AGMEN "Damnation"

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AGMEN "Damnation"
  • Album: Damnation
  • Year: 2002
  • Artist: 
  • Czech Republic

It was quite expected for a release of Akhenaten's label (JUDAS ISCARIOT) to be exactly in the same raw & primitive Black Metal manner. If I also say that the drummer is an ex MANIAC BUTCHER member, then you must surely realize what holocaust awaits for you during the entire 40 minutes. I have no good words to express regarding what I have listened to because everything is too simple in lack of new ideas, just aggressiveness in 90's Black Metal style and that should be all. It is possible for AGMEN to please but only the persons who still listen with joy (but not with nostalgia)to first BURZUM's albums. The label informed me that another member joined the duet and they already recorded the second album entitled "Eternal". I am not surprised...and if they perform in the same manner next year we might expect another couple of albums that sound like hell.