Sangre de Muerdago

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  1. Hi Pablo, who came up with the idea of starting Sangre de Muerdago and where from did you get your inspiration in naming the band?

-Hi Doru, the idea of the band was something that was taking shape in our hearts for a while, it was back in 2005 that I had the first music sessions with Jorgi, former member of the band, we wanted to play exactly this music. We were living in different continents so it wasn't until 2007 that we recorded a demo and we baptised the Band as Sangre de Muerdago.

We wanted to have the word Muerdago ( Mistletoe) in the name, and our friend Dani who recorded us and pled some percussion in the demo, came up with the idea and we loved it.


Sadly Jorgi is gone now since 2009, and the band has already gone through many adventures.

  1. Where did you all meet, can you tell us in short about your musical background, your other previous projects (if there was any)?

-Life just brought us together, and we met through paths of playing music and alternative life, many different situations... I guess I could say my background is anarcho-punk, I was very inspired since I was very young by anarcho-primitivism and early peace punk, and that danced together with the Galician Folk culture, in which I grew up. Since my teens i've been very into any kind of music, but playing in many crust/metal bands like Ekkaia, Cop on Fire, Ursus... at the moment, besides Sangre de Muerdago, I play in a blackmetal band called Antlers.

  1. I know you have played at Stella Natura, back in 2012 and at Terra Salvaria in 2014. Also, last year, in May, we organized KruNatura, where one of your bandmembers (Elehtre) enchanted us with her ”magical flute” alongside B’ee. This coming August you will perform in Lithuania, at Menuo Juadaragis. Up to now, you have mostly played in natural landscapes, in the depths of the forest. Is there a crazy, unexpected location where you would like to perform? Behind the curtains of a waterfall, in a cave, on top of the mountain or in a prehistoric monument or perhaps in a sacred sanctuary?

-We've played very much in gardens, forests... but I couldn't say that they were “mostly”, after around 150 concerts in the last 3 years.... I definitely would love to play on a wooden boat, behind a waterfall, or in any of the places you mention!

We have already played a good number of different nice locations like chapels, inside a train, a yurt, a celtic “palloza”...

  1. What other places have you visited, or to put it differently which concert, gig was most memorable to all of you? Where did you feel most connected to the place?

-There were so many memorable concerts that I couldn't pick up a single one.. we've played in many countries so far, and always had amazing moments.. I really enjoyed jamming in the Norwegian woods 2 years ago, or Tera Salvaria last year.. just to mention a couple.

  1. Apart from traveling, what’s the best part of being a musician?

-Music itself, and how it can make you travel spiritually as well, to play with friends and each person is playing a different note and all of them together create all this chords, harmonies or dissonnaces that give you chills. The good part of physical travel is the human level, you can really get to know a person when sharing almost every minute together for weeks and weeks.

  1. What do you know about Romania, have you ever listened to Romanian music, if so, is there something in particular you enjoyed listening to?

-I've been playing in Romania a couple shows back in 2006, I was very amazed by the beauty of the mountains and the forests. Sadly we didn't spend much time there besides the 2 days we played the concerts, but I remember the beautiful drives very much. I don't know much Romanian music besides some traditional songs, maybe you should recommend me some!

  1. What music do you listen to nowadays, what brightens your day?


-Specially music from the 60's/70's, i've been listening to much psychedelic folk from that era.

  1. So far you had released two albums and a split LP with Novemthree, what can you tell us about your collaboration with this band?

-We've met when Sangre de Muerdago went on tour in the United States first time in 2012, we liked already eachother's bands and then we liked each others people, it was just something we both felt worth to do. I love Novemthree so much, they're one of the purest bands I know too.

  1. You‘ve recently announced that you will soon start recording your third album “O Camiño das Mans Valeiras” (the Path of Empty Hands).  What should we expect from it, in terms of style, lyrics… have you added something new maybe, in terms of musical influences?


-Hard to describe.. the record has definitely something new compared to the older stuff, but at the same time it has also something old... I can say that in the new album will be the first song we recorded that has no guitar in it :) I think this new album is somehow a big step forward while at the same it keeps the spirit of the band untouched, in this new album many more things are happening, and I am totally excited about it.


  1. Why is it called the Path of Empty Hands? Who writes the lyrics?


-I write all the lyrics and music myself, the name of the new album is as well the name of one of the songs featured in it. I don't know if I can find the right words to describe it, but I feel it very clear in my mind and in my heart. The path of empty hands is also the path of the full heart, and it  celebrates a life that might be poor in material posessions, but fullfilling and rich in the spiritual side. The songs lyrics are about this happy wanderer of the wilderness, that feeds himself of the beauty that surrounds him and his relation to the elements.


  1. In popular belief, fado is a form of music characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, infused with a sentiment of resignation, fatefulness and melancholia. Now, with all the Portuguese I can understand, some of the songs titles make me wonder, is fado one of your musical influence?


-I couldn't say that...  We also sing in galician, not portuguese..I like fado but I don't think it is at least a direct influence in our music, but you're right about it, and fados and our music have actually common points. I've been in fado houses in Lisabon and I was totally amazed!


  1. “Onde as Almas Van a Morrer” reminded me of the case of Christopher McCandless (Alexander Supertramp) and of him choosing to live a life “Into the Wild”,  although in the end his message was that “happiness is only real when shared”. Have you seen the movie, do you also get your inspiration from cinematography?  What other film that had an impact on you would you recommend us?


-I've read that book and watched that movie. I think I get inspiration from everything that comes through my senses, it is amazing what can inspire a song so many times..

That song though is not inspired by that movie, but by my life in Galicia and the feeling of seeing the land being literally raped, the rivers, forests, mountains... but also the legends, culture, history, myths.. how a land full of magic is literally being suffocated by its people.


  1. What’s a normal day like for you?


-The things that repeat themselves on a regular basis besides sleeping and eating and other business, are pretty much walks in the forest with my dog, playing music, read, archery, cooking, and eventually take care of the bands I play in.. and then there's a bunch of other things that I do here and there..


  1. In terms of spirituality, what does religion mean to you or would you consider yourself a spiritual?


-To talk of “religion” at this point of human history feels almost weird to me.. I consider myself a very spiritual person. My spirituality is difficult to describe, nor I want to do it in an interview though. Since my early days i've felt very connected to intangible things, and got many answers and light from it as well. It is the light that shines though the path..


  1. I saw you are now involved in Black Metal. Tell me more about your new project, Antlers.


Antlers is a band that has been around for a while but it wasn't until last summer that we started playing live. In the band are people I shared bands with in the past and had many adventures together, it's feeling good to have a loud band again after a break some years ago. Our music can be called black metal, but it is not the most orthodox one... we'll release our first album in may via Vendetta Records from Berlin.


  1. The rest of the Sangre De Muerdago members are also involved in other musical projects, maybe?

Georg has his one-man black metal band called Coldworld, he's quite well known!


  1. The final question: why Galicia and not Spain? And now you are living in Germany. What are the differences between the woods of Galicia and the woods of Germany?


-Ha, this is a good one :) Galicia is the land where I grew, is the land where I feel grounded, is the land that hosts the legends, the music, the myths and uncountable things that surrounded me through my life, when I think of home I think of my family and of Galicia.. I've never felt spanish, I don't even know what's to be spanish..

Galician woods are very especial to me, they look like fairy lands where all these creatures live, we have thousands of them... German woods are really beautiful as well, we have some differences though, since we have nearly no more beech trees in Galicia besides in the very east... but in both forests, galician and german, you can find oak, birch, yew, alder, ash... we have more of the chestnut trees you can eat, and in Germany there are more horse chestnut... we have also beautiful forests of hazel trees... damn I could talk about forests forever....