ABIGAIL WILLIAMS "In A Shadow Of A Thousand Suns"

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ABIGAIL WILLIAMS "In A Shadow Of A Thousand Suns"
  • Album: In A Shadow Of A Thousand Suns
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • United States

Interesting, these Americans! With very pale accents on Core, the youngsters make their debut in an irreproachable manner, the Melodic Black Metal's played reminding me of the old LIMBONIC ART. The piano is quite atmospheric as well, filling the sound and making a personal link, to me, with the second EMPEROR album, with a few things from the early ARCTURUS as well, and as for the rest, aggressiveness and rapidity. An intelligent project, even if its not original, what the Americans present us with adds up with 10 pretty atmospheric tracks, very technical, at times brutal and full of bombastic melody. I can’t help it notice though that it is only an album of the current trends.