ABSCESS "Through The Cracks Of Death"

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ABSCESS "Through The Cracks Of Death"
  • Album: Through The Cracks Of Death
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • United States

Sick minds, infernal sound, vomiting voices, ravishing battery, demonical guitars' riffs...this is what you can "enjoy" on the fourth album of the Americans. And the whole band numbers just three members! Two of them are famous one: Chris Reifert and Danny Coralles, pretty known from AUTOPSY times and I believe this is a fact to be mentioned. Moreover I think the entire sound reminds of AUTOPSY, which is an angry ultra aggressive Death Gore Metal. No doubts, the three of them are real good instrumentalists but their approach on music is rather too common and 10 years old. Most certainly, the album shall satisfy all desires any sick extreme Death disciple might have and I am sure this is the very reason Peaceville agreed the contract. I also remind you that, during their 8 years of existence, ABSCESS had quite a long walk from Relapse to Listenable and now right to the British label since all the albums were good samples of unlimited aggressiveness. For the interested ones here comes the band's history: 1994-Demo, 1994-"Raw, Sick&Brutal Noize" demo, 1995-"Crawled Up From The Sewer" demo, 1995-"Filthy Fucking Freaks live on the radio-tape, 1996-"Urine Junkies" CD, 1996-"Seminal Vampires & Maggotmen" CD, 1997-"Throbbing Black Werebeast" EP, 1998-"Open Wound" demo and 2000-"Tormented" CD. For the present, a new bass player has joined the band, Joe Allen and as a succinct description of their music I can offer you: Sick, Brutal, Raw and Suicidal Death Gore!