AESMA DAEVA "The Eros Of Frigid Beauty"

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AESMA DAEVA "The Eros Of Frigid Beauty"
  • Album: The Eros Of Frigid Beauty
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • United States

Well, I really was anxious to have listened to this second album! I wished I had a view of how could Classical Gothic Metal evolve! And I did, it evolved toward more complicated and knotty realms. If the first tunes tended to a LACRIMOSA sound, the rest is just placed nowhere and in connection with none and nothing. Dark, Epic Progressive Rock with serious roots in extreme Metal, an outstanding female voice (soprano), grandiose keyboard, mighty sound, Heavy guitars...and I guess I have difficult time to express it otherwise in many words. Those who have listened to the first album can imagine what course their music followed...more technical, strange shocking rhythms, less melody ... an intricate sound for ears of AUTUMN TEARS' fans, for example. I cannot say whether is better than the first, but "The Eros Of Frigid Beauty" disclose an insane desire to self-protect and isolate...There is a long way for reaching the message of AESMA DAEVA's concept!