AGE OF SILENCE "Acceleration"

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AGE OF SILENCE "Acceleration"
  • Album: Acceleration
  • Year: 2004
  • Label: THE END
  • Artist: 
  • Norway

As you might know, WINDS is one of my favorite bands and the new project initiated by the keyboard player, Andy Winter, was announced more than 2 years ago! How could I describe an accurate manner...a musical jewelry? I try and start by revealing the line up: a clear melodious voice- Lazare (BORKNAGAR, SOLEFALD), a legendary drum machine conducted by genial Hellhammer, an emphatic bass- Eikind (KHOLD), cursive guitars (a mixture of Metal with Classic)- Extant and Kobbergaard plus a demential piano/keyboard played by Andy. I actually distinguished some echoes of Lars Eric Si's vocals (WINDS). I find extremely difficult to pick up a Metal guiding mark so that I could lead you throughout this Celestial-Metal universe and this is why I chose for WINDS and in this case the Classic side is secondary while Metal is the dominant fundamental element of the entire atmosphere. Warm kind of Progressive vocals develop a magnificent aura even if pretty abstract and in lack of a tangible determination. It is obvious, so obvious, that as far as innovation is regarded, AGE OF SILENCE simply exceeds any expectations...and, in spite of the fact it does not originate that kind of energy I anticipated, I must confess, the album fascinated me, indeed! In other words, we meet here some frames of SOLEFALD, WINDS, ARCTURUS or even DREAM THEATER. It is also featured an impressive ballad, something in old METALLICA style, "90 Angels", which is completely detached from the rest and actually explores a new potential, a latent melancholic perspective. It would be a pity not to acquire this product! Both virtuosity and professionalism are irrefutable and I believe it is to be studied such unique Metal music approach!