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  • Album: Hybris
  • Year: 2007
  • Artist: 
  • Poland

Twelve years ago when I was in a very spick and span Metal shop in Krakow it was the first time I've heard about this band. It's true, that Death Grind hasn't enchanted me at all so I skipped it. I understood that they've released many albums during the sixteen years of activity, yet this is the first time I write about them.

I must admit that the sound of those four is an extremely explosive one, with a battery that reminds me of early CARCASS, boisterous guitar riffs but also many solos alike the ones specific for the American Death bands, having those honkers as vocalists which yowl and act in every imaginable way... well, this sonorous assault that I'm trying to present you is accompanied by an intelligently used keyboard, hauling the sound towards a majestic Black Metal, but the general debauchery, the neverending uproar and rapidity are the elements that contour ABUSIVENESS chaos. We can solely speak of well executed Fast Death/Black Metal, lacked in intrinsic direction and identity!