ABOMINATOR "Subversives For Lucifer"

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ABOMINATOR "Subversives For Lucifer"
  • Album: Subversives For Lucifer
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Australia

Do you still remember BESTIAL WARLUST? Well, ABOMINATOR just follows the line of the most famous Australian Black Death band, even having Damon Bloodstorm on vocal, so you can imagine what inferno can be heard out here. Everything wheezes out fury, primitivism, anger, violence, fastness! Guitars are like huge noisy machineries, battery never seems to stop, the vocal bellow deep out from his lungs in a satanic manner... no way to doubt, the apocalypse is here! Although entertaining and provocative at a first audition, the devastating sound becomes more and more linear, monotonous with each track, having as a final result a boring album. If you feel angry on something, someone, or being just upset and nervous, then withdraw into your room, play the CD and discharge yourselves together with ABOMINATOR. You may even break some bottles or kick your head strongly into radiator! It would definitely be the most efficient prescription for calming you down. For all who desire composing brutal music, ABOMINATOR's first album as well as the new compositions might turn out to be precious marks of inspiration...