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1. Hello... How is life at the end of this autumn?

Always looking for something better. A never-ending hunt for a valid, proper existence.

2. What is the latest news concerning your band? Some new tracks, some new members, maybe?

I am working for a related project with my ex piano player Steb Puri, we are doing a sort of decadent pop chamber music inspired by the Fassbinder’s music and life, and at the same time we are rearranging all the old material for the re-issue of the first 2 albums. New line-up? Yes, there are some changes at the moment.

3. We will meet in Bucharest soon, only a few days left... What did you prepare for us? What are your expectations relating to the audience?

Audience this time should be more patient and relaxed cause I’ll perform an acoustic solo set.

4. There will be 9 bands performing on this event, including you. What do you know about the rest of them?

I know many of them, nice people and good bands. It’s good company.

5. What music are you listening to these days? Any new and interesting albums?

I usually listen to many types of music; I loved the new Anthony and The Johnsons, Swans and Klaxons albums.

6. What kind of merchandise are you bringing to Bucharest?

The usual stuff: new CD, T-shirts, etc… No foods or guns.

7. Any important steps for you and your band in 2011? Some new releases, special gigs, maybe?

It’s very important for us to start arranging and planning the new album as soon as possible, in order to not wait for another 4 years, the parallel works are fundamental too, because we want to give our old fans something better produced and more available.

8. What do you think about this financial crises? Despite of this, a lots of bands are playing live, a lot of concerts happening everywhere still...

Most of the time, crises are planned multinationally and by politicians, it’s like a game, a cruel game and we are nothing but lemon to squeeze, watch me: I never had money… so nothing changed, ahaahahaa.

9. What does UNDERGROUND mean to you? Musically speaking.

It’s the fertile ‘no compromises’ ground that keeps the music and the art alive. I never despised the mainstream music unless it keeps the standard quality high, I mean if you reach the highest levels means you have the capacity to do that, but most of the time, mainstream music is homologated, humiliatingly run my merchants, shitty men greedy for cash, by those who want to make you obey and bow your head to the rules of the game, that make your intelligence flat, I think about those horrible disgusting hip hop bands, those who gain millions of dollars, spreading racist, embarrassing stupid messages, or those bitchy ‘new soul’ female singers who move their fat asses in the  front of the camera, that’s shit, they have an educationally negative impact on the youth.

10. Thank you. The final words are yours...

Support the satanic hip-hop.