Agalloch "From Which Of This Oaf Shall I Hang Myself?"

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Agalloch "From Which Of This Oaf Shall I Hang Myself?"
  • Album: From Which Of This Oaf Shall I Hang Myself?
  • Year: 2008
  • Artist: 
  • United States

It was about time for a CD like this one. The history of this excellent band is not known to many, the interest for AGALLOCH starting once with the inspired "The Mantle". Their first recordings didn't manage to be summed up in an actual album, but in poorly promoted limited edition MCD's or EP's. This particular CD represents a sum of tracks taken from their 1997 demo, followed by the "Of Stone, Wind, and Pillor" EP and by the 1998 promo. And so, we have 8 tracks from the bands debut, some of them being more focused on a very atmospheric and rhythmic Pagan Black Metal. I was quite happy about this release as AGALLOCH is a band that is remarkable for this musical area and the evolution of their sound shocks from one album to another, but at the same time, it is good to immortalise their starting point. The booklet is simple, with a lot of technical details, al wrapped up in a sombre, even Dark presentation. Therefore, you now have the opportunity of purchasing a CD that gathers the best tracks dating from the beginnings of AGALLOCH.