AETERNUS "Ascension Of Terror"

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AETERNUS "Ascension Of Terror"
  • Album: Ascension Of Terror
  • Year: 2001
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

When you find out that an album was produced in Grieghallen Studio and mastered by Pyten, self-suggestion conducts to the most proper word: excellent. Well, there much truth out here since AETERNUS can be proud of successful clear mixing. This time, Ares, Erik, Radek and here and there Morrigan too, simply put the finger right on the aggressiveness so that the Dark Metal sound transforms into Black Metal mixed with Death and less warm Atmospheric, but an angry voice, insane drums and fast amazing riffs. Not bad at all, these new frames, but I still prefer to listen to "Beyond the Wandering Moon", "...And So Night Became" or even the modern "Shadows Of Old". When former IMMORTAL or GORGOROTH members play in AETERNUS and when being aware of the quite great impression these Norwegians made in front of their fans during live performances, well, there is no (and could not be) doubt relating to their interpretation manner. Just one simple notice, now the aggressiveness is rather too linear, while Death Metal took the place of old times' atmospheric passages promoting a note less relaxing, I would even say one much too serious and tight. This is it, the decision was not ours to make, so we can only listen to or not.