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  • Album: Betwin
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 

This particular album was sent to me by Coro/Axa Valaha who explained that this Japanese label is officially distributed by them around here and blah blah… Anyway… When you mention Coro it is a given that you should expect some Grindcore, Brutal Death Grind and other stuff that follows in these lines… It is the case with these Moldavians as well; their debut showing us in just 10 tracks why within their Bible, names like these that follow, count: CEPHALIC CARNAGE, WORMED or. MESHUGGAH! I understood little from this music as since AGATHOCLES, I haven’t indulged into any other experimental projects as such, released at Relapse Records or some Czech labels… Most likely an album addressed to those who have a taste for extreme stuff.