike the unborn fetus: there were solely a bunch of guys doing serious promotion, but there wasn't enough Metal access within the folk. Now, the Earth is filled with good and bad Metal, you can choose what to listen to from a wide offer, there are plenty of ways to get a fine education in this domain and you are turning more and more selective in the process. We are just at the beginning of the road still, and that's normal, because a 40 years handicap cannot be healed in 15 years, it requires at least 40. The good point is that there are many serious bands, not frightened into experimenting the inland entailment instead of copying the outer projects' repertoires. Well, I can state that I'm quite lucky with my colleagues, because if I'd come one day saying that I want to do a track sounding alike ENSIFERUM, for instance, I would certainly get a bottle of beer in my head, hehe!
ABNORMYNDEFFECT: It might be regarded as more precious, as now there are considerably more bands on this particular scene (the quality is another issue). But, there are certainly more bands approaching Metal and that's a good thing.
STACCATO: It's not just more valuable, but also wider. In the last 15 years, many great sounding bands have appeared, plus there's the fact that the big bands outside have started to perform on our lands too. We'd like to congratulate Rock'N Iasi Indoor organizers and to wish them all the best.
DAKON: That's a good question. The scene back 5 years ago was far more sincere, as the bands were more focused on the message lying within the music and the lyrics, while now the main importance is given towards the photo sessions - solving dilemmas alike what to choose in order to look better: knitting the brows or folding the arms. Sure, I know it sounds as a nostalgic old man's story, yet that's how I feel. Today, image does the sell not the music itself. Anyway, it's not a permanent phenomenon. There is also a raise in what concerns the technical level, the interpretation. Of course, there are many commercial bands, with simple rhythms, easy to be caught by the public and reaching the apogee during live performances, yet there are also the underground bands, which unfortunately sometimes bring out pale creations, due to the fact that they are debutants, amateurs focusing more on their desire to get appreciation and recognition than on the inner need to reach a high level of interpretation, of the sound and of the scenic presence. The public is the executioner as it holds the decision regarding which band should or should not be listened. Finally, YES, I think the current scene is more precious. There are numerous musical styles and well known bands, quality concerts - if they wouldn't be so people wouldn't come I guess. The sure thing is that, back 15 years ago, there was no such thing as wide access via internet, so the listeners had to come to the concerts in order to get to listen and see their favourite bands.

7. Which are your favourite albums? Name some of the new releases that have truly impressed you.
MOONSORROW: The latest release that really stunned me was PRIMORDIAL's "To The Nameless Dead", and from this year I could also name "Hope" by SWALLOW THE SUN and "The Varangian Way" by TURISAS. Amazing albums!
BUCOVINA: I didn't have the time to get the rest of the band's pulse on this issue... but I can say that Mishu wouldn't leave on an island without some DESTRUCTION or WASP CDs, Luparul would take something from ANATHEMA or FALKENBACH, Beks - I have no idea, some Metal with bass slaps (haha!) probably, as for me, I wouldn't forget filling my hands with some early VINTERSORG works and XYTRAS's album. New releases... I didn't keep myself informed lately...but I've enjoyed the last SOPOR AETERNUS, "Solens Rotter" from Mr. VINTERSORG and the latest EXODUS.
ABNORMYNDEFFECT: It would take me too long to do a classification and a top. Mainly I would refer to: "None so vile", "And then you'll beg" (CRIPTOPSY), "Chaosphere", "Nothing" (MESHUGGAH), "The return" (PIGSTY), "Inhale/exhale" (NASUM).
STACCATO: Alex and Paul listen to DIMMU BORGIR a lot, especially "In Sorte Diaboli" album, Vlad is a CENTINEX, DRACONIAN and SHAPE OF DESPAIR fan, while Andrei enjoys MORS PRINCIPIUM EST, MASTODON and LAMB OF GOD.
DAKON: Oooo, that's a long list... yet, the favourite one is MORBID ANGEL's "Gateways to Annihilation" from seven years ago; a sensational album and a quite dramatic one. Sergiu prefers "Once Was Not" - CRYPTOPSY, while Oleg's preference heads towards "Nothing" - MESHUGGAH. As for the last releases ... BEHEMOTH are truly impressive with "Apostasy", the great Frenchmen from SCARVE with the album "Undercurrent" are also to be mentioned, so does ION DESSONANCE with "Minus The Herd", VADER and the list could go on...

8. A final thought, a message towards the participants...
MOONSORROW: Thank you for this great opportunity.
BUCOVINA: On November 24th, Iasi will be the capital of Pagan Metal. So, move your asses towards North - East to get some glimpse of true Metal! Thank you Kogaionon, good luck and see you at the concert!
ABNORMYNDEFFECT: All the best and plenty of satisfactions.
STACCATO: Keep yourselves in the Metal mood and see you around for lots of concerts, beers...
Best wishes, STACCATO crew.
DAKON: Thank you for contacting us, great success and good chances.
To all those coming at the festival, I wish good luck, guts and constructive thinking. Soon we'll be face to face!