ACHERON "Rebirth: Metamorphosis into Godhood"

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ACHERON "Rebirth: Metamorphosis into Godhood"
  • Album: Rebirth: Metamorphosis into Godhood
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • United States

Indeed strange... as I knew that Vincent Crowley's band tore apart! Well, in a new formula, beside those from INCANTATION, BURNING INSIDE and WOLFEN SOCIETY, Vincent returns with a new sample of Satanic Death/Black Metal but nothing spectacular or outrageously new since all is presented in the same furious and hateful manner. I cannot deny it is good music as, no matter what, they have reached 15 years of activity insisting on guitars' speed and battery's ravishing rhythms. We have now more diversified vocals since, apart from Vincent's demonic voice, we can distinguish some spoken words and even some echoes of female voices. It doesn't imply that ACHERON has become a fashionable band! The sound is unaltered... it is just that from time to time they inserted some elements of today... probably solely in order to diversify the music. The album's cover is so... disgusting, at least for my eyes... as who knows... some (Satanists?) might find it interesting. This is an album OK, which unfortunately is nourished by past not the present!