AEBA "Rebellion - Edens Asche"

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AEBA "Rebellion - Edens Asche"
  • Album: Rebellion - Edens Asche
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Germany

It is one of the German bands that has both luck and insight since, in short time, and managed to release three albums. I personally am not mad about this particular kind of Black metal because of its temporary status while the Germans' performance is nothing else but exactly today fashion: melodiousness, atmosphere, peaceful parts alternating with fast ones, aggressiveness , demonic voices... The new album situates itself much higher than the former ones and that is because of the guitars, which are more Heavy, even Speed but also due to the intense keyboard. The extreme voice, a hell one, is rather common and linear and the battery never seems to stop. It is an apocalyptic universe, on one hand melodic and atmospheric, on the other very brutal. If I had to name now three German bands with a huge immediate success belonging to the new Black Metal wave, I would say: MYSTIC CIRCLE, AGATHODAIMON and AEBA.