A Dark Cabaret "A Dark Cabaret"

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A Dark Cabaret "A Dark Cabaret"
  • Album: A Dark Cabaret
  • Year: 2005
  • Label: PROJEKT
  • Artist: 
  • United States

What a combination... 11 songs, which together are 44 min and 55 sec long... yeah, I'm really crazy. But what could I say after I listened to another weird project from Sam Rosenthal, that has nothing to do with what has teached us at BLACK TAPE... It's about a Rock, Punk and Death Rock sound (if I would be indulgent in reffering to the present sound), which promotes the 20's music (we can say the inter-war period) from the American bars, where, bands which are unknown to us were having great success with cabaret music.

I find out that REVUE NOIR, THE DRESDEN DOLLS or JILL TRACY existed then and the ones from our times arranges songs from that time in an original manner, but which sends you to those images seen in movies with German, American and English people, when prohibition was the master, with a lot of decadence - some say! A piano for saloons, violins, vivacious rhythm, sensual female voices, a lot of girdles, impressive cleavages, an egregious make-up, stockings in the most egregious and different models... If only today was everything different! But today hypocrisy became a valuable and important criterion for the majority that lives in "normality". The cover and the whole booklet match perfectly with the cabaret from passed times, from the period when the fascists and the Nazis mixed their ideals with a lot of wine, beautiful women and sex. At least that's what I read on the CD's folder. An out-dated music for the today's trend, that could wake up our grandmothers and grandfathers... if they're still alive.