Seventh Harmonic

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1. Hello... How is life at the end of this autumn?
Hello! Not so much autumn now, today the first snow appeared for those of us in the UK. Life is very busy at the moment – we are doing very much work on the new album, sorting things out with our new label, and making preparations for this gig... all around our hectic day jobs! So we are pretty tired at the moment, but it is all great to be moving forward.

2. What is the latest news concerning your band? Some new tracks, some new members, maybe?
Our big news is that we completed signing at Out of Line Records this week. Caroline and Ann-Mari have had a massive creative outpouring in the last few months so we have a lot of material in progress for the new album. We will be performing one new track from this for the first time in Romania – entitled 'Garden of Dilmun', it has a return-to-Eden theme interwoven with guitar, haunting woodwinds and distant thunder. It is one of our favorite songs we have written, so we are very curious to see how the response is for this first performance.

3. We will meet in Bucharest soon, only a few days left... What did you prepare for us? What are your expectations relating to the audience?
We're really looking forward to this festival - Caroline, Ann-Mari and Lesley have had good times in Romania before and are pleased to be coming back again. This gig comes at the end of a fantastic year for Seventh Harmonic and we're feeling very positive and excited about what the future holds for us - hopefully the audience will be left feeling the same. This is only our third or fourth concert since the band reformed, and as we live in three different countries then performances are the only times we get to meet altogether! So apart from the new song mentioned previously, the set will be as we performed at the European festivals this summer; and possibly the last time we perform this set as it currently is: a mix of rewritten old songs from our earlier incarnations, and new songs from the forthcoming album.

4.There will be 9 bands performing on this event, including you. What do you know about the rest of them?
Well, our members make up a third of all the bands playing, and all are great friends with each we know far too much about them, which we couldn't possibly divulge. Lesley and Caroline are members of Sol Invictus, and Ann-Mari is in Arcana (who Lesley and Caroline will also join for one song.) Lloyd from Naevus is also a friend and new member of Sol Invictus; and we know Johann (Desiderii Marginis) from working with him in Arcana/as part of Peter Bjargo's band. We also know Simone Salvatori from having played with Spiritual Front a few times, as well as various other meetings including a memorable midsummer party in Sweden this year, which we will say no more about except that maypole dancing will never be the same again. So it is a little like a family reunion, and we look forward to getting to know the other bands as well!

5.What music are you listening to these days? Any new and interesting albums?
The festivals we played this year led us to encounter some amazing bands we hadn't heard before - Loell Duinn in particular stood out for us, who besides being astonishingly talented and original, are completely lovely people. The new Moon Far Away album especially is a wonderfully rich and complex work – also this year there have been many great albums from Brendan Perry, Tor Lundvall, Allerseelen...

6. What kind of merchandise are you bringing to Bucharest?
We will have some gorgeous t-shirts, perfect for this time of year, and the back catalogue of Seventh Harmonic CDs of course. Also releases by Keltia, our harpist Fred's excellent medieval project.

7. Any important steps for you and your band in 2011? Some new releases, special gigs, maybe?
Our new album entitled 'Equianimi' will be released on Out Of Line in late spring next year, and there will be gigs - all of which will be special. We're already thinking beyond the album release, and Caroline and Ann-Mari are busy plotting new directions - which cannot be disclosed yet. Ultimately we aim to continue to evolve and remain open to possibilities...

8. What do you think about this financial crises? Despite of this, a lots of bands are playing live, a lot of concerts happening everywhere still...
If the financial climate means that musicians have to become more resourceful, to do more with less, to be more creative and imaginative, to work in new ways that don't depend on expensive equipment and software, to think again about what's really essential in music -then the crisis has had some benefits. Obviously it's been bad for CD sales, and difficult for venues and promoters, but economically lean times can also be some of the most creatively fruitful.

9. What does UNDERGROUND mean to you? Musically speaking.
For us it's about a sense of creative freedom - to be able to incorporate any elements into our music that we feel like, to enjoy being difficult to categorize, to develop organically, and not be tied to genres or markets. It's also having a close relationship with the audience - and other musicians - and ultimately doing what you believe in, if that doesn't sound too corny.

10. Thank you. The final words are yours...
Looking forward to seeing you all, but enough of our words now - let our music speak for itself...