•  Posted in: Kogaionon ReviewsRating: 0.71/1
  • Album: Itse
  • Year: 2001
  • Label: SPIKEFARM
  • Artist: 
  • Finland

Strange designation for a band! Moreover, everything is performed in Finnish, so the message is clearer than ever... simply I have no clue! Yet...let us approach the three musicians' music. If you enjoyed AMORPHIS' first album, then listening to AJATTARA means living again moments of the past. I am afraid I cannot say we face Black, Death or Gothic Metal because the Finn's sound is a knotty one still modern and full of atmosphere. The aggressive voice and abundant keyboard embrace the melodious guitars and undemanding battery so that the result becomes a sound rather confusing and too experimental. I believe that Melodic Metal would be the most suitable characterization of a music which did not convince me at all! Though we can definitely enjoy an excellent quality of sound!