AGHARTA "issue 1, 2003(28 A5 pages, English, printed, coloured covers)"

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AGHARTA "issue 1, 2003(28 A5 pages, English, printed, coloured covers)"
  • Album: issue 1, 2003(28 A5 pages, English, printed, coloured covers)
  • Year: 2003
  • Artist: 
  • Romania

This is just another try to score into the autochthonous written media. Started with a lot of optimism, this magazine from Galati (a Romanian town situated in Moldavian region) is confronted with several troubles and thus financial problems added to poor sells determined the two editors to delay the release of second issue. If I refer to this issue's "substance" I must say it is only clear: it is a debut one, with many mistakes, in lack of originality but with a lot of subjectivism in reviews. I discover here simple common interviews, in lack of details, but pretty much the same with the majority of such magazines, featuring bands like: GOD, BUCOVINA, MAY RESULT, INTERITUS DEI, VOKODLOK or VEPRES, some mediocre press-reviews and nothing more. What can I say, laudable intentions but a modest result! In this very case we have to choose between not having a thing, on one hand, and appreciating the effort, on the other hand. The results... may wait! Anyway, I suppose it is no capital mistake/loss if spending 1$ for a fanzine made up solely out of devotion! As for the ones who play in HATHOR band, meaning the two editors of this magazine, I think it wouldn't be bad if improving their writing style otherwise the effort would be fruitless!