ABSU "Tara"

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ABSU "Tara"
  • Album: Tara
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • United States

Splendid cover, exceptional artist in Kris Verwimp person! If the music were as well at the same level, "Tara" might have induced an agreeable mood anytime. Yet, how could anyone digest this kind of Black Thrash since solely a miracle saved their instruments not to fly into a rage. Everything is ultra-super fast, aggressive and brutal! This is the '80's Thrash return (with drums that seldom followed a rhythm, guitars' riffs stopping only at the end of the track and satanic voice terrifying everybody's ears including those who believed it music.

"The album's fastness is at least amazing. Yet the concept of "Tara" counts on a strong background of Celtic tradition and occult themes. An interesting aspect is the participation, as invited guests, of some KING DIAMOND, MELECHESH, MERCYFUL FATE or RIGOR MORTIS members. "Tara" is exclusively dedicated to all people mad about extreme music performed in old style.