AD VITAM AETERNAM "Abstract Senses"

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AD VITAM AETERNAM "Abstract Senses"
  • Album: Abstract Senses
  • Year: 2004
  • Artist: 
  • France

Gothic Dark Metal Clones never cease to come out...and here we hear of six young French throwing out a feeler taking as guide bands like: THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, TRISTANIA, AFTER FOREVER, TRAIL OF TEARS or WITHIN TEMPTATION. And I notice, that -already common- contrasting theme is still the basis for Gothic Metal musical concept: melodious, warm, generous female vocals versus terrible grunts plus Death male vocals! This band ringed no bell for me... touched me not...yet I wouldn't say it annoyed me either! I think it is OK...for a debut. Unfortunately, there is nothing in here to preserve a proper identity. Otherwise, there is plenty of atmosphere and melodiousness, and both romantic and dynamic rhythms, simple guitars and a monotonous battery... The whole music is based on vocals, especially on the female ones and, in the background, there is a keyboard intensely but with no imagination used. With a lot of devotement and heart, in lack of both strength and message, this album can be indulgently reviewed but I say we shouldn't get drunk with water: here is nothing special! Actually I really am surprised of the Dutch label's deal!